WATCH: Belen Mozo Tries Her Hand at Miguel Angel Jimenez’ Stretch Routine

Belen Mozo is one the many attractive women on the LPGA Tour and she decided to perform Miguel Angel Jimenez’ unique stretch routine and yes she look very good doing it. Like Natalie Gulbis (Who is also in the video), Belen definitely isn’t afraid to show off her stuff and this is no exception. Please enjoy the video and stop drooling! Clean it up, NOW!

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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis chills with Santa

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Just in time for Christmas, LPGA superstar Natalie Gulbis was hanging out with a friend(No lie, her friend is fine) and they met a jolly fellow who happens to give presents to all of the good little boys and girls around the world even if they ask for rifles and Ford Fusions. I’m not sure what Nats and her friend asked Santa what they wanted for Christmas but just look how happy Santa is! If you’re a guy, who wouldn’t be happy in that situation, you feel me?


So let’s have a little fun with this. What do you think Natalie and her friend would’ve asked Santa what they wanted for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below! Nats probably wants Dustin Johnson back while her friend probably wants bigger heels or something. Who knows, but leave your thoughts!

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