WATCH: Robot aces TPC Scottsdale’s 16th hole

The 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale is one of the most exciting holes in golf and loudest spots in sports and to get the crowd crazy yet again, Gene Parente of Golf Laboratories Inc had an idea.

He created a robot named “LDRIC” to try to recreate Tiger Woods’ famous hole-in-one at the 16th back in 1997 (The robot is named after Woods’ real name of “Eldrick”), a time when nobody exactly knew what Woods would become. The attempt by LDRIC was a success and the crowd went nuts.

Maybe remote control robot golf is next? Actually, remember the new video game that’s coming out called 100ft Robot Golf?

Yeah, that’ll do.

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WATCH: Francesco Nails Ace at TPC Scottsdale’s 16th Hole

Francesco Mollinari of the popular Mollinari brothers on Tour (Eduardo is the other Mollinari) made history on Saturday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Francesco became only the ninth PGA Tour player in history to ace the world famous 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale.


Francesco has been known as a very accurate iron player. Well, he definitely proved it once again, hitting a gorgeous shot that had a little spin and rolled into the cup.


Check out this amazing shot!



Oh, and the reaction from the fans? Legendary.

This is why the Waste Management Phoenix Open is one of the best golf tournaments on Tour. The fans are really into it, fans of all ages and the college students love it.


It brings a fun factor to golf that helps make it appealing to the masses. The 16th hole also known as “The Colosseum” is one of the best stadiums in sports and after Francesco’s ace, it’s reminding the sports world that they’re one of the loudest crowds around.


The ground shook a little bit after that ace! It’s also fair to say that “Super Mollinari” ate his share of mushrooms before that tee shot!


So, if someone starts nagging about how “boring” golf is, you tell them, “Listen homie, watch the Waste Management Phoenix Open, watch hole 16, and then come back and tell me how “boring” golf is!”.


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Tiger Woods Shoots Worst Score of Professional Career



It seems that Tiger Woods has been missing his share of cuts in the last year plus. He once again missed the cut at the popular Waste Management Phoenix Open after shooting an 11-over 82, the worst round of golf of his entire legendary career.


According to USA Today, this is only the second time Tiger’s ever shot a score in the 80’s. The other time was during the Open Championship in 2002, a time when he was just coming off his famous “Tiger Slam” where he nearly one all four majors in a row.


The first round went OK as he went 2-over and finished with a 73. Then things went downhill from there as he is now 13-over for the tournament as mentioned, has missed the cut.


Tiger hasn’t played in this tournament since 2001 mind you. So, you know their could be an unfamiliarity with the course after not being there in so long.


Thing is, I think he’s focusing too much on his swing rather than course management. I honestly think reading the design of a golf course is what wins tournaments or at least puts you in contention.


I’ve said several times before that I think we will see Tiger win more tournaments and probably one major. I just don’t see him breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record.


It happens to all great athletes. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time and was a prolific scorer. However, he’s fourth all-time in scoring.


Same thing with Tiger, he’ll be known as the one of the all-time greats despite not breaking the record. A lot will say that he is still the greatest of all-time.


I think he’s hit a lot of shots that Jack could never hit. However, Jack, in my opinion is still the greatest of all-time unless Tiger does tie or break his major record.


I think the the reason why so many people believe Tiger’s the greatest is because of the speed at which he’s won his tournaments. Also, as I’ve mentioned, some of the unbelievable shots he’s hit make him stand out to some.


It’ll be interesting to see how he fares the rest of the way. With this not so good of a performance at the Phoenix Open, it’ll just peak our curiosity more and more moving forward this season.


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Tiger explains why he wore mask with silly comments

Picture source:

Picture source:


Remember the whole Tiger Woods “Tiger Tooth” situation? Where he was missing a tooth while watching Olympic ski star and girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at a race?


Well, he’s back and ready for the Waste Management Phoenix Open. He addressed the media with some interesting comments in regards to the missing tooth thing.


When asked why he wore the mask, Tiger responded with a little humor. He basically said that he was just trying to blend in because “You don’t see too many brown dudes at ski races” (The mask he was wearing was a skull designed mask which is white. Looked pretty cool actually. Schwag!).


Here’s the Vine of Tiger’s funny little comment:


Oh wait! There’s more! When being asked again about the mask, Tiger asked the reporter if he’s played “Ghost Recon” which is a video game that features masked protagonists which are soldiers. As a video game nut, I’m glad he brought up a video game. Love it!


However, to be honest I have never played Ghost Recon but it’s just cool to see that he mentioned video games period. I play a lot of sports video games with my share of other games like Journey (Shown on my “About Me” page), Grand Theft Auto 5 (They have golf in it!), etc.


When asked once again about the mask and missing tooth, he went on to say “That’s how the media is” in a jokingly way. Oh come on Tiger! It’s not like a lot of people wrote about your missing tooth and mask or anything! I sure didn’t (*Whistles casually*)!


All kidding aside, people write stories because as fans, we have curiosities. Sure, there’s a handful of fans who’ll roll their eyes but they do click on the story and read it. Plus, there a lot of people who are interested in the story, likely more people interested than not interested and that’s why the stories are written.


Anyways, this will be Tiger’s first time at the Phoenix Open in 14 years. I can only imagine the reaction he’ll get on the 16th hole!


So, with the Waste Management Phoenix Open upon us, we’ll be seeing a field full of unbelievable talent. Better warm up your popcorn and put some extra butter (I like hot sauce on mine) on it because it’s going to be a duel of golf titans this week!


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