WATCH: Tour Pro uses wedge to make birdie after snapping putter

In golf, there are moments where we may feel like snapping our putter. Well, Tyrrell Hatton did that during the Turkish Open and ended up putting with a wedge.

The amazing thing is that Hatton made his birdie putt which was a fairly lengthy one. We’ve seen golfers make putts with non-putters but it’s a rarity, and you’d have to be comfortable putting with a wedge to drill a putt like that.

It was the red-hot Justin Rose who would go on to win the Turkish, but Hatton left us with a fun little highlight. Let this show that, you can practically use any club for anything.

We’ve seen on a couple of occasions where players hit full swings with putters. One thing about swinging with a putter is that thanks to the uniquely shaped grips, it’s easy to square up on full swings.

This is because your hands are forced to be in a perfect position on the grip. After all, the way you grip the club is very important in taking a perfect swing.

So, if you forgot your putter at home, no worries, just use your wedge. I can’t guarantee you’ll drop birdies, but you’ll be able to show off your skills.

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