WATCH: Golfer tries to hit golf ball off frozen pond, learns hard way

This is an example of what NOT to do with your time as a golfer. Sure, I’m absolutely all in for off course golfing adventures, but not when it’s dangerous like this.


A dude is recorded taking a whack at a golf ball on some pretty thin ice. His swing just misses the golf ball, and with the golf gods not pleased, he falls on the ice and breaks through.


Fortunately for our friend here, he seems to be doing alright. However, let this be a lesson that, although golf can played anywhere (my opinion), on top of some thin ice is not the grandest of ideas.


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Source: Devil Ball Golf Blog, Yahoo! 

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WATCH: French artist performs trick shots around London

We’ve seen many great golf trick shot artists who have entertained people everywhere. However, Roman Bechu decided to take his skills to the streets of London as he performed numerous trick shots to dazzle folks walking by.

His goal was to meet up with European Tour pro Thorbjorn Olesen for a round of golf. So, what better way to do so than by earning style points in London with amazing trick shot skills?


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Source: CLICKON Golf 

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WATCH: European Urban Golf Championship Looks Amazing

Now THIS is how you get more people into golf! In May, Europe had their annual European Urban Golf Cup which was held at Queen Elizabeth Park in beautiful London.

France came out on top in the 10-team tournament. Other countries represented were Germany and Ireland among others.

What’s Urban Golf you ask? Some call it Cross-Golf and some simply call it Street Golf. Same rules as traditional golf except the world is your golf course and that’s what makes it so awesome.

It’s steadily starting to grow just like other golf related sports such as Disc Golf and Footgolf. Usually, players aim for targets such as fire hydrants, bike tires (As long as it’s your own bike), walls, or any friggin’ thing else that seems like a good spot to aim a golf ball at.

You use your imagination and create your own course. Think like a golf course designer and ask questions.

How am I going to draw around that little cabin? Should I punch a shot through those trees at the park?

These are the same principles as playing on the real course. Except with Urban Golf/Cross-Golf, you have much more open freedom.

Now if you want a more realistic golfing experience, you can get some golf targets and place them all around the park, town, village, etc and design your own track for your Urban Golfing pleasure.

The balls most Urban Golfers use and what the players in the EUGC use are Almost Golf balls which play like real golf balls but are much softer. They were created by Rob Peterson who now owns Glow Gear which sells glow in the dark golf gear.

On a personal note, I’ve been playing with Almost Golf balls for 5 to 6 years. They are amazing for Urban Golf.

Urban Golf is actually how I got into golf. I got lessons at Randall Oaks Golf Club in the Chicago area but would practice on my own time hitting balls around the elementary school so I always enjoy seeing cool things like this.

What’s makes Urban Golf so wonderful is that it’s so accessible. We all love traditional golf but can be quite expensive making it difficult to introduce it to younger audiences.

I’m not trying to scare anyone off from playing regular golf. Go for it!

But, I think Urban Golf is a wonderful way to get more kids to play golf. It’s so cheap to play.

All you need is one club (preferably a pitching wedge. Sometimes you might need a putter as well if you want to include putting in your rounds/matches), a few soft golf balls and some targets to aim for. That’s it!

It also brings a whole new perspective to the world around you and can be quite adventurous. It’s pretty fun when you start to imagine the possibilities of what can be a golf course in your world.

Sports like basketball and soccer are extremely popular because they are both very easy to pick up and play.

Basketball: Grab basketball, find court.

Soccer: Grab soccer ball (Or football if you’re in another country), find soccer field. If not, use other things as goals such as cones.

Urban Golf/Cross-Golf: Grab golf club, grab golf balls, find spot to play (Which is practically anywhere you freakin’ want within reason. As long as there’s enough space and is not super crowded).

To all traditionalists out there, I know most of you hate things like Urban Golf because it’s not real golf but I have some news for you. Golf was created in the STREETS! That’s right!

Dutch sailors came off a boat and started hitting a stone around the town of St. Andrews and they started counting their strokes. THAT’s how golf came to be.

Eventually, Musselburgh Links was born an then the first 18 hole course, St. Andrews Golf Links.

But it all started with some dudes hitting rocks with sticks around town.

The only issue is Urban Golf is that, like Brian Giuffra wrote for Skratch TV, the U.S. needs an Urban Golf organization and championship PRONTO! If anything, have a National team so we can have a squad to root for on their way to the EUGC title. All you need is some shirts, hats, etc for the fans.

C’MON U.S.! Let’s get this ball rolling and get an Urban Golf organization started! Would be an excellent opportunity for high schools and colleges to start Urban Golf clubs as well!

Check out info on the European Urban Golf Cup at!

USGA? Golf 20/20? PGA? We Are Golf? Video game companies? Y’all listening?

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Source: Skratch TV

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