You may be surprised who Jordan Spieth’s idol was, and no, it’s not Tiger Woods

Before the start of the WGC Dell Match Play, Jordan Spieth announced who his idol was growing up, and it wasn’t Tiger Woods like probably most players his age admired.

Instead, it was Adam Scott, who is on his way to possibly one of his best seasons ever. Spieth said he loves the 2012 Masters champion’s swing which he has become famous for as well as his putting ability.

Surely Scott, who never seems to age, may feel old after Spieth comment. Of course, it’s also flattering for the Aussie who’s really close to making his way into the Hall of Fame with 13 PGA Tour wins and a Masters title to his credit.

Can’t go wrong with that choice Mr. Spieth.

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Source: Swing By Swing 

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Jason Dufner hilariously taunts Rickie Fowler during Match Play

When you hit your tee shot farther than one of golf’s biggest hitters, you can help but pose and that’s what Jason Dufner did after hitting his past Rickie Fowler at the WGC Dell Match Play.

Dufner did a short flex while walking to his ball, to taunt Folwer. Can’t blame him when when he outdrove Fowler, who ranks 29th in driving distance while Dufner himself, ranks 90th.

Dufner has always been one of those guys who plays it cool, has a swagger and is quietly hilarious. He’s also better at golf than you or me so he has that going for him too.

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