Video: Rapper Caleb C puts out another hit golf song

The little homie, Caleb C is at it again! The young rap star has put out another classic golf song and this one is his biggest to date. It features LoudMouth golf DJ and producer to artists such as rapper Bubba Sparxx, DJ Maximus. Caleb has put together a few golf rap videos which usually showcases him on the course playing as he’s rapping about certain aspects of the game. Another usual scene is Caleb in his studio rocking Beats by Dre headphones and rapping though the mic.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube just a couple of weeks ago, it has already received a whopping 67,444 views and continues to rise.

Here’s the latest video of the young MC, Caleb C:

In my opinion, the coolest thing about the video was the fact that they used footage of golfers from all over the country and the world taking swings and showing off the great game. That’s one of the more unique things you’ll ever see in a music video and they executed it to perfection.

Golf is more than a sport, it’s a community, a family, and when I see footage of all these different golfers from around the world, I think “Man, we floatin’ in the same boat!”. Of course, the boat has to be big enough for all of us and our golf clubs! Our boat would be cool.

It would have putting greens, and driving nets all over. A golf cruise! These guys are helping to bring a cool vibe to golf and that’s what I LOVE to see. I remember going out on the range with Converse shoes and another day wearing some AND 1 basketball sneakers!

I’ll usually wear more proper attire on the course but when I’m off, I put my flat brim hat on backwards, throw on my chain, and head out the door swagged out and that’s what I like about Caleb C because he’s bringing that “cool” factor into golf while still being family friendly and that’s just fantastic.

Shout out to Caleb’s father Justin for kindly sharing the video with me! You can follow Caleb and friends @Ilovegolfvideo on Twitter! They are a great follow!

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WATCH: Young Rapper Puts Out Another Golf Music Video and it May be The Best One Yet

Caleb C, who is the young rapper who has been putting out several golf music videos which have gone viral and has gotten the six-year-old a lot of attention. His first video called “I Love Golf” received well over 100,000 views and had positive feedback. So, now the little homie drops a new track and it’s probably his best one. If you like golf, hip hop and adorable kids, then this video is for YOU!

Big thanks to Caleb’s father Justin for sharing the video! His future is brighter with every video! also had the video!

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WATCH: The Trick Shot That Ruined Model, Liz Dickson’s Butt

As we all know by now, model Liz Dickson sued Playboy and radio host Kevin Klein for hitting her in the butt with a golf club after a trick shot goes wrong. The model was flat on her stomach with a tee in between her butt cheeks. Well, Klein took the swing and missed and ended up nailing one of her cheeks causing a massive bruise. The video is below courtesy of TMZ.

Playboy Babe Liz Dickson — Ass Cheek Golf Swing VIDEO … You Gotta See This Bruise
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Celebrity Videos

On the video it didn’t look too bad but take a look at this nasty picture of this absolutely massive bruise.

Courtesy of TMZ

Courtesy of TMZ

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WATCH: Man Nails the Nearly Impossible Quad Trick Shot

Man, so many trick shot experts! If these guys are so amazing then how come they aren’t going pro or touring the world performing trick shots? Who knows, but a Vine user named PJ Carmichael absolutely nailed this short but crazy trick shot where he chips the ball as it bounces off three pots in the lands in a cup, kind of like pong except golf with pots. This is an impressive shot that needs to be shared with the world. Big thanks to Deal Tracker Golf for sharing! Enjoy!

PJ, if you know how to do a bunch of different trick shots then you sir should get paid! As always, leave your comments below!

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A RARE FEAT: Joost Luiten and James Hahn Hit Jaw Dropping Double Eagles in the Same Day

James Hahn

James Hahn

Wow, simply an amazing shot. The craziest thing is probably how the ball continued to roll on the green for so long and then eventually roll into the cup. Joost Luiten nailed this gorgeous shot at the Volvo Golf Champions on the European Tour. The most mind-boggling thing about this is that he wasn’t the only one who hit an albatross. James Hahn hit one at the Sony Open making this one of the more memorable days in golf in terms of terrific shots. unfortunately, the video of James’ shot was taken off by a YouTube user for some reason but I’ll be sure to update this article once a video comes in again. For now, enjoy this amazing shot by Joost Luiten and watch how the ball incredibly rolls on the green at the perfect speed from a far distance and land in the hole. COME ON GUYS! DON’T DO THE OTHER PLAYERS LIKE THAT! It’s too cold outside in most places, why y’all got to take them to school like that James and Joost? Oh, and yes, that’s the same James Hahn that performed the Gangnam Style dance at the Waste Management Open last year.

Credit for video: Shane Bacon, Yahoo Sports

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