Rickie Fowler, Danny Lee pranking one another at East Lake

Golf has had its share of characters over the years and this generation is no exception. Rickie Fowler, who has won three times this season and Danny Lee, who has one once this year and has placed high in numurous events this year are both pranking each other at the Tour Championship.


Rickie started the duel with the tinkering of Danny’s “reserved parking” sign at East Lake. He wrote “Find Danny a girl” with hearts on top of his name.

That was pretty ice cold. But Slick Rick wasn’t done quite yet.

But DL did manage to get some revenge. He was however caught doing so thanks to the ninja camera of Zach Klein of WSB TV in Atlanta. Oops. Nonetheless, still got the job done like he did when he won the Greenbrier Classic a couple of months ago.

The PGA Tour caught up with Rickie on the prankster fun:

I’m no Cardinals fan, I’m a proud White Sox fan but that hat he’s rocking is straight ballin’. But two bright young stars duking it out on and off the course? That’s just priceless.

Don’t be shocked if this isn’t the end of the Rickie and Danny saga!

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Jordan Spieth’s photobomb is hilarious

Too funny. A couple of women were at the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club and decided to take a picture to post on Instagram.


Little did they know that there was a two-time major champion and former (Gotta be careful here) world number one golfer in the background. Yup, Jordan Spieth pulls off the silly photobomb with just the best troll pose you’ll see in a while.




Sure, it just looks like a thumbs up but there’s just something hilarious about the moment. He just looks kinda derpy in the background and that’s why it’s so funny.


Out at East Lake this weekend? Who knows, maybe you’ll get a photobomb as well…from my guy William McGirt!


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Source: GolfDigest.com 






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Video: Rory Mcilroy hits tee shot, lands in fans’ pocket

Well, now this is true aim! During the second round of the Tour Championship, Rory Mcilroy hit his tee shot which at first simply looked like it would land in the rough, turns out, it landed in a fans’ pocket, or at least bounced into his pocket. The fan played it smart and stood totally still because remember, in golf, you play it where it lies so the fan stood where he thought the ball should really be. The tournament official straightened things out, Rory gave the man a handshake, hit the ball, and hit a beautiful shot that landed on the green.

In the end, everyone was happy, the fan got to talk to Rory for a few minutes and Rory hit a great shot. All is good!

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Stenson Wins the FedEx Cup and the 10 Mil

Henrik Stenson Raises his Trophies in Triumph as he is your 2013 FedEx Cup Champion

Henrik Stenson Raises his Trophies in Triumph as he is your 2013 FedEx Cup Champion

After Jorda Speith's Impressive Performance at the Tour Championship, Could this be the Making of a Golf Superstar?

After Jorda Speith’s Impressive Performance at the Tour Championship, Could this be the Making of a Golf Superstar?

Henrk Stenson went wire to wire to win the Tour Championship and take the FedEx Cup. He didn’t have the best performance he’s had the first three rounds but he still played well enough to hang on for the win beating Steve Stricker and the emerging star of Jordan Speith. Speith couldn’t help but watch, as Stenson hit a bunker shot which led to a par and the victory which earned Stenson 11 million dollars total. Is this the rise and return of the Stenson we saw around 2006, 2007? Only time will tell but a performance like that deserves some attention as he will definitely be a guy to look out for going into next season. Stricker was trying to make a charge but failed to do so but still put up a solid effort.

Speith also had a great chance and doing so and if he managed to knock off Stenson for the win, Speith would end up having one of the more dominant rookie seasons in golf history if he finished with two wins with one of them being a major caliber tournament. So, it makes you wonder, can Speith have a Rory Mcilroy type of season next year? Can he win a few tournaments and maybe even win a major? Only time will tell but he’ very talented and it’s exciting to see a kid out there with no fear of any golfer and just giving it his all every time. He’ll likely have another great season next year too. Right now though, Henrik Stenson is your 2013 FedEx Cup champion. Here’s the final leaderboard: http://www.pgatour.com/leaderboard.html

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Tour Championship 2013: Stenson Dominates Again

How Long can Henrik Stenson Hold on to this Lead?

How Long can Henrik Stenson Hold on to this Lead?

Day two is wrapped up for this year’s “Super Bowl of Golf” and the man who started out this tournament red hot is still leading after finishing his round with a terrific run, sinking five birdies to really take charge. He’s a comfortable four shots ahead of second place Adam Scott who is -6 for the tournament. Jordan Speith surprised some folks with a charge placing him third on the leaderboard being five shots behind Stenson. Another surprise is seeing Dustin Johnson within the top 10 and for a control player course, East Lake wasn’t able to hold down arguably one of the best power hitters in golf history in DJ who finished -4 along with Billy Horschel and U.S. Open Champion and future hall of famer Justin Rose.

the COCA COLA! the COCA CO- Oh! Sorry guys! Didn't see you there! Uh, the Tour Championship is Sponsored by Coke so that's why I have it up.....

the Ice Cold Coke. The COCA COLA! the COCA CO- Oh! Sorry guys! Didn’t see you there! Uh, the Tour Championship is Sponsored by Coke so that’s why I have it up…..

BMW Championship winner Zach Johnson and Steve Stricker who came into this event as favorites and are -3 for the tournament and still can get into contention if Stenson starts slowing down a bit. At this point though, the only person I really see staying into contention with Stenson is Adam Scott who, like I said before, can heat up at any moment. The only thing I would have to say is how clutch can he be?he would pretty much have to be matching Henrik shot for shot to catch up to him and take the lead. The biggest question is, how long can Henrik keep up this spectactular playing? Only time will tell. Here’s the full leaderboard

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The GP Links of the Week

Like the logo?  :)

Like the logo? 🙂

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) ;)

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) 😉

Hey all, hope you’re having a great week and are excited for the weekend! There’s some great golf going on at the Tour Championship with scores continuing to rise from different players and I’ll be sure to write a post about that before the day is done but right now i wanted to start something new and fresh. I’d like to welcom you to the “GP Links of the Week” where I throw links of stories I liked from different websites and blogs into the post for you to check out! This is a great way for you guys to get quick links to other great stories in the world of golf from some of the best sites in the world! I know today’s Friday but I probably won’t be doing these on Fridays but instead might do them on Mondays as Monday is the start of the new week and gets me the chance to read great stories over the weekend especially if there’s a golf victory on Sundays so Monday would be the perfect day to post links of stories about the winner of a tournament. So, without further ado, here’s today’s GP Links of the week!

The Daily Golf Stop


The Daily Golf Stop is a great new blog where people can get their fix and discuss great topics going on in the world of golf. This post was in discussion of the 9/11 attacks and how golf can get involved in a good way and it also features a phenomenal picture that you MUST see. This blogger is very talented and his writing is top notch. Definitely somebody to look out for on your radar.

The Sand Trap Golf Blog

The Sand Trap is full of great stories and is one of the most sought after golf blogs in the world. It also features a terrific community with a very busy forum and is truly one of the coolest sites I’ve seen, they’re fantastic and worth the look. Michael Hepp wrote this masterpiece of a post.



GolfChannel.com has been one of, if not the hottest website for golf news for some years now and feature some incredible writers and as we know, GC is a part of NBC and NBC Sports’ website has some very talented writers. This particular post was written by one of the best golf writers in the business and possibly one of the greatest of all time, and a man I had the pleasure of interviewing, Mr. Jason Sobel who is very popular with golf fans.

SB Nation

SBNation.com is one of the most popular websites in the world and features many great bloggers talking about many hot topics in the world of sports and this post was written by Emily Kay who is the lead golf writer on SB Nation and is truly one of best around, her work is a must read.



And rounding out this week’s GP Links of the Week is a website that ends with the word “week”. GolfWeek has a phenomenal magazine that is so rich and deep with information that you can sink your eyes into. They feature PGA Tour, LPGA, College, Amatuer golf news andn much more, it’s insane how much info is in it and if you love college and amatuer golf then this website is the site for you. This post was in regards to Des Moines, Iowa hosting the Solheim Cup and the potential of them hosting it again. The ppst was written by the very lovely and talented Beth Ann Baldrey and is a must read if you love the LPGA Tour.

Special Mention: http://www.frontpagebuzz.com/
Great site if you’re an all around sports fan and Jason Sheckman does an excellent job with it!

Well, that does it for the first ever GP Links of the Week! Feel free to shoot me an email at colinm5598@yahoo.com and leave your thoughts in the comments below! Keep it real GP Nation, from Chicago with love.

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FedEx Cup 2013: Tour Championship Prediction

BMW Championship Winner May be a Guy to Look Out for During the Tour Championship

BMW Championship Winner May be a Guy to Look Out for During the Tour Championship

With the Tour Championship around the corner, it should be a classic and many players will have the opportunity of taking the crown and as we know, East Lake Golf Club is very beautiful but can be a challenge on any given weekend. This week’s jaw dropping field will include Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, BMW Championship winner Zach Johnson, long drive machine Dustin Johnson and Mr. 59 Jim Furyk as well as many others and like I’ve said before, they will all be fighting for it as we’ve seen many players with missed opportunities and they would love to do nothing else better then to get a win in the last big tournament of the season. There are many great players to watch out for and I would almost pick Zach Johnson again but as we all know, it’s tough to win in back to back weeks and since it’s the last big tournament of the year, every player in this field will be going blow for blow and I don’t think Zach would be ready for it. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that Phil and Steve Stricker have been in every Tour Championship in its seven year history so these guys have a ton of experience at this tournament and will be threats to steal the show despite Phil being fairly quiet recently. The one thing about the Tour Championship is that you just never know who will win as we’ve seen before so it’s anyone’s golf tournament but I have a feeling that one of the top players will take it as there have been many missed opportunities for some of them so they’re very thirsty. Some are even looking for their first win of the season.

Could Jim Furyk Repeat History Again? Furyk is a Former Tour Championship Winner.

Could Jim Furyk Repeat History Again? Furyk is a Former Tour Championship Winner.

The guy I’m taking is one of the guys who I said has been in every Tour Championship and that is Steve Stricker. He’s quietly been one of the best players on Tour this year and I’m sure he really wants to get that first win at the Tour Championship and there won’t be no better time than now to do so. He has a ton of experience at this tournament and this is his chance to show that experience and to take down anyone in his way. He’s also overall, had a good FedEx Cup playoffs and if he can just turn it up a notch in the Tour Championship then he will definitely take the title. He’s going to have an advantage after coming off a solid performance at the BMW Championship. So keep an eye out for Steve Stricker as he tries to make an attempt to get his first FedEx Cup title. So who do you have winning the FedEx Cup this week? Also, check out MadeForGolf.com for more golfing goodness with stories written by the very talented Ryan Chapman. Check him out, it’ll be worth it! Also, follow him on Twitter @Made4Golf

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