Ian Poulter destroys heckler on Twitter by telling his bosses

Ian Poulter is known for two things: Being outspoken and being a threat in Ryder Cups. But this time, he took it to another level by possibly getting a heckler fired form his job via Twitter.

Turns out that JJ Downum, the man who heckled Poulter, is the Assistant Athletic Director for Florida Southern College. Downum sent a message to Barstool Sports about his heckling but Poulter found out and didn’t take too kindly to Downum’s actions.

Apparently, Downum didn’t like the attention and ended up deleting his Twitter account. The reactions of fans have been mixed, especially since the golfer being heckled was Poulter who is not the most liked by fans and has a reputation for a bad attitude.

No word on if Downum still has his job at FSC. Although he deleted his Twitter account, Poulter still has the screenshot of what Downum said on his page.

Let this be a lesson kids. Be careful with how much you drink and be careful who you heckle because they may not take it so lightly, as Poulter didn’t.

UPDATE: Downum lost his job after Poulter’s tweet went out.

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Jordan Spieth gives amateur amazing, yet simple advice


During the final round of the Valspar Championship (2011 Masters champion Charl Scwhartzel won by the way), Jordan Spieth offered amateur Lee McCoy some simple, yet important advice and that was not to look at the money list.

The amateur had a chance to take home $292,800 and after finishing in a solo fourth place, he could’ve earned that money. But since he’s an amateur, that wasn’t the case, it’s just part of the life of an amateur on Tour.

“I looked,” McCoy said. “I shouldn’t have looked. Lots of money. Lots of money. I think I got like 350 bucks in my bank account right now, so it’s mostly gas money. It hurt, but there’s so much going great for me right now. I’m just trying to take it all in, just really grateful to be standing here.”

No doubt McCoy was probably looking wide-eyed when he saw the list, but at the end of the day, he seems thankful for the opportunity to even be playing in a Tour event. He’ll be playing 36 holes in a Georgia Bulldogs home tournament back in Athens, GA after his strong finish at the Valspar Championship.


Let’s be totally honest here, you would look at the list too wouldn’t you? Of course you would.


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Source: CBSSports.com 

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