WATCH: Brandel Chamblee rips USGA officials on live TV

The USGA made what may be one of the most controversial calls in U.S. Open history on Sunday by giving Dustin Johnson a one-stroke penalty after a ball moved just a wee-little bit on one of the holes at Oakmont. They gave him his penalty after the round was over.

Twitter ended up ripping the USGA to shreds as well. This included star players such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler.

So, one of golf’s most critical TV analysts, Brandel Chamblee took on two USGA officials, Jeff Hall and Thomas Pagel right on set. Here’s part of the exchange.

“I’ve played golf for 40 years. I have never nor have I ever seen anybody make a practice stroke that caused ball to move,” Chamblee said. “Have y’all ever seen anybody make a practice stroke . . . and a ball move? Ever heard of it?”

Then, here’s this part of the exchange.

“And let me just get this straight. Y’all, upon looking at the evidence, thought he was likely to have caused it to move?”

“More likely than not,” Pagel responded.

“I’m sorry,” Chamblee retorted. “What about what he did do you think caused the ball to move? And why do you come to that conclusion?”

Chamblee has said things in his interesting broadcasting career that many fans disagreed with. This, is one certainly that a lot of golf fans will give him a golf clap for.

If the USGA continues on the path they’re on, could golf’s toughest major become the worst? Let me know about it on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

Source: Golf Digest 

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ICYMI: USGA scores don’t count for solo rounds anymore, Canada Golf denies rule


Yup, that’s right. The USGA announced that your handicap won’t count for solo rounds of golf anymore.


With revisions to the Rules of Golf, the USGA and R&A announced their “Changes to the Handicap System for 2016”.


“The USGA Handicap System is constantly evolving to ensure that the System works for the game today and tomorrow,”  said Steven Edmondson, the USGA’s managing director of Handicapping and Course Rating. “As we examine the game domestically and globally, these revisions support the integrity and reliability that millions of players around the world expect of this System. We continue to explore substantive changes as we work toward a World Handicap System in the years ahead.”


According to the USGA’s FAQ of playing alone, the change “helps golfers form a better basis to support or dispute scores that have been posted to a player’s scoring record.”.


The rules change also mentions that the golfer doesn’t need to be accompanied with a playing partner. The score will still count even if the person is just tagging along because you’re not alone on the course.

The rule also says that the partner needs to be with the golfer for at least 13 holes for 18-hole rounds and seven holes for nine-hole rounds.


Golf Canada has struck back and has denied the acceptance of the new rule via Twitter.

You can read the complete rule changes at

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Source: Golf .com (For the Golf Canada Tweets)





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USGA Changes Rule That Attacked Tiger, Was Woods the Reason Why the Rule Was Changed?

Tiger Woods was penalized back in September during the BMW Championship in Chicago.

Tiger Woods was penalized back in September during the BMW Championship in Chicago.

The USGA and R&A announced today that the rule that penalizes players when ball movement can be detected only by enhanced technology according to the Global Post. This is the same rule that hit Tiger Woods in September during the BMW Championship in Chicago when the ball moved when he was moving debris out of the way. However, it was a PGA Tour videographer that spotted the movement of the ball and reported it to officials and that rule is now broken. Was Woods a key reason why the rule was taken out? What would have happened if it was a player that wasn’t that big of a name? Would the rule still be there? It’s very possible as the small name players never get much attention and not to mention that this isn’t any big name player we’re talking about. It’s Tiger Woods and he’s made a name for himself where everything will go his way. The rule however should have gotten attention anyway regardless of who it was but it is what it is and since it was Tiger, that’s the only reason why it’s getting the attention it’s getting and that’s why it was changed.

So what do you guys think of the rule change? Like it? Dislike it? Let me know in the comments section! Also, please subscribe if you enjoy the GP Golf Report and also follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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