Pictures: Lexi Thompson shows off her modeling skills

OK, I know you like Lexi Thompson both for her game and looks. The 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship winner shows off her modeling skills with these photos below. You don’t see Lexi model too much but when she does, she does not disappoint. If I’m a female, I’d be like “Man, these dudes think I’m hot enough for a photo shoot and I get paid for it? Count me in!” Here ya go. Don’t look too hard.


What are you doing? Wake up, you’re dreaming, get back to work! Or go back to sleep, whatever works.

I’m sure y’all are like this:


Or like this:

Drool Rainbows HD

Until you realize….


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Credit: Yahoo Sports

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Video: Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy Appear on Tonight Show

On the ultimate appearance of golf superstars on a TV show, Tiger Woods AND Rory Mcilroy appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon who is a golf nut himself (He played on his high school team).

No, they weren’t just there to chit chat either, they actually played a game. The game was called “Facebreaker” where a player hits golf balls at screens with different faces on them (Inlcuding Fallon’s face). This is quite similar to what the Big Break TV show does, when they break glass with their shots. Here’s the video courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

I’m sure Mr.Fallon loved when Rory hit him in the face! Snooping around Bookface (AKA Facebook), you see a lot of different reactions from Tiger lovers, Tiger haters, Rory lovers and Rory haters. Some in paragraphs, some in two to three words. Interesting how this is now.

However, this was a very rare opportunity to get two of the world’s most popular players on a hugely popular show. Great for golf! I’d say Inbee Park is definitely better than both of them right now though.

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Golf World, America’s Oldest Golf Magazine Will be no Longer Available

The very last print issue of Golf World.

The very last print issue of Golf World.

No longer available in print that is. Golf World magazine which is now affiliated with Golf Digest at Conde’ Nast and has been for a while will go all digital from now on. The last print issues featured Mo “Mo Money” Martin (I gave her that nickname, you heard it here first.) on the cover after her victory at the Women’s British Open Rory Mcilroy was featured on the very last cover after his Open Championship win. So, not only is Rory a three time major champion, he is now the answer to a trivia question as well “Who was on the cover of Golf World’s last print issue?”. This situation kind of sucks, a lot of people including myself, enjoy flipping through the pages of a magazine, especially Golf World with its colorful photos, in depth stats, and high school/amateur coverage. Golf magazine, Golf Digest, and GolfWeek will be the only popular publications to still sell print with GolfWeek being the only publication to have the combination of print, digital, and a mobile app. Golf World has been around since 1947, three years prior to the release of Golf Digest.

‘These are the right decisions, but they’re tough ones,” said Jerry Tarde, the chairman of both magazines according to Yahoo Sports. ”This brand has been around a long time, and we want it be around for a long time. The only way to do it is by meeting the expectation of our readers.”

Come on Mr. Tarde, don’t make us cry! There’s actually a major upside to this which I’m actually pretty excited about. The magazine use to deliver 31 issues a year but now will deliver a whopping 50 issues a year while also being healthy for the environment. Not only that, the exciting thing is that the digital version will have special features such as video coverage, rich photos, and the same great writing that we love. This also improves important aspects such as delivery time and as mentioned above, there will be video reporting with the combination of writing so the bright side is that this will bring a deep, pure, and rich golf journalism experience for fans wherever they are and that’s cool. Plus, the new issues will be on all devices so that includes, phones, tablets and on the PC. Want to read the latest piece by Bill Fields but are miles away from home? No problem, just turn on the phone and read away. Itching to read the “Final Say” by Jamie Diaz? No biggie, just pop open the laptop and read on your bright colorful screen.

So, although this hits us all right in the golf balls, there’s still a lot of great stuff to look forward to with this whole new Golf World experience, besides, there are still three whole magazines (Golf Digest, GolfWeek, and Golf magazine) that still sell print so everybody, just take a breather, it’s all good! Besides, this new version of Golf World is supposed to similar to “Golf World Monday” which is pretty cool because Golf World Monday is solid, very solid so if this is anything as good or better then I think we might be in for something good. Hey, if you need me to hold your hand and give you a hug while you cry then that’s alright bro I got you! I feel you!

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