Tiger Woods Drops F-Bomb After Poor Tee Shot at Masters

On Saturday’s round, although Jordan Spieth was still on fire, the leaderboard was packed with big time names. One of them? None other than Tiger Woods who played very well on Saturday.

However, he also a bad tee shot on Augusta’s famed and tricky 13th hole. This lead to some strong language from the golf legend.

Here’s a Vine of the tee shot:

Now, here’s the Vine of the swearing, if you have children present, tell them that bad words are about to be spoken and have them scurry to their rooms:

Now, this next Vine is of vintage Tiger Woods. Remember the world famous fist pump? Well, here it is again:

Although Tiger played well on Saturday, I still think he has zero chance to win this thing unless Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson or Charley Hoffman collapse. Among the other monster names on the leaderboard include the aforementioned Phil Mickelson, Rory Mcilroy, Dustin Johnson, Paul Casey Justin Rose and Kevin Streelman.

None of these gentlemen have a legitimate chance except for Phil and Charley but what a fun Saturday it was with so many players playing so well.

This should be a historic Masters Sunday and I know you’re just as excited as I am.

Now, speaking of a happy Tiger, do you remember those Gatorade Tiger drinks with a fist pumping Tiger on it? Yeah, those were really good.

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Tiger Woods to Play in Masters Next Week


Tiga Tiga Woods y'alll

Well how about this? With some of the short game woes that plagued Tiger Woods, he took a little time off to work on his game. 

His plane was spotted at an Augusta airport which left many wondering if he was indeed going to playing the Masters. Turns out, he was there practicing,  playing the full 18 hole course.

Now, after several days of speculation, the Tiger has spoken and will indeed play at next week’s Masters. He missed last year’s Masters and is back at it again.

Here’s the tweet from Tiger that nearly broke Twitter (Sorry, I’m on mobile so I can only take a screenshot. Don’t judge me!):


And here’s a link to his announcement on his website:


So with Tiger in the field, Rory going for the career grand slam, Bubba trying to go back to back and Jimmy Walker and Dustin Johnson playing like men on fire, this is likely going to be one of the greatest Masters we’ll ever see.

As for Tiger, will he blossom amongst the flowers of Augusta? Or will the Green Jacket float away from him, flapping its sleeves yet again?

Buckle up your servers y’all! Whe’really in for a heck of ride!

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Tiger Shoots 66 at Medalist, Agent Confirms Augusta Practice

The Masters - Round Three

A few days ago, there were many rumors swirling around that Tiger Woods was seen practicing at Augusta National as his jet was spotted at a Georgia airport. Well, his agent Mark Steinberg confirmed that he did indeed play 18 holes at Augusta according to Bob Harig of ESPN.com.

So, this left many people wondering if he will make his return to Augusta after all after it almost felt like it was a sure thing that he wasn’t going to play this year. Tiger also missed last year’s Masters as well.

But here’s something that could cheer you up if you’re a Tiger fan. At Medalist Golf Club which is his home course, Tiger shot the best round he’s shot in a while, shooting a 66.

Yup yup, Tiger decided to sharpen his claws once again as he tackled the tough Medalist. And Medalist Golf Club isn’t exactly a cake walk.

The course has practically an army of bunkers around most of the greens and on the 18th hole, you have be accurate both off the tee and on the approach shot. If it’s a windy day then good luck!

Despite the low score, there’s no guarantee he’ll be ready for The Masters but we’ll have to wait and see. Even if he does, how do you think he’ll play?

If anything, he could have a decent tournament but are fans rushing him too much? Another thing to keep in mind, although he shot that 66 at medalist, Augusta is a different animal every year plus the heat of competition will be on his tracks as the young new predators in the wild are in the hunt for the green jacket.

But again, we shall see. It’s just alarming in a good way if you are a Tiger fan that he shot a 66.

And according to Tim Rosaforte via Twitter, Tiger chipped in for a birdie at Medalist. This was a major flaw in his game recently and was a huge reason why he was shooting such high scores.

I think I’m in the minority though, at least from a fan’s standpoint when I say that golf’s in terrific shape, even without Tiger. I think Tiger makes it a little better, but the young talent that’s out there today is unbelievable.

Now, we have another big hitter off the tee in Phoenix Open champ and rookie Brooks Koepka. Rory Mcilroy is going for the career grand slam.

Bubba Watson, although not the most liked by some fans, is trying to repeat as a Masters champion. The last golfer to do so? None other than Tiger Woods.

Jordan Spieth is hungry for the green jacket after letting a sleeve of it slip off his arm last year.

Adam Scott, who won it in 2013, has been a favorite choice for a lot of people going into this tournament. Adam is one of the few all-around players going into the tournament.

Dustin Johnson, who after his incident with crrraaackk (You have to shout that), one of the longest hitters in the game has been on fire lately and looks to challenge Augusta with his long tee shots.

Thing is, between Bubba and DJ, both have dominated off the tee. DJ is a bit more accurate than Bubba is yet when Bubba does get into trouble, he’s one of, if not the most dangerous recovery player on Tour.

Oh, and how can we forget Jimmy Walker, who is once again putting on a “Player of the Year” kind of performance has already won two tournaments this season. He without a doubt, could be the hottest player coming into this Masters.

I mentioned this on Twitter, Jimmy is one major away from being the best American player on Tour. I have a hard time beliveing that he won’t win one this year.

If he wins at Augusta, then it’ll be one heck of a way to win your first major. With all due respect to other terrific majors, the Masters is just king. Only the Masters captures the eye of all sports fans around the world.

So, even if Tiger doesn’t play again this year, there will be so many incredible story lines to keep up with at the Masters this year. If he does play, then great, another story to look at.

But it seems like a lot of you are panicking and I’m telling you take a deep breath because golf is in fantastic shape.

Bring on the Masters! Augusta is calling!

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Source for Tiger 66 story: CBSSports.com

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Tiger Woods to Miss Masters for the First Time, Still Believes He Can Break Records


Is it too late to cancel Masters picks? Tiger Woods will miss the Masters for the first time in his unbelievable career and the Masters has been a landmark tournament for Woods as it was where he won his first major back in 1997. According to Yahoo Sports, Tiger underwent a microdiscectomy for a pinched nerve on Monday. Woods said that the microdiscectomy was successful but will take a few weeks to fully recover making a Masters appearance out of the question.

“After attempting to get ready for the Masters, and failing to make the necessary progress, I decided, in consultation with my doctors, to have this procedure done,” Woods said according to Yahoo Sports.

“It also looks like I’ll be forced to miss several upcoming tournaments to focus on my rehabilitation and getting healthy … this is frustrating, but it’s something my doctors advised me to do for my immediate and long-term health.”

it seems like we’ve seen players drop like flies lately. First, Tiger, then Jason Day, then Bubba Watson and then Phil. What’s going on this year? Will anyone else withdraw from the Masters? He’s had some of his best finishes at the Masters and Augusta is one of his favorite courses in the world (Well, who wouldn’t think that?) so this is quite a blow for the sport and for Tiger. However, there’s a lot of positives as well. Although, you hope that the man is okay, this gives us a chance to view the Masters and a whole other level, introducing us to possible surprises and the spotlight won’t be all over Tiger. Again, I hope he gets well but at the same time this gives other players a chance to shine on arguably golf’s biggest stage with only the Ryder Cup possibly being more prestigious. I think it makes things more interesting now. Below is another quote from Tiger that may shock you.

“There are a couple [of] records by two outstanding individuals and players that I hope one day to break. As I’ve said many times, Sam and Jack reached their milestones over an entire career. I plan to have a lot of years left in mine.” Woods said according to Yahoo Sports.

Obviously he’s talking about Sam Snead’s all-time career wins mark and Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championships.

He’ll surpass Slammin Sammy Snead’s record easily but I feel at this point that there’s almost no way he’ll break Jack’s record. he needs four majors to tie and five to break it. It’s anything but impossible at this point. I mean, people are wondering if he’ll ever win another major period so how would he get five? I feel that he’ll at least have a shot at winning another major before his career’s over but not five. When you can’t play in a tournament that you’ve played in every year, you know that’s not a good sign. He’ll win tournaments, absolutely will maybe even a major but I can’t see him breaking that record. Tiger’s last major title was at the 2008 U.S. Open at another course he loves dearly in Torrey Pines where he and Rocco Mediate put on a show for the ages and is widely regarded as one of the greatest performances in golf history the way they were battling.

Phil Mickelson might not make the Masters either however according to Yahoo Sports. What the heck is going on out there?! Tiger, Phil, who’s next?!

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