Tiger Woods Has Bulging Disk, Could This be The End of an Era?


For the second time in his career, Tiger Woods has a bluging disk according to legendary golf writer Jeff Rude of GolfWeek. Fortunately for Woods, he will not need surgery and the Masters is not out of the question according to someone with knowledge of the injury. Woods had already withdrew from the Arnold Palmer invitational after suffering back spasms. Now he has a bulging disk once again. The last time he had a bulging disk, popular golf reporter Win Mcmurry accidentally said “bulging d*ck” instead of “bulging disk” which led to many people saying things like “Ohh, she wants the D!” while some were impressed that she kept going but she is one of the best so it wasn’t a surprise that she handled it like a pro.

Although Rude says that someone with knowledge of the injury had said that it could have been worse, it still adds to the numerous injuries he’s had. Rude also mentions that Woods had said that the knee which had been surgically repaired four times s much different from the back issues. He mentions that Woods said that he feels the back pain during the swing and the knee pain after the swing.

With his knee still bothering him and now back problems although he doesn’t need surgery, it makes you kind of wonder, are we close to the end of an era? His ultra glory days have been gone but he did win five tournaments last year. Is the success of the second half of his career coming to end as well? He’ll win tournaments before 50 but will we see him win multiple tournaments in a year again? Only time will tell but if you’re having knee problems and back problems at the young age of 38 then that’s usually not a good sign. His youth is what’s going to help him at best. Despite his golf injuries, he’s a healthy young dude but withdrawing from two tournaments in the young PGA Tour season when you’re the best golfer in the world is not a good thing for several reasons.

Will he even be able to play the Masters this year? This is the one thing that many people have been wondering and has been a hot topic of choice. The Masters will be fantastic with or without Woods with so much young talent and returning veterans on the course but The Masters is where Woods name stands out the most. It was where he won his very first major back in 1997, he hit one of the best shots in golf history there in 2005. The Masters is where he left the biggest impact. Let’s hope that he recovers from the bulging disk but it’s pretty clear to say that we’ve probably seen the last of a great era in the sport of golf.

Good thing for Tiger fans is, he’ll be on the PGA Tour for at least another 12 to 13 years before joining the Champions Tour and he’ll still have a huge impact on the sport even if he never wins another tournament which is highly unlikely. The great thing for the sport is that there is so much young talent coming up and great golfers coming out of top college golf programs like Alabama, California, Illinois, and Oklahoma State. Plus, remember, the Tour still has Rory Mcilroy. Although he’s had some problems as of late, he’s still very young so he has time to turn it around. Let’s see what happens with Tiger and the other players as Masters week is nearly in our reach.

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