Tiger Woods gets upset with fan after he yelled during his putting stroke


Tiger Woods made his return to PGA Tour action and would finish the Farmers Insurance Open at -5 on Sunday. However, there was a cringe-worthy moment, where a fan yelled “get in the hole” before Woods hit a putt.


As you would expect Woods was visibly upset, and fans reacted with a bunch of jeers towards the fan. Look, I’m all for making golf fun, and I’ll all for cheery fans, but cheer after the dude makes his putt (which obviously he didn’t).


We automatically think that, if a sport doesn’t have loud, cheering fans at all times then it’s viewed as boring, so those people may justify what the fan did. However, when there are great shots hit, and amazing putts drilled, golf fans can be among the best cheers in sports, especially with the new age of golf fandom nearly upon us.


The quiet moments when a player is about to hit a putt is one of the most heart-thumping moments in sports, more so when it’s on Sunday in a major. Let’s keep it that way as the silence seems to stop time as the predator (the golfer) gets ready to attack its prey (the hole).


Then, when the putt drops, cheer your head off. This may seem boring to some, but the silent moments make golf stand out.


That said, I’m all for anything else, as I feel that there are numerous ways to make golf cooler. The European Tour has already created a ton of amazing new events that millennials such as myself would enjoy and the PGA Tour has continued to make the sport next generation friendly and I love it.


I’d say, having more par-3 competitions, allowing music on the golf course during recreational rounds (within limits, as you want to make sure that everything is fair for those who don’t want music on the course), and some fresh new on-course swagger are among the many things we can see in golf.


We are already seeing the swagger thing, as golfers are rocking Jordans and wearing cool hats and such. Letting PGA Tour and LPGA Tour pros have their own first tee walk-up music would be cool as well, even if it’s just a small thing.


In short, there are a ton of great things that can be done to make the sport more generation-y friendly. One thing that should remain, are those heart-pounding moments of silence. Even if this was taken away down the road, I’ll always love golf, as I am not a conservative, but that said, there’s nothing in sports quite like those moments.



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Tiger Woods almost gets hole in one in PGA Tour return at Torrey Pines

Tiger Woods is back once again, and he has been hitting some solid shots at the Torrey Pines for the Farmers Insurance Open. His best shot during the first round was a near ace on the 16th hole at Torrey.

He also hit some other great shots throughout the round. Nobody’s grasping for straws here, but to be able to nearly hole out after not playing PGA Tour golf in quite some time is not bad.

I don’t think he’s going to go out there and win tournaments, but I must say that this comeback is looking better so far. There’s still a lot of golf to go though so stay tuned.

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Tiger Woods to return to PGA Tour at Farmer’s Insurance Open


After his highly anticipated return at the Hero World Challenge, Tiger Woods has made an announcement via Twitter that he will next be playing in the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines and the Genesis Open at Riviera Country Club.


Ironically, Torrey Pines was where Woods won his last major championship in 2008. As for the Genesis Open at Riviera, Woods is the host of the tournament, like he was at the Hero World Challenge.

A California native, the 14-time major champion looks forward to playing in these west coast tournament.


“I’m very excited to be back at Riviera,” Woods said via GenesisOpen.com. “I haven’t played at Riviera in a tournament in a very long time. To be able to play in an event that I used to come to as an amateur, as a junior and now as the tournament host, that is on one of the most historic sites in all of golf, it’s a dream come true.”

Woods, who has continued to deal with injury issues since he won five times and the Player of the Year in 2012, is in a questionable spot now. Once again, only time will tell if he’ll win again or not.

Here’s hoping, for his own sake, that he can stay healthy and out on the golf course. He’s in his early 40’s which is still very young for a professional golfer.

That’s all you can ask for at this point is to stay healthy. The competition will continue to be fierce for Woods though, with so many young players and rekindled stars like Justin Rose.

With the merge of the young and the experienced ones, I really think this is going to be an insane 2018 season of golf. Kick back, relax, and let’s see where this goes!

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Tiger Woods’ Chicago golf course on hold but will likely still be completed

Embed from Getty Images

Tiger Woods has been trying his hand at golf course design, and his latest project is a big one. Turning Chicago’s legendary Jackson Park Golf Course into a PGA Tour quality design.

The new public course will essentially coincide with the (Barack) Obama Presidential Center. However, the course is on hold as Tiger Woods, Mike Keiser and their group await the overall plan of Jackson Park, more specifically, the traffic and road plans as it relates to the Presidential Center according to a source.

However, the source also tells me that they are confident that the Chicago course will be completed, despite the slight halt. According to Chicago native Keiser, he said that being in a land where state officials make decisions has put things on hold.

“It’s in bureaucrat land or politician land. … Bureaucracy and red tape in Wisconsin is nonexistent. They say: Build all the golf you want; it’s great for tourism.” Keiser said according to Golf Digest.

Nonetheless, it still seems like the overall confidence is there. There’s just a minor hiccup in the timing.

From a personal standpoint, being a Chicago area native myself, it would be phenomenal to see a spot as legendary as Jackson Park become a PGA Tour stop. The design of the course may change, but the history of the grounds will remain.

To bring PGA Tour golf to the third biggest city in the nation is huge. Not to mention, having Tiger Woods as the designer makes it that much more appealing.

In Illinois, the John Deere Classic is the only regular PGA Tour stop. There may soon be two stops.

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Private Lessons with Tiger Woods cost an insane amount of money

Embed from Getty Images

Getting lessons from one of the greats comes at a very high price. A private lesson with Tiger Woods was auctioned off for $210,000 at a Hurricane Harvery fundraiser event.


Ironically, it took place at Bluejack National, Woods’ beautiful new golf course in Texas. The price of Woods’ lesson was a good thing, as it helped PGA Tour stars Chris Stroud and Billy Gates surpass their goal of $1 million.


Better yet, there was a tournament where golf legends such as Ben Crenshaw and Stacy Lewis took part in as well as current stars like Patrick Reed. Other celebrities present included T.J. Yates of the Houston Texans and NBA legend Clyde Drexler.

Thanks to the tournament and the auctioning of Tiger Woods’ lesson, the group was able to raise more than $1 million for the fundraiser. Golf, like many sports, can be used for some excellent causes, and this most definitely was one of them.




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BREAKING: Tiger Woods to play in Hero World Challenge



Embed from Getty Images

Tiger Woods has announced a return to golf via Twitter Monday afternoon. He will tee it up at his Hero World Challenge tournament in the Bahamas on Nov. 30.

He will join rising star Daniel Berger as the two final picks for the field. Woods was selected by the committee while Berger made it to the event on an exemption.

The last time Woods played competitive golf? That was all the way back in February when he withdrew from the Dubai Desert Classic after just one round.

Although it is an unofficial event, Woods had some bright moments the last time he teed it up in the tournament last year. He tied the record for the most birdies, but unfortunately for Woods, it was too late and would end up finishing 15th in a 17 man field.

Nonetheless, the 14-time major champion looks forward to the return to the sport once more.

“I am excited to return to competitive golf at the Hero World Challenge,” Woods said via a statement on his website. “Albany is the perfect setting and it will be great to join this outstanding field. I want to thank Pawan Munjal and Hero MotoCorp for their continued support of this tournament and my foundation. I would also like to thank the fans for their unwavering support during my injury.”

Woods has hinted at his return with several Twitter videos showing him hitting shots. Nobody knew when he would return, however, with some wondering if he would be ready by the time The Masters started.

Coming back now makes sense, as it gives him the opportunity to get back on his competitive feet in a fairly laid back event which he is in charge of. Obviously, nobody knows how we will play, but there’s no doubt that Woods is letting out a sigh of relief knowing that he’s back out on the golf course competitively.

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WATCH: Tiger Woods swings driver, shows progress

The Tiger Woods recovery watch is in “full swing” and he is showing it with another clip of him working on his game. This time, he pulled out the big stick, hitting driver in what looks like a promising start to a return.

The interesting thing is that it seems like his backswing is a little bit shorter than usual. Maybe it’s just me since we haven’t seen Woods play in a while, let alone see him hit driver.

This video is his most important yet, and that’s because the driver is arguably the toughest club to hit in the bag. On top of that, power is arguably his best skill. So for him to be out there hitting the big stick is a good look for Tiger fans.

If he keeps doing what he’s doing then it wouldn’t shock me if he was ready to go by the time The Masters starts in April. It’s clear that he can swing, but can he hit putts?

I’m sure this is something he will show in another video. Since he’s had a slew of clips, there’s no doubt one for putting may be next.

It is putting that is the game changer in golf. Being able to hit big putts late in rounds is huge, and Woods is one of cluthest putters of all-time.

Obviously, putting is extremely unpredictable, because each course presents different challenges on the greens. That’s just the beauty of golf course design.

Overall though, it’s been interesting seeing Woods’ Twitter clips, as it’s giving us a quick look at how he’s progressing. As the PGA Tour season starts to heat up again in January, it’ll be interesting to see where he’s at. Who knows, maybe a surprise return is in the works.

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WATCH: Tiger Woods takes full iron swing in new video

“Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all!”. Yup, Mr. Woods is at it again, and this time, he’s taking full swings out on the golf course.

Yup, so if you’re anxious for the return of the 14-time major champ, this will likely make your day. In his first Twitter clip, we saw him hitting a chip shot rocking a sleeveless shirt and some Oakland Raiders shorts.

This one is the whole enchilada. So now, we saw his short game and his iron game. It looks like a return to the game is looking brighter so if you’re a Tiger fan, you should be pleased.

How will he play if he returns? Who knows, certainly the aftermath of injuries can still haunt him. Now, he has to go against the golf club wielding samurais known as Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas.

This doesn’t include the aging, but still very good Dustin Johnson, as well as the deadly Hideki Matsuyama among others. And now, we have yet another star on the rise in Xander Schaufele.

In short, it will be an uphill battle, but it just adds to the fun seeing a legend out there.

We still have current greats out there such as Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Henrik Stenson, Zach Johnson and Justin Rose. Adding Tiger to the mix would make for a tasty blend of young stars and legends of the game.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? It’ll be interesting to see how Woods progresses.

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Tiger Woods says there’s a chance he may never play competitive golf again


It’s an exciting time for golf as the President’s Cup is here again. However, some alarming news may have overshadowed the colorful team event as it relates to Tiger Woods, who is an assistant captain for team USA.

On Wednesday, when asked if he could visualize a scenario where he may never play competitive golf again, Woods gave a quick but surprising answer.


“Yeah, definitely,” Woods said according to Golf Digest. “I don’t know what my future holds for me”.


However, before the answer, Woods did mention some positive things. He mentioned that he was “feeling great” and “hitting the ball really straight” according to the Golf Digest.

So there are positives for Woods fans to come away with. However, his “yeah, definitely” response may make some fans gulp hard in fear.

If the end is truly near, then there’s plenty of reason to still be excited about Woods’ future. He has been quickly making a name for himself as a golf course designer so although he may not be dazzling fans with amazing putts anymore, he can delight fans with some artistic course designs.

My only hope is that he makes most of his courses public throughout his career. There are far too many private clubs and to have a couple of quality public courses designed by one of golf’s greatest “course readers” would be a treat for all.

Not only this, but Woods can become a great captain in future team events for the American team. He’s a “player’s player” so his team would rally behind him easily.

So, it’s not all doom and gloom Tiger fans. Besides, he still could return to play anyway. Just know it could be some time before he makes that return.

In the meantime, it’s cool to see him out there as an assistant captain at the President’s Cup. Lead captain Steve Stricker looks to help carry the American squad to their 11th President’s Cup title.

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WATCH: Tiger Woods practices his short game with chip shots

Tiger Woods has been on a quite a roller coaster ride since his last major championship at the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. Now, the 14-time major champ looks to make another return to golf after he shared a video on Twitter of him working on his short game, hitting chip shots.


His doctor gave him the OK, which means we will likely see Woods in competitive action again soon. Even with the rapidly growing popularity of Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Hideki Matsuyama and Justin Thomas among others, a legend such as Woods returning to the game would just add to the purity of what surrounds the sport today.


What makes this interesting is, Woods won’t be the top dog when he returns, but instead, will be chasing players who likely idolized him growing up. Although Spieth has mentioned that the great Adam Scott was his favorite player growing up, some of the other young guns were inspired by Woods.


As I may have said before, although Woods isn’t the same player he once was, having him in tournaments will richen the depth of the field. Having veterans such as Woods, Scott, Phil Mickelson, Henrik Stenson and Sergio Garcia all playing along with the new breed is a nice blend to have in golf.


Not to mention you had a fun duel between Spieth and Matt Kuchar at The Open Championship back in July. That was a prime example of how the young bloods and experienced pros can come together to play some amazing golf.


Keep on hitting those chips Tiger.


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