TPC Scottsdale’s iconic 16th hole now has its own logo design

The only hole in golf that is now a brand.

Yep, you read that headline right. The famous 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, known for its stadium atmospheres and loud crowds now has its own logo design.

The logo shows what appears to be a stadium wrapping around the number 16. A fun, clever way to show off one of the most exciting holes in all of golf and it would be perfect to paste on fan gear.

No doubt that the thousands upon thousands (many whom are Arizona State students/fans) of people who attend the tournament, would love to get their hands on some merchandise if they could. It would almost be a like a student section of a college stadium, as many people wear matching colors, in this case, blue and white, the logo’s colors.

Overall, I love this idea because helps promote one of the coolest holes in the sport, and in a world where fans want to see more fast-paced action and loud crowds, the 16th hole is more important now than ever. It’s the official golf hole of the sports fan, and now, its value has a great chance to rise, thanks to this sweet logo.

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WATCH: Francesco Nails Ace at TPC Scottsdale’s 16th Hole

Francesco Mollinari of the popular Mollinari brothers on Tour (Eduardo is the other Mollinari) made history on Saturday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Francesco became only the ninth PGA Tour player in history to ace the world famous 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale.


Francesco has been known as a very accurate iron player. Well, he definitely proved it once again, hitting a gorgeous shot that had a little spin and rolled into the cup.


Check out this amazing shot!



Oh, and the reaction from the fans? Legendary.

This is why the Waste Management Phoenix Open is one of the best golf tournaments on Tour. The fans are really into it, fans of all ages and the college students love it.


It brings a fun factor to golf that helps make it appealing to the masses. The 16th hole also¬†known as “The Colosseum” is one of the best stadiums in sports and after Francesco’s ace, it’s reminding the sports world that they’re one of the loudest crowds around.


The ground shook a little bit after that ace! It’s also fair to say that “Super Mollinari” ate his share of mushrooms before that tee shot!


So, if someone starts nagging about how “boring” golf is, you tell them, “Listen homie, watch the Waste Management Phoenix Open, watch hole 16, and then come back and tell me how “boring” golf is!”.


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