WATCH: Man gets attacked by turkey on golf course

If you golf during the week of Thanksgiving, do so at your own risk! 📽: @daaavidfried

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Fall is my favorite season of the year, as we get to enjoy crisp, cool weather, beautiful colorful leaves and, it’s a terrific time to play golf. Unfortunately for one man, his Fall golf dream was made a turndown danger road, when a turkey decided to attack him on the course. Did I mention this occurred close to Thanksgiving?

The dude is just trying to enjoy a round, and then the turkey sees to come out of nowhere to aggressively come towards him. The turkey wasn’t playing around either. The aggressiveness was real.

It wasn’t like an animal was casually chasing him around. This thing wanted to put its claw up this dude’s butt.

Just let this be known; no sport brings us closer to nature than golf, but when nature unleashes its wrath, be ready to run.

Or you can keep the turkey and make your pet, but you would need some A-1 training skills. Otherwise, be careful out there, but be sure to enjoy the wonderfulness that is Fall golf.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! What are your thankful for? Let me know in the comments section or let me know on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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