WATCH: Rafa Cabrera gets albatross at TPC Sawgrass


Golf is full of amazing highlight reel shots, and TPC Sawgrass is capable of being a home for these shots, despite the toughness of the course. Rafa Cabrera nailed one at the 16th hole.


The PLAYERS Championship is one of the best golf tournaments in the world for a reason. We’ve seen some of the greatest shots in the sport at the iconic TPC Sawgrass.


During the week, we first witnessed an ace on the legendary 17th hole from Masters champion Sergio Garica, and now, and albatross, executed by Rafa Cabrera at the famed 16th hole.


Chances for amazing shots like this is why TPC Sawgrass is one of the funnest golf courses on earth. Take a look at this incredible shot.




Although the 17th hole, Alice Dye’s Island of Wonders, gives you nightmares about water, the 16th hole makes you lick your chops. It’s an excellent hole design that’s perfect for the long hitters, and Cabrera took advantage with a pin seeking missle.


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WATCH: You won’t believe what was in the sky at The Players

There was more than just golf balls flying at TPC Sawgrass! During The Players Championship, a player (Couldn’t really tell who) was about to take his shot when there appears to be a strange objoct flying overhead.

It looked like a UFO but it’s anyone’s guess. I am someone who does believe in things things like ghosts, aliens, etc but who knows.

Someone in the comments of the video suggested that it was a hat flying away from it’s rightful owner as if it was like “Hey man! I’m tired of your head!”.

Either way, I guess you can say TPC Sawwgrass is a hotbed for alien activity!

Here’s the video:

Knowing the great Pete Dye, he’d probably build a parking lot for UFOs at Sawgrass!

Who knows, maybe that UFO has a mural of the iconic 17th hole inside.

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Source: Skratch TV

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WATCH: Rickie Fowler hits terrific shot on 17 to win Players

This year’s Players Championship was one of the best, if not, THE best that has ever been played. Rickie Fowler, Sergio Garcia and Kevin Kissner went into a playoff.

Garcia hit an incredible 44 foot putt to get into the playoff and Kissner was playing some amazing golf all day. Fowler pretty much made a mockery of “Florida’s Amen Corner” of 16, 17 and 18 to win it.

He had three birdies on TPC Sawgrass’ iconic 17th hole. Most golfers usually be lucky to come out of 17 with a freakin’ par.

This is why it’s such a famous hole. All of the heartbreak and torture it presented to some of the world’s greatest players over the years.

Time and time again, the 17th hole has swallowed golf balls in the water or have left golfers with long, tricky putts. Rickie just got through 17 like a straight up boss.

Here’s the jaw-dropping shot Slick Rick hit that sealed the deal for his second career PGA Tour title:

What’s so amazing about Rickie’s win is that not only did he demolish one of golf’s toughest courses, but he and Ian Poulter were voted as golf’s most “overrated players” according to a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated.

The voting was by anonymous peers on Tour. So, just a couple of days after that poll, Rickie goes on to win golf’s “5th major” and the signature tournament of the PGA Tour on its signature course.

The win also came a couple of days after golf course designing legend, Pete Dye was seen watching the tournament on his famed course. With that shadow over him, Rickie practically made a fool of Pete’s diabolical 16, 17 and 18, again finishing out by going back to 17 to win it.

There’s no better way to win a golf tournament than at the 17th hole of TPC Sawgrass, under the sunset and with thousands of fans surrounding you at every turn.

With this win, he’s proven why he’s still relevant on Tour and that he is indeed one of the bright young stars int he game.

The homie’s playing a game but he ain’t playin’ though!

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Tiger hits 172 yard drive, Allenby gets terrified at Sawgrass

As we know, one of golf’s greatest tournaments, The Players Championship is here and TPC Sawgrass is looking as beautiful as ever. There were some things that were not so beautiful at Sawgrass but I think we can all get a kick out of and say “That was me once!”.

Here are three things that happened at Sawgrass that probably won’t surprise you if you’ve ever been in these positions.

1. Tiger Woods, who overall played well during the first two days hit a gorgeous flop shot on hole nine on Friday which pretty much sealed his chances of making the cut. Well, earlier however was not so pleasant to former world number one as he hit a 172 yard drive on the first hole.

Here’s a little play-by-play chart of the shot courtesy of CBS Sports:

Also, here’s a tweet from the Golf Channel Tiger Tracker which includes comments from “Twitter comedians” and shocked Tiger fans:

2. Robert Allenby, who at one point won two tournaments in back to back years (200 and 2001) is trying to get back to top form. He also made headlines a couple of months ago about an alleged kidnapping.

Now, the Aussie is back and ready to rip up Sawgrass!….that’s if he avoids raccoons of course.

During the Friday round, Allenby was settling in, getting ready to tee it off until a furry critter decided to show its face.

This is when Allanby freaked the heck out.

Raccoons can be dangerous creatures and Allenby took notice right away. One of the things that make raccoons difficult to deal with is that they have similar characteristics like humans do.

For example, if they’re smart enough, they can open doors. They can also jump up and attack so the fear is real.

He freaked so bad though that he forgot he had a massive driver (whoopin’ stick) in his hand just in case.

3. Jonas Blixt who came close to winning The Masters last year, finishing in second behind winner Bubba Watson, decided that there’s a better way to clean his driver than simply wiping it with a towel. During the second round of The Players, the Swede somewhat casually tossed his driver into the famous pond on Sawgrass’ recognizable 18th hole.

Sadly, the Vine for the toss was apparently deleted so this picture courtesy of Next Impulse Sports will have to do:

He’s rich, it’s the 18th hole, so he just said “screw it!’ and tossed it. I’m sure he has a replacement set.

Jeez, and I thought golf balls were the only things getting lost on the 17th hole. Now we’re going to see clubs getting lost on 18.

This is probably what hole 17 is saying to hole 18: “18! Join the lost golf goods club!”.

Should be an exciting weekend at The Players!

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Is Calvin Peete one of the most under rated golfers of all-time?


Last week, we lost two important and iconic figures in golf. Pete Brown, who was the PGA Tour’s first African-American winner as well as one of the best players to come out of the United Golfers Association (Or some may call, the “Negro Leagues of Golf”) and Calvin Peete who was one of the most dominant players in the 1980’s.

Pete would have a terrific career, winning 14 times globally including his two PGA Tour victories. Both wins weren’t exactly walks in the park either.

He defeated Dan Sikes in 1964 at the Waco Turner Open for his first victory. Sikes would go on to win six times on Tour.

Pete’s second win was even tougher as he defeated Tony Jacklin in a playoff at the Andy Williams-San Diego Invitational (Now known as the Farmers Open) in 1970. Jacklin had won the Open Championship the previous year and would go on to win the U.S. Open the same year Pete defeated him in the San Diego Invitational.

Before his PGA Tour success, Pete had a solid career in the UGA winning the USG (Negro) National Open an incredible four times. He also won the Long Star Open four times.

Pete would go on to be a head teaching pro at the Madden Golf Course in Dayton, Ohio. He was the pro at the hilly course for 20 years.

Pete’s remarkable career brings us to Calvin Peete. Calvin was best known as one of the most accurate players in golf.

He was also famously known for his outstanding victory at the Players Championship in 1985. This is a wonderful time to celebrate Calvin as the Players Championship is upon us as you’re reading this.

Calvin was a self-taught player, much like some of the players you see today such as Jim Furyk and Bubba Watson. He developed his swing and learned how to use course management to his advantage on his way to victory.

Calvin would go on to have an amazing career on the PGA Tour after joining in 1975. It didn’t take him very long to adjust to the new level of golf on Tour.

He would win an impressive 14 times worldwide, 12 on the PGA Tour and twice on the Japan Golf Tour. 11 of his 12 Tour wins were all in 1980’s making him one of the most dominant players of a single decade.

Only Tom Watson and Tom Kite had more wins in the 80’s than Calvin. Watson and Kite are both in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

You ready for this? After Calvin’s first victory in 1979 in the Greater Milwaukee Open in which he won by a convincing five strokes defeating Victor Regalado, Jim Simons and Lee Trevino, he would go on to win a really impressive four times in 1982.

Calvin would once again win the Greater Milwaukee Open in that magical 1982 season, again defeating Regalado. He would then win the Anheuser-Busch Golf Classic by two strokes for second win of the season and his third of his career.

Calvin destroyed the field in his next two wins in 1982, starting with a win at the B.C. Open, defeating 1976 U.S. Open champion Jerry Pate by a whopping seven strokes. The next dominate performance came at the Pensacola Open where also won by seven strokes, defeating Dan Halldorson and Hal Sutton, completing his remarkable 1982 season.

His most dominant statistical season came in 1984. Although he only won one tournament that year (Texas Open), he would go on to win the prestigious Vardon Trophy and Byron Nelson award for having the lowest average score for the year.

Huge names in the sport of golf have won these awards. Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino, Sam Snead and Billy Casper are among those names.

1985 was arguably the season Calvin will be forever known for. He would win twice on Tour that year, getting a win at the Phoenix Open for his first winning by two shots.

The second win of that year came at the Tournament Players Championship, famously known today as simply The Players Championship. The win has made him a legend in golf’s “5th Major” and TPC Sawgrass alike.

Probably the highlight of his win was the incredible shot he hit on the world-famous 17th hole. He hit a beauty that landed softly on the green, leaving him with an easy putt. He would go on to win by three strokes, defeating Chicago native D.A. Weibring who ironically beat Calvin in the 1979 Ed McMahon-Jaycees Quad Cities Open (Now the John Deere Classic).

He also would lead the Tour in driving accuracy a jaw-dropping 10 years straight. This helped him make two Ryder Cup teams in 1983 at PGA National and 1985 at The Belfry.

In his rookie debut in the Ryder Cup, Calvin would help lift the U.S. to victory with his solid 2.5 point performance including a win in the always high pressured Singles matches. His second appearance at the Ryder Cup in 1985 wasn’t as good as his rookie debut but was still solid getting 2 points for team USA.

The U.S. squad unfortunately would lose to the European team by 5 points.

Arguably, the most accurate player in golf history who has a resume that speaks for itself, Calvin Peete very well could be one of the most under rated players of all-time.

He’s not in the World Golf Hall of Fame. Sure, some may say that he was a major title shy of the Hall.

But couldn’t The Players Championship be a major title? In my eyes personally, it is, and he should be in the hall of fame.

He defeated a field of legends at the Players and no other tournament not named the U.S. Open has a tougher field than the Players. Keep in mind the course he played on.

TPC Sawgrass is by far one of the most iconic golf courses on the planet. Like the Masters, The Players is played at the same course every year which is a unique for a major tournament.

Although it’s the same venue every year, players still seem to have a hard time at it, especially at “Florida’s Amen Corner” of holes 16, 17 and 18. Calvin used his incredible accuracy to beat one of the toughest fields in golf on one of the toughest courses in the world.

Now, if that isn’t major worthy to place him in the Hall of Fame, then I don’t know what is. If The Players Championship was a major, Calvin would have 12 PGA Tour wins including a major which to me is definitely enough for the Hall of Fame, not to mention his Ryder Cup appearances.

This makes us wonder, what if The Players was a major? Would he be in the Hall by now? Could he still get in anyway?

Most hall of famers do have at least one major so if The Players Championship were an official major, I’d say he’s in. Because practically destroying the 1980’s PGA Tour and having a major title under your belt is pretty darn convincing.

One thing’s for sure. We know that with the legacy he left at The Players and with the tournament going on as we speak, Calvin will be forever known as one of the greatest players to ever step foot on Pete Dye’s TPC Sawgrass.

Here’s a video of Calvin’s win at The Players and immediately you’ll see his impressive shot on Sawgrass’ iconic 17th hole:

The short par-3 couldn’t stand a chance.

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You Won’t Believe the Shot This Mascot Hit on Sawgrass’ 17th

Jaxson, the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot has been quite active on the golf scene lately. He’s always participating in golf competitions during Jaguars games at EverBank Field which included target practice with RBC Heritage champ Jim Furyk among other things.

Well, the furry, yellow mascot with the tail is back at it again. This time, putting his true golf skills to the test on one of, if not the most famous hole in golf; Pete Dye’s masterful, yet dangerous par-3 17th hole, “The Island Green”.

Many balls have sailed into the water on this iconic hole but how did Mr. Furry Fur do? Will, you’re not going to believe the kind of shot he hit, and yes it’s impressive.

Check out the video below!

Pretty impressive eh? Well, just hitting a shot onto the green on TPC Sawgrass’ 17th has become one of the biggest thrills in golf for the average golfer. But to hit it close like our buddy Jaxson did? That’s something some of us (Especially me) can only dream of.

Now, I’d love to see Jaxson play the 10th hole at the legendary and super duper private Chicago Golf Club. The green isn’t as wide as the 17th at Sawgrass’ and you wanna know some strategy for the 10th at CGC?

Hit it too far, you’re in the bunker. Hit it too short, you’re in the bunker. Hit even shorter, you’re in the pond. Yup, not too much to work with there.

That said, 17th at Sawgrass is still trickier because it’s green or splash. And that my friends is why it is one of the most celebrated holes in the history of golf.

Well played Jaxson!

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U.S. Men’s Soccer Team Plays The Famous 17th Hole and Does Terrible

With the World Cup in full swing, why not play a little golf before the big match on Monday? The soccer boys of the U.S. decided to try their hand on arguably, the most famous hole in all of golf, the famed 17th hole of Pete Dye’s TPC Sawgrass. Let’s just say….well. It didn’t go so well…

I’m going to just walk away slowly….and wait until something cool happens…all kidding aside, good luck to the U.S. Men’s Soccer squad!

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WATCH: Justin Leanord Brings Down The House With Hole Busting Slam Dunk Eagle.

Dang man, this is some NBA Street stuff right here! Justin Leanord DESTROYS the first hole at The Players Championship and the PGA Tour officials had to come out to fix the hole. Man, Justin just performed a gamebreaker at The Players! Please watch and enjoy! Thanks to for sharing!

See, now if only Justin and some of other golfers could perform gamebreakers (With awesome music) like these in NBA Street Vol.2 but in golf form! It would really be awesome in a Ryder Cup, President’s Cup, Solheim Cup or Walker Cup since these are team gamebreakers! Use your imagination!

Have Bubba Watson dishing the golf ball with his club to Jimmy Walker (Two USA leaders in points) and have Jimmy nail a heat seeking golf ball that hits the hole and BOOM! Double eagle! There’s a video game idea for you! Nice shot Justin!

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WATCH: Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson , Dustin Johnson All Tee it Up With Wrong Hands on TPC Sawgrass’ Hole 17

(From left to right) Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson. Courtesy of Devil Ball Golf

(From left to right) Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson. Courtesy of Devil Ball Golf

This is pretty awesome and makes a lot of jealous I’m sure. Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson all hit tee shots with their non-dominant hands on Pete Dye’s TPC Sawgrass’ legendary 17th hole, arguably the most famous par-3 in the world. Heck, a lot of us suck with our dominant hand so how in the world did these guys do it? Well, Phil Mickelson is really right-handed but was comfortable swinging the club left-handed and the Lefty legend was born. This is much like when Michelle Wie did the same thing during a practice session. Hey, I guess these guys (and girls) really are good! Shout out to my boy Shane Bacon of Devil Ball Golf and Nicole Conlan of’s Extra Mustard for sharing!

Here’s the crowd’s reaction after Rickie’s shot

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The Fued of Sergio and Tiger is Finished, Done, Over

Tiger Woods, Looking Like...Tiger!

Tiger Woods, Looking Like…Tiger!

Sergio Garcia Looks Upset!

Sergio Garcia Looks Upset!

The last couple of weeks has been pretty hectic since Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia went at it at The Players Championship, and to be fair, golf is not the sport for players to whine and moan at each other. They make plenty of money traveling the world and playing on beautiful courses for a living, similar to all of the beefs with rappers like when Nas and Jay-z used to go at it and I happen to be a fan of both, it’s like shut up and tear up the mic. Same thing with the golfers, shut up and swing, the tradition of golf is that it’s supposed to be a “gentleman’s game” well you didn’t see that with these guys and same applies with other golfers like Vijay Singh and Rory Sabbatini who always seem to be jerks. Of course, Sergio’s latest stupid thing is the mention of fried chicken when asked if he would invite Tiger to dinner, and of course he’s going to say “We would have fried chicken”. That comment he made was offense to me because I’m half black so it definitely made me angry, and I know it offended others as well. I love how some people just assume all of us black and half black people just eat fried chicken. So do white people, so do Spaniards, so does everybody else, chicken is delicious food that we all love to eat and is a great topping on many other foods as well.

Like in burritos, on pizzas, in Chinese food, chicken is just a great kind of food and it great, fried, baked or grilled. So Sergio just needs to shut his mouth and worry about getting his first major championship BUT hold on here, I’m not letting Tiger off the hook either. Tiger made me angry also because this is at least the fourth or fifth time he has had something racial thrown at him and he hasn’t stood up to it. I had people tell me that t’s a good thing that he’s staying quiet but I’m not saying he should yell at Sergio and call him names, I just think he should “politely” stand up for his people.

You are arguably the most powerful African-American figure in the world, when someone throws racial slurs at you, STAND UP, don’t just let it slide because that’s a disgrace to your people. I honestly don’t think he appreciates his culture and where he came from. Example, in the forward of the book “Uneven Fairways” (Excellent book by the way, very well written), which is a book about African-Americans in the history of the game of golf, Tiger never mentioned ONE single thing about his black side. That whole forward he never brought up the side that helped him get into the game in the first place. The side where many of his ancestors died for him. I mentioned this same thing on my radio show on I just don’t think he appreciates his culture and that’s terrible considering how powerful of a figure he is in the black community and he doesn’t want to stand up. Again, don’t yell at Sergio and call him names, just stand up and say you don’t appreciate it is all.

I would say the same exact thing if it was the opposite. Example, I love both my Polish and African-American side. If he always mentioned his black side but never his Asian side then I would say that he doesn’t appreciate his Asian side and that would be a problem also so I’m not just defending the one race. I’m defending those who aren’t getting appreciated, like some blacks that aren’t appreciated due to Tiger’s lack of supporting his people. The more he stays quiet, the more racial comments he shall receive. He may still receive them but AT LEAST he stood up and gave African-Americans something to clap for. This goes beyond the game of golf. Tiger needs to realize how powerful he really is and that he can inspire many young black kids all around the world and standing for who he is would be a big step and I think a lot of people would appreciate it. On that note, to all of the children around the world, never EVER forget who you are and where you came from, no matter how successful you become. Don’t change for NOBODY, not even the president of the United States of America. Be yourself, stay true, love who you are, and nothing will stop you because God made you who you are because you’re very special and he will have a plan for you if you appreciate yourself and set goals for your life.

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