U.S. Open: An amazing experience at Erin Hills for any golf fan

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The U.S. Open at Erin Hills Golf Course, located in Wisconsin, is now completed, and Brooks Koepka was victorious against the many great, club-wielding golf warriors as they duked it out to the finish. The experience at this year’s U.S. Open was one to remember, whether you were a fan, member of the media, volunteer, etc.


Fortunately for me, Erin Hills was a two-hour drive from my home, not knowing that this major venue was so close. As I left to make the trip up to Wisconsin, I had a chance to take in the natural beauty of Hartford in Washington County. With its lush landscape, dairy farms, and breathtaking wilderness it made it feel like a world away from Chicago.


When arriving in Wisconsin, you could feel the major championship excitement in the air, when you started to see many police officers, as well as residents using their property as parking lots. You knew you were about to arrive at Erin Hills, the host of the 2017 U.S. Open.


As I drove up the gravel road to reach the Erin Hills parking lot, the fences were covered with the USGA logo. Approaching the lot, I looked to the left and witnessed Erin Hills for the very first time. It was stunning.


The practice green and spectator stands were in close proximity, with the Wisconsin wilderness out in the distance. Erin Hills designers Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry and Ron Whitten always mention how natural the course is.


You can see how natural the contours are as your eyes gleam on it. It could possibly be, the most natural course since the design of Sand Hills. That’s saying a lot, comparing the young girl Erin, to one of the most famous golf courses on the planet.


There were many things around the course to keep fans busy, from massive merchandise tents to plenty of concession stands. Fox Sports even had their own observation deck, where fans can relax, and get a great view of the action.


When I walked towards the Media Center, I walked past a farmhouse where they housed golf carts for players and others who needed to get around. As expected, the inside of the media tent was massive. Upon entering, other members of the media were cranking away on their laptops and preparing their cameras to head out on the course.


As I found my spot and settled down, I wanted to take in the atmosphere before I started working. The weekend as you know, was a nail-biter, with numerous players hanging out towards the top of the leaderboard. Although the scores were pretty low for a U.S. Open, it was still a great tournament, because everyone was fighting for the title.


Koepka would come out of nowhere to dominate on Sunday to win his first major championship. He certainly earned it and has quietly been one of the best players not to win a major, even though he’s still only 27-years-old.


The interview room was well appointed, with a podium that looked more like a fancy TV studio desk for a news network. It was surprisingly cold in there, but nonetheless, it was very nice.


While in the interview room I asked Brooks if the major win gave him a sigh of relief and if it took pressure off of him.


“No, I don’t think so,” Koepka said. “I worked my tail off the last six months and made some changes, grinding every day in the gym trying to make sure I was physically ready and strong enough to be able to swing the club the way I want to”.


You can hear his full response at the 6:35 mark in the Golf Channel video below.


I could’ve stayed in the media tent all day, but I wanted to go out and explore the course a bit more. As you can imagine (especially if you attended the tournament), it was jam-packed on Sunday.


As I was walking, a section was roped off as Matt Kuchar came walking towards the next hole. Of course, the chants of “Kuucch!” came, as the Olympic bronze medalist was trying to make a late push up the leaderboard.


Getting a chance to see arguably the most talked about hole at number nine, was also pretty amazing. As I may have mentioned before, what makes Erin Hills so awesome, is how often it changes. The front and back nine almost work like two different tracks.


The ninth hole is a reminder of the design changes. A green surrounded by bunkers is something you don’t see as much on the front nine. This unique design makes Erin Hills a fun golf course to watch and play on.


The course also has one of the most dramatic 18th holes in all of golf. As you stand on the tee box, you see the clubhouse, the Wisconsin wilderness, and the legendary Holy Hill, all staring at you. It is a beautiful sight to see.


Like Chambers Bay which hosted the U.S. Open in 2015, Erin Hills is still an infant, however, its future is bright as it will host more majors down the road. It was an exciting experience, watching the U.S. Open in Wisconsin, with another new course, and yet another young major champion. Golf Fans certainly won’t forget this experience anytime soon.


A round of applause for Erin Hills, as we move forward to The Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, as the sunsets on Washington County in Wisconsin.


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WATCH: Brandel Chamblee rips USGA officials on live TV

The USGA made what may be one of the most controversial calls in U.S. Open history on Sunday by giving Dustin Johnson a one-stroke penalty after a ball moved just a wee-little bit on one of the holes at Oakmont. They gave him his penalty after the round was over.

Twitter ended up ripping the USGA to shreds as well. This included star players such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler.

So, one of golf’s most critical TV analysts, Brandel Chamblee took on two USGA officials, Jeff Hall and Thomas Pagel right on set. Here’s part of the exchange.

“I’ve played golf for 40 years. I have never nor have I ever seen anybody make a practice stroke that caused ball to move,” Chamblee said. “Have y’all ever seen anybody make a practice stroke . . . and a ball move? Ever heard of it?”

Then, here’s this part of the exchange.

“And let me just get this straight. Y’all, upon looking at the evidence, thought he was likely to have caused it to move?”

“More likely than not,” Pagel responded.

“I’m sorry,” Chamblee retorted. “What about what he did do you think caused the ball to move? And why do you come to that conclusion?”

Chamblee has said things in his interesting broadcasting career that many fans disagreed with. This, is one certainly that a lot of golf fans will give him a golf clap for.

If the USGA continues on the path they’re on, could golf’s toughest major become the worst? Let me know about it on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

Source: Golf Digest 

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Dustin Johnson hit a tee shot off a fan’s head

OK, he didn’t tee the ball up on the fan’s head but after hitting his tee shot at Oakmont, the ball ricocheted off someone’s head. The ball then proceeded to bounce and makes its way into one of the concession stands.

He hit his shot out of the rough and landed into another patch of rough near the green. He then almost managed to hit an incredible birdie recovery shot with this crazy chip.

Welcome to the U.S. Open kids!

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WATCH: Jordan Spieth was very angry about a tough break

Defending U.S. Open champion Jordan Spieth had one of the most unlucky breaks you can get. During the U.S. Open on the par-4 17th, Spieth hit his tee shot and went for the green.

As it landed, it had backspin on it and the ball kept rolling…and rolling and rolling. This left Spieth in a horrible position causing him to shout different things as he walked away angry.

So, Oakmont has proved once again that it truly is one of the toughest tests in golf. Have fun kids!

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Source: Swing By Swing “The Clubhouse”

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Oakmont just broke a guy’s ankle at the U.S. Open

Oakmont is one golf’s most famous courses and is known for being a tough test of golf. The only course people may still say is tougher is Kiawah Island, a course designed by Pete Dye.

But Oakmont stepped its toughness level up by literally breaking a caddy’s ankle. The caddy of Chris Crawford went into a bunker, tripped and busted the ankle.

When golf courses attack. We can safely say that Oakmont looked like NBA legend Allen Iverson who was famous for breaking his opponents ankles (Not literally) with his incredible ball handling skills.

A.I. doesn’t have anything on Oakmont though.

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Bubba Watson rocks high top shoes at Oakmont


Golf has certainly come a long way from the “boring” and “not cool” days and it shows with all of the unique personalities on the PGA Tour, as well as a strong following on social media.

The same goes for style too, as we’ve seen golfers wear snapbacks and high top shoes. Well, the high tops are back once again.

After Keegan Bradley and Rickie Fowler rocked their swagtastic kicks (Bradley even wore kicks with Michael Jordan’s second number, 45 on it) , two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson decided to do the same. His G/Fore Crusaders are custom and Watson even put a little touch on the design of the golf sneaker.

Well, if Oakmont ends up killing Watson this week, he can at least say brought a little swagger for the occasion.

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Source: Golf Digest 

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This how ridiculous Oakmont’s greens are

Rickie Fowler’s latest snapchat story shows just how fast the greens at Oakmont are. 😳 (Rickie is RickieFowler15 on 👻!)

A video posted by Golf Digest (@golfdigest) on

Oakmont is one of hardest and most famous golf courses in the world. To use a video game reference, it may the Dark Souls (a game known for its high level of difficulty) of golf courses.

This was proven as Rickie Fowler was recorded hitting a putt that simply kept rolling…..and rolling…and rolling. It shows how dangerous the greens are at Oakmont.

It’s hard enough as is without the U.S. Open conditions. So, with golf second major approaching, you and I can only visulaize how difficult the course will be.

It’s a dream course to experience for most golfers. But those dreams can possibly turn into a nightmare…..even on Twitter!

Even on social media you can’t escape the Church Pews. Beware.

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A wild end to a terrific U.S. Open

Well, there you have it folks! One of the most highly anticipated U.S. Opens in years has concluded and if anything, concluded in stunning fashion.

The day began with Jason Day and Dustin Johnson leading the tournament. Jason, who had suffered vertigo the day before, showed nothing butbpure toughness throughout despite falling out of the lead.

DJ was en fuego with the driver hitting all of the fairways while in famous Dustin Johnson fashion, booming it a long way. However, his putter was fresh out of the bag ice as he three putter couple of time during the round but despite that, was still in pretty good shape.

Meanwhile, Rory Mcilroy was off to a flaming hot start going -6 which included an incredible 72ft putt. Many thought perhaps Rory would make push for his 2nd U.S. Open title but ultimately finished his day at Even par thanks to a couple of bogies.

Jordan Spieth made a push and would lead the tournament by two shots. I thought it was over then because the “Texas Microwave” is hard to stop when he’s up by a couple of shots.

With a couple of holes left however, Jordan double bogeyed and ended up being tied with 2010 British Open champ Louis Oosthuizen at -4.

Louis had just finished his round when Jordan dropped. Then DJ made a push and he was -4.

It looked like it could’ve been a thre man playoff. Four man playoff if Branden Grace hung on.

But then, Jordan Spieth birdied the 18th at Chambers Bay to take the lead. DJ had other plans and had an excellent chance to win it or send it into an 18 hole playoff on Monday after two glorious shots to reach the green.

He had a chance to win it with an eagle putt but missed that. Then had a great chance to extend the tournament with a four footer but missed that leaving him with a three putt and lose in heartbreaking fashion to Jordan who would capture his second straight major title.

With Jordan’s win, it just shows just how strong the talent in golf is today. Rory Mcilroy and Jordan Spieth have now won all four majors in 2014 and 2015 combined (Rory won the Open and PGA last year while Jordan won the Masters and U.S. Open this year).

As Peter Allis’ parody Twitter account (Also known as Tweeter Allis) said, “splendid”. Splendid indeed.

Everyone wants someone to carry to torch for golf which is why so many fans are desparate about Tiger coming back and playing at his best. Well, I think Tiger can rest easy knowing the young kids like Rory and Jordan are carrying this torch.

Both players are gentleman as well which is very important. Jordan went on to say how DJ should have been hoisting the U.S. Open trophy instead of him.

PGA Tour golfers just don’t say things like that. It’s always “I played great today and was dialed in” without giving any credit to the opponent.

That’s just pure class on Jordan’s part.

The U.S. Open ratings weren’t high this year but it could have simply been the new broadcast team and fans weren’t used to it, causing them not to watch. Besides, if guys like Jordan Spieth, Rory Mcilroy, Dustin Johnson (Currently the top 3 players in the world in no particular order) continue to play at the level they’re playing, golf’s ratings will rise. Just go back to last year’s PGA Championsip.

Remarkable ratings and thia was the PGA which is usually “number 4” and sometimes number five in some fans’ mind behind the Players Championship at the iconic TPC Sawgrass.

Yet, the PGA last year had one of the best ratings in years. That’s a great sign of things to come.

I think the people who only wanna watch Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are missing out on the greatness we’re witnessing here.

Would I love to see Tiger, Phil, Jordan, Rory, Rickie Fowler and DJ all tied going into the back nine of a major? ABSOLUTLEY and who wouldn’t?

But guys like Tiger and Phil aren’t the only reasons I’m watching. I’m looking for greatness and if guys like Rory and Jordan win again, that to me would be as great as Tiger getting his 15th major or Phil getting his 6th.

Because you’re witnessing the new generation of greatness. I think golf is in awesome shape with the strong roster of talent.

Sure, I think another major for Phil and Tiger would be more important in terms of legacy but seeing the young bucks win is terrific.

It’s a little unfair to guys like Jordan that we continue to talk about Tiger’s struggle or Phil’s runner-ups at the U.S. Open rather than a player who’s on his way to a potential grand slam.

As for Chambers Bay, I think it could be terrific PGA Championship host course as the PGA always has some great tournaments when played on links courses like Kiawah Island and Whistling Straits (Both are Pete Dye designs) which will host this year’s PGA.

Here’s looking forward to what could be an outstanding Open Championship. Don’t be surprised if Dustin Johnson turns St. Andrews into his power playground, especially after that tough loss in the U.S. Open.

The question that’s being asked is, “Will DJ come back with evengance or will the loss haunt him?”. It’s anybody’s guess at this point but if he could put the loss behind him, he could shred the Old Course, especially because he’s proven that he’s good at links courses.

After two great majors this year, it’s to look forward to the oldest major of them all at golf’s oldest course. Should be an exciting one!

St. Andrews is ALWAYS a treat!

Leave your thoughts below on who you think will win at the Open Championship at St. Andrews this year!

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ICYMI: Rickie nearly aces par-4 at U.S. Open

So, there was this. Rickie Fowler came close to a hole in one on a par 4 at Chambers Bay. REAL close.

Had Slick Rick made the shot, it would have been the first par 4 ace in U.S. Open. Ballin’ deadeye!

Here’s a video of the amazing shot on the Darth Vador like green!

Rickie ended up missing the cut so it just shows, that even when you’re not playing well, you can have that one great shot and on the Chambers Bay greens, that’s am achievement!

The way the balls are bouncing on the greens like a Charlie Haeger knuckleball, who knows if or when we see another shot like that this weekend!

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Gary Player on Chambers Bay: “Might be the worst golf course I’ve ever seen”

During an interview with Jason Goff and Matt Spiegal on WSCR 670 The Score in Chicago, Gary Player had some words for the Robert Trent Jones Jr links design.

The Black Knight mentioned that Chambers Bay is “the worst golf course I’ve ever seen”. He’s not the only one, as Chambers Bay has quickly become arguably the most controversial course in U.S. Open history.

Some other things that Gary mention were about Tiger Woods’ struggles and how golf needs him. Due to the great young talent in today’s game, I disagree with Mr. Player. If Tiger’s doing well, and in the hunt the that’s just a bonus although I like seeing different winners.

He also mentioned that golf courses need to be shorter and quicker to play which I agree 150,000% with. The USGA has been doing a terrific job promoting the enjoyment of playing nine holes instead of 18 which is a huge plus.

Take a listen to the interview below by clicking the link:


Gotta love Gary Player man and yes Jason Goff, who wouldn’t want to have Gary on every week to talk about life and how to bring the extra swag out to the course?

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