Is Lucy Li The Future of Golf?


On Thursday and Friday, 11-year-old phenom, Lucy Li tried her hand at the task of tackling Pinehurst. no 2 at the Women’s U.S. Open after becoming the youngest player to qualify for the event. She ended up shooting a 78 on Friday which is a great score for anyone let alone an 11-year-old to shoot at Pinehurst. She has left an impression on the course that’s for sure and she will definitely be a story line for years to come because now she will be watched and scouted more at her tournaments now that she introduced herself to the world. So the question remains. Is she the future of the sport? She’s definitely confident in her abilities.

She had posted a video proclaiming that she was “The future of the game”. Only time will tell if the young golf prodigy will be the future of the game but her presence at the U.S. Women’s Open has already made a huge impact in my opinion. People may see her out there playing and playing well so they may want to let their kids try golf out and see how they like it and it’s hard not to get the golf bug. I for one wasn’t a golf fan growing up and now I write about it for a living. See what the sport does? So I think having her presence definitely has inspired adults and kids a like to try the sport out and this leads to major growth in golf.

Not only did she play well for her age on golf’s toughest stage, she handled herself so well and is definitely a very intelligent young lady. It blew my mind how she handled the media. She handled it better than most tour pros and that was awesome to see. Another thing that makes her presence special is the one thing that I always preach that golf needs. Diversity. Seeing a kid out there will catch the eye of a diverse group of kids because different kids will look at things they can get involved in and see if they like it or not because when you’re young, you try different things.

So for these kids to see another kid out there at the Women’s U.S. Open playing well and playing alongside a legend like Laura Davies is quite exciting for the growth of the game. She has a great swing, great personality, she’s very smart and she likes ice cream, what more do you want? Sure, some may say that her “I’m the future of the game” was a little cocky but come on y’all, she’s 11 years old! As smart as she is, imagine how mature she’ll be once she’s 15 or 16? It’ll be a good five or six years probably before we see her turn pro but let’s hope that nobody puts a ton of pressure on her like some did when Michelle Wie was a teen prodigy.

Michelle got her first major win at the U.S. Women’s Open on Sunday by the way. Just let the girl do her thing and she shall shine. She might like the attention though, not sure. Either way, she should enjoy her childhood before she goes pro. Enjoy golf at the amateur level and enjoy being an 11, 12 ,13, year old kid. If you asked me today though, I’d say yes, she is the future of the game and hope many other kids follow the same path then they’ll all be the future of the game. Way to go Lucy, the ceiling is high for you kid.

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Martin Kaymer Goes Wire to Wire-to-Win U.S. Open Championship


Martin Kaymer put up one of the most dominant displays in golf history, winning the 114th U.S. Open Championship by an impressive eight strokes. Rickie Fowler and Erik Compton were runner ups while Keegan Bradley, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Henrik Stenson all finished tied for fourth. Martin put on a fabulous display of power, accuracy, and putting on American golf’s biggest stage while breaking the U.S. Open 36 hole record going into the weekend. He and Bernhard Langer are the only Germans to win multiple majors in their careers and Martin is still only 29 years old. He’s also the seventh international player to win the U.S. Open in the last 10 years showing the world’s dominance on North America’s biggest stage.

He also joins Michael Campbell and the iconic Payne Stewart to win a U.S. Open at Pinehurst. He shot an eye-opening 65 on Thursday and Friday and was just four shots short of the all-time U.S. Open record while being just eight shots shy of the all-time record for ANY major. There were talks of him being the worst world no.1 in golf history but that is false as he now has a PGA Championship, Players Championship and U.S. Open under his belt and is taking his career to unbelievable heights. He’s already made a name for himself on the European Tour and now he’s quickly making a name for himself in the States. There’s no doubt, his late mother, who passed away from skin cancer is looking down on him everywhere he goes and Martin is making her very very proud. Here are the highlights of the U.S. Open including Martin’s tournament clinching putt.

Also, this was the last U.S. Open NBC would cover as they will hand the mics and tech equipment over to Fox Sports. Thank you for all of the memories NBC, you helped bring the Open to life and hope nothing but the best going forward. Also, a shout out to Mark Rolfing who I had the pleasure of meeting, he’s a terrific reporter, a great guy and is very under rated in this business. He also got a great quote out of Erik Compton who had suffer heart problems in the past and managed to overcome it all and finish runner-up at the U.S. Open and now earned an invite to The Masters in 2015: “I’ve never gotten this far along in my story. It really hasn’t sunk in yet.” said Compton courtesy of NBC will still cover big events such as the Ryder Cup and will still Golf Channel in their name. Looking forward to the Fox coverage. Should be very interesting that’s for sure.


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Tiger Woods to Miss Second U.S. Open in Six Years, What’s The Future of Golf?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods will miss his second U.S. Open in six years according to Yahoo Sports. Woods has been battling injuries and the chance of winning a few more major titles are all but out the window with the only hope of at least winning another one in the closest distance than winning the multiple. The U.S. Open will be at the legendary Pinehurst No.2 course where the World Golf Hall of Fame once stood. This was not as much of a shock as the Masters withdrawal since he’s always been a lock to play in the Masters. He’s missed U.S. Opens before plus he was still unsure when he would get back out there to play so this really isn’t a surprise.

”Unfortunately, I won’t be there because I’m not yet physically able to play competitive golf,” Woods said. ”I’d like to convey my regrets to the USGA leadership, the volunteers and the fans that I won’t be at Pinehurst. The U.S. Open is very important to me, and I know it’s going to be a great week.” Woods said according to Yahoo Sports.

Woods has won the U.S. Open three times and missed the British Open and PGA Championship in 2008 while missing the U.S. Open and British Open in 2011. Ironically, his last major victory came at the U.S. Open in 2008 which was one for the ages as Rocco Mediate gave Tiger the biggest test of his life.

It’s unfortunate to see any player get injured like that but there’s a lot of people pressing the Mayday button on golf because the sport’s biggest star isn’t around. We have to realize that the game isn’t about just one player. Yes, I’m sure everyone has a favorite player but if you appreciate great golf from the talent we have today, you wouldn’t think about it and just wish Tiger a speedy recovery and continue to follow the sport anyway and not abandon ship. To me, if you only follow golf because of one guy then you’re not a golf fan. Some say the game will die without Tiger. Yeah, sure it will. That’s why the sport’s been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years with tournament play starting in the late 1800’s.

Golf is going to be fine with or without Tiger. We’ve seen a timeline of terrific golfers from Bobby Jones to Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus to Tiger and Phil Mickelson now so what makes us think that we won’t see another great player emerge? Right now, the biggest stars in golf right now might have to be Rory Mcilroy and Bubba Watson with guys like Jimmy Walker and the young talents of Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed on the rise not to mention Adam Scott and Henrik Stenson have been playing some of their best golf in their careers. I also feel that the LPGA Tour is getting better and better and college golf is making a push thanks to Golf Channel’s Men’s Championship coverage (Alabama defeated Oklahoma State for back-to-back titles) so golf is going to fine, I just think people got so spoiled from Tiger and Phil that we overlook some of the other great talent that is out there. The ratings? The only people who weren’t watching were casual fans because there is absolutely no way a real golf fan would miss the Masters or the U.S. Opener the Ryder Cup because of no Tiger or Phil.

I’ll be honest, when Anthony Kim was a rising star, I was a HUGE fan. Now he’s been nowhere to be seen for a while with his last big performance being at the British Open in 2011 where he finished tied for 5th. I still love following golf despite his absence because I appreciate ever player that tees it up in the greatest sport in the world and I hope people realize that. Golf is going to be fine and the fact that we still have Tiger and Phil for a while is a plus but we need to understand the sport is in good hands for the future. The only thing I hope is that the game gets more diverse because it would be so cool to see a lot of different cultures come together to celebrate this fantastic game. Yes, there are a diverse amount of fans and journalists but not much with the players so that would be amazing to see because that means the sport will get stronger and stronger and THAT’S what we want to see. Keep your heads up golf fans, this sport is going to be A-OK and even better than that.

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