PREVIEW: The Golf Club Looks to be the Quiet Storm of Sports Video Games

Taking a practice swing on my newly designed "Windy City Golf Club". If you play the game, look it up!

Taking a practice swing on my newly designed “Windy City Golf Club”. If you play the game, look it up!

The Golf Club, a video game by HB Studios looks to make a name for itself among the sports gaming community and so far it’s been looking great. I had a chance to check out the game thanks to the game being available via Steam’s Early Access.

I will say first hand that the game is fantastic and it hasn’t even released yet. The Greg Norman Course Designer is a major selling point. The gameplay and golf swing mechanics are very smooth and realistic and the sounds are absolutely superb.

The overall quality of the audio made me jump out my seat a bit. It really does sound like you’re out on the golf course with the sounds of wildlife right in your ear while playing on your new beautifully designed golf course.

John, the commentator (Who you can follow on Twitter @NewVoiceofGolf) is great. He sounds realistic and not robotic at all and it feels like he’s right there with you! No joke, I was looking around my room when I first heard him speak.

I was about go all ninja and stuff! He’s great and some of the most realistic sports game commentary I’ve heard. The best thing is? The game will be continuously updated so there will likely be more speech, game modes, etc added.

Yup, that’s right. Not a yearly release! That’s a fantastic way to go with sports games as many fans were wondering why nobody has done this. HB Studios knows what’s up! Now, let me get to the crown jewel of the game that is the Greg Norman Course Designer.

The possibilities are ENDLESS with this amazing mode. You can sculpt the greens, bunkers, or even the land around you and HB’s official course in the game called Knoll Down Golf Club provides an excellent example of this as the surrounding land is very hilly.

You can add everything from the clubhouse to trees and plants to even animals and vehicles and yes you can put them wherever you want….even the fairways and greens (OBSTACLESSSS! Kidding!)!

You can place beautiful clubhouses with an army of golf carts next to it!

You can place beautiful clubhouses with an army of golf carts next to it!

There are four themes to pick from right now (Rural, Alpine, Autumn and Desert) with a Links theme coming during the full release of the game which is my personal favorite theme without a doubt (When you play the game, in the course selection, search “Kings Island” and there will be two courses that are links style)! The course customization is so deep already that you can create your own fairways anyway you like with the power of the “Create Surfaces” tool.

You can add new designs to greens and fairways to give them unique looks and you can even choose what time of day you want your course to be in or even what side of the sky you want the sun to be on. Probably the most powerful thing about the Greg Norman Course Designer, and this is probably the star of the entire game, is the course generator.

I was even able to shape the bunker on the right to look like the Willis Tower (Formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago for my Windy City Golf Club course.

I was even able to shape the bunker on the right to look like the Willis Tower (Formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago for my Windy City Golf Club course.

This feature within the course designer is an absolute gem in gaming. It’s the first thing you’ll notice as soon as you fire up the course designer. All you do is select the theme you want, then there will be a screen with three wheels.

One wheel shows “trees”, one shows “water”, and the other shows “hills”. You rotate the wheel on each of these so the designer can know how many trees, how much water, and how many hills you want on your course. Once you do that, select how many holes you want, your selected difficulty for the course and then give it a name.

Then BOOM! A brand new, beautifully designed, never before seen golf course is created for you. Now it’s up to you if you just want to publish it to the world or tweak it a bit. This powerful feature is unbelievable.

You can literally design a course in seconds! This is great for people who don’t have a whole lot of time for full designing and just want to have a beautiful golf course for other virtual golfers to play. Below is a video I created showcasing a small sample size of gameplay and the power of the Greg Norman Course Designer’s course generator.

You’ll likely be able to grab your copy of The Golf Club on August 25th when the game will feature an even more richer golf experience. In the meantime, you can download the Steam Early Access version here:

Also, your computer needs to be DirectX 11 compatible for play. I recommend the Lenovo Y510p or Y410p laptops if your computer isn’t DirectX 11 compatible. I use the Y510 and it’s fantastic!

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WATCH: Bubba Watson Hits Probably The Greatest Putt in Mini-Golf History

I….I can’t…..I can’t put this into words! Two time Masters champion Bubba Watson played a hole on a mini-golf course backwards and nails it. His buddies go wild and so does he and he made it look so easy that it almost didn’t seem real. Check this out for yourselves and don’t forget to subscribe to the GP Golf Report and share this jaw dropping masterpiece of golf skill with your friends!

Yeah, I can do that too Watson!…..On the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 mini golf game!

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WATCH: Probably the Greatest Trick Shots You’ll Ever See and Yes There’s Golf in it

These guys are quite impressive aren’t they? You can say they had a lot of ‘balls’ to perform these trick shots. Litterally. They used a soccer ball, tennis ball, darts, basketball and yes, even a golf ball and the golf shot was arguably the toughest trick of them all as it was the one trick they went the most crazy for. Please kick back, relax and enjoy this amazing video of this “March Madness”! Are they real? You decide!

Thanks to Rocket Jump for the vid!

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WATCH: Tom Watson Nails a Behind the Back Chip Shot

Like legendary Bulls announcer Stacy King says. “Big time players, make big time plays!”. That’s exactly what Tom Watson did at the Toshiba Classic tournament. He was in a tough spot being tight right next to a tree so he really had no choice but to attempt a one handed behind the back chip shot and see, this is what makes golf more challenging than most sports because you have to hit your shot no matter where it lands and this is just another example of that leaving Tom with a very difficult shot. The shot seems like it gets in the hole but I really couldn’t tell because on of the caddies was in the way but telling by the cheering, and the way the camera stopped on a dime, it must have fallen. Here’s the video courtesy of the Toshiba Classic. Nice shot Uncle Tom!

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WATCH: Luke Donald and Others Race on an F1 Race Track, Who Wins?

Courtesy of Back9Network

Courtesy of Back9Network

About a week and half ago, golf superstars, Luke Donald, Matteo Manaserro, Paul Casey and Sergio Garcia (Boooo! *In Homer Simpson voice) hit the race track in Abu Dhabi where normally the world’s greatest F1 racers compete for the crown on one of F1’s most recognizable venues. However, they didn’t shred the track with those world-famous F1 cars and rip the tires off their rims. They drove the track known for speed…in golf carts. That’s eight, they were racing on a track known for the fastest cars in the world but with arguably the slowest cars in the world but it’s only fitting and I think we can all agree that golf arts are very fun to drive. They started with a time trial, then they did a full race with all four drivers/golfers on the track. So, who won the time trial and the race? Heck, I’m not spoiling it for you! The video’s below so please enjoy and don’t forget to start your little engines!

Credit: Back9Network

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WATCH: PGA Tour player hits golf balls while in traffic

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So, what do you do when there’s a ton of traffic (If you live in Chicago then you would know!) on the roads? Hit golf balls of course! That’s exactly what soon to be PGA Tour rookie John Peterson did while in traffic on the I-20 in Texas. I’ll let the videos speak for themselves, oh and did I mention it was at least 21 degrees outside? No? Well, I just did, here’s the videos courtesy of Golf Digest!

I bet the people in the cars were probably like “What in the world does he think he’s doing?!” “Wh- why is he pulling out that golf club!?!?” “What do you think you’re going to do with that?!”. All kidding aside, I think I already like this young rookie who has a very good-looking golf swing. I appreciate the fact that he’ll hit shots no matter where he is. Back in my old neighborhood, I used to go out to the elementary school around the block in at least 20 to 30 degree weather to hit golf balls with my 7-iron and pitching wedge. I had to use yellow balls of course because there was ton of snow since you know, Chicago is known as like, Alaska’s sister or something.

It can be one of the coldest places on earth or it can be really hot, take your pick! Yes, I was wearing a puffy looking coat so it was harder to swing but I went at it anyway and it wasn’t really that bad. So that leaves me with this question for you guys. Have you ever hit golf balls in the snow? If so, tell me all about it, I’d love to hear it! I love getting the community involved so I really would enjoy hearing your thoughts! John, keep doing you buddy, looking forward to seeing you out on the course during the new PGA Tour season!

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WATCH: This Has Got to be the Most Awkward Golf Commercial Ever Made

A man in Chattanooga was trying to promote his golf store by doing his own cheap version of advertising and it turns out that it worked. The video has gone viral and received almost 100,000 views since the end of October. this is one of those rare moments where I’ll just sit back and let the video speak for itself…….

So, what did you think? Kind of awkward huh? Hey, whatever works I guess, I’m sure he’ll see plenty of customers busting through his door! Imagine how many views it’ll have in a few more months? Good for you Mike! Hope to see your business boom and thanks to landmmusic for the video!

Let me know in the comments what you think! Maybe it’s a good marketing strategy!

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