Brandt Snedeker’s Victory in the RBC Adds to his Resume

Matt Kuchar's performance This Season Makes him a Favorite at the PGA Championship at Oak Hill.

Matt Kuchar’s performance This Season Makes him a Favorite at the PGA Championship at Oak Hill.

RBC Champ Brandt Snedeker Pumping his Fist After a Great Victory. Hunter Mahan Led the Tournament Until he Withdrew Due to his Wife Going Into Labor.

RBC Champ Brandt Snedeker Pumping his Fist After a Great Victory. Hunter Mahan Led the Tournament Until he Withdrew Due to his Wife Going Into Labor.

Brandt Snedeker who has been really good this season and his victory at the RBC Canadian Open has just added to his already very solid resume. He now has six PGA Tour victories and eight overall with 4 of his six PGA Tour wins coming in back to back years in 2012 and this year in 2013, This is a sign of a golfer who is really starting to get into a zone. Four wins in two years? That’s always impressive and not only that, he has eight top 10’s in 16 events played, missing only four cuts. The only thing that’s holding him back from being one of golf’s modern day greats is the fact that he hasn’t won a major. If he can get at least two majors under his belt and at least eight wins then he’s a surefire hall of famer. He has gotten really close in majors so it won’t be a surprise if he either wins at the PGA Championship or in a major next year. I don’t think he’ll win the PGA Championship this year BUT it wouldn’t honestly be a surprise if he did win it. He has two wins this year so he knows how to win golf tournaments so the PGA wouldn’t be any different plus like I said, he’s placed very well in majors but here’s the kicker.

Brandt’s best finish at the PGA was in 2007 where he finished T18th and which is solid but it’s his worst finish in a major and it’s not even close to his best finished in the other majors (T3rd at The Masters, T3rd at the British Open and T8th at the U.S. Open). So it will be very interesting to see how he does at the PGA or even in the next tournament because for him to overcome an injury and finish 6th at The Masters and 11th at a very tough British Open is absolutely astonishing to me. Matt Kuchar, arguably the best American player on Tour, was one of the runner ups in the RBC and he’s also a guy to look out for come PGA Championship week which is just two weeks away. Matt, like Brandt, has six career PGA Tour victories with two of them coming this year. He however, has one more overall win than Brandt, giving him nine total wins and his best finishes at the majors are better than Brandt’s also with all of Matt’s best finishes in the four majors being in the top 10 (T3rd at The Masters, T6th at the U.S. Open, T9th at the British Open and T10th at the PGA Championship) with two of those top 10 finishes coming last year (At The Masters and British Open). So you have two of the best American players in golf not named Woods to look forward to at this year’s PGA Championship along with many other great players so let’s hope the last major of the year is a classic.

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Is the Players Championship the Fifth Major?

TPC Sawgrass's Beautiful "Major Like" Clubhouse

TPC Sawgrass’s Beautiful “Major Like” Clubhouse

TPC Sawgrass's Legendary 17th Hole

TPC Sawgrass’s Legendary 17th Hole

Each year, fans all over the world come together to watch the Players Championship and it never fails to excite. The beautiful pete Dye designed golf course, the Florida breeze, the tough competition, they all blend in together to make one of the most exciting and popular tournaments of the year but the one question that people ask, “Is the Players a fifth major?” all comes to mind. I personally believe it is because the tradition of it that makes it special. In a way, it has similarities to the Masters because each tournament is played at the same course each year which is the legendary TPC Sawgrass and it’s palayed down south like the Masters and both feature the biggest names in golf. The only thing that’s different is the fact that the Players doesn’t have a trophy that is as recognizable to the world as the Green Jacket at the Masters. The astonishing thing about TPC Sawgrass is how quickly it became a successful course.

It has only been around for about 35 years while some courses have been around for almost 100 years and the way Sawgrass gained popularity at such a fast rate is what’s incredible and now look, people are considering it the fifth major and the 17th hole is considered the most famous hole in the world, at least the most famous par 3 in the world. Many legends have came to play at Sawgrass as well and that’s why it’s one of the most legendary courses in all of golf. It’s hard not to argue that it is the fifth major. This again goes back to the “tradition of the game”. Well guess what, all four majors didn’t become majors in the same year so what does that tell you? The tradition is constantly changing so people need to stop bringing up “tradition” because the game never started with the British Open, U.S. Open, PGA Championship and The Masters so the tradition changed a long time ago so I see no reason why The Players Championship shouldn’t be a major, if anything it will make the game more exciting and that gives more exciting major championship golf to look forward to each year and as we know, nothing makes the game more exciting than the drama of major championship golf.

Plus, I think Pete Dye, a man who has helped change the game with all of his game changing courses deserves to have a major championship on arguably who most popular masterpiece. The players really get into the tournament and the setting is perfect, it feels like you’re in a coliseum watching golfers preparing to duke it out with thousands of fans watching their every swing. The course is beautiful and challenging and is unique from anything else in golf. Plus, it can easily boost up TV ratings because with it being a major, even more fans will watch and they’re already getting good numbers right now so making it a major just makes it that much sweeter and it gives the writers a bit more to write about. If The Players Championship became a major then everybody who appreciates this wonderful game will be very happy.

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