WATCH: Excited golf fan falls on his face trying to shake Jordan Spieth’s hand

The Open Championship, for the second straight year, gave us a tournament for the ages, with Jordan Spieth holding off the always dangerous Matt Kuchar for his third major title. After Spieth’s victory lap around Royal Birkdale, an eager fan was trying to give Spieth a five or handshake but failed in the attempt.

The man tripped, knocked the fence down, and face planted onto all of that history sitting in the Birkdale grass. The man is OK, so it’s all good in the hood.

Certainly, though, it must have been embarrassing. But hey, he got a little fame out of it, as the tweet by Alex Meyers of Golf Digest almost broke Twitter.

Let this be a lesson though. Sports is supposed to be exciting, but let’s learn to keep that excitement tamed. Otherwise, you could hurt yourself, others…..fences, the ground, etc.

And please don’t trip and fall on purpose. You will not go viral.

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This hilarious Matt Kuchar video will make your day

Matt Kuchar is a co-leader at The Open Championship early on, and what better way to celebrate one of golf’s complete good guys by making his E rated vocabulary and make it rated M for Mature?


Matt Kuchar is widely regarded as one of the nicest guys in all of golf. He’s also known for his consistency on the course as well as his streakiness, heating up like a microwave.


One thing he doesn’t do is swear. Kuchar is a Christian and is devoted. This hilarious video by Skratch TV decided to turn his innocent words such as “darn” and “golly”, and bleep them out to make him sound like a rude, and angry golfer.

Just when you were excited about the second round of The Open, you get to see this very funny clip about the tournament co-leader. Did I mention that it’s Friday? Enjoy.


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WATCH: Justin Rose’s incredible 1998 Open shot recreated with Legos.

I had a lot of fun collaborating with the @golfchannel on this project. I can’t wait for @theopen to get under way. I will always remember this shot by @justinprose99

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Justin Rose hit one of the greatest shots in major the history of the Open Championship in 1998, holing out from the rough on the 18th hole. This moment was recaptured with the use of Legos.


When Justin Rose holed out from the rough at the 1998 Open Championship as a 17-year old, it was one of the great shots in tournament history. Rose would go on to finish in fourth, but go on have a legendary career which includes 18 worldwide wins, a U.S. Open, and an Olympic gold medal.


Not only that, he finished runner-up at this year’s Masters, losing to Sergio Garcia as we all know by now.


A man recreated Rose’s special shot in 98′ with a set of Legos. It was recaptured in a unique, and colorful way. And just to think, at the time, Rose wasn’t that far removed from the age of kids who played with Legos.


Only with Legos, video games and such can we see anyone hole out with one hand. This is what you see in the video as mini J-Rose is a god, making the shot look easy.


It was a shot for the ages, and little did anyone know Rose would become a legend in this sport. This clip is a fun way to celebrate the finish of the first round of The Open. It’s going to be a great weekend at Royal Birkdale.


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WATCH: Kevin Na scores ace at Open Championship


It’s always amazing to get an ace on the golf course. It’s the one single play event that you can place on your wall like a trophy.


However, it’s even better when you get an ace on a legendary course during Open Championship week. That’s what Kevin Na did on the 14th hole at Royal Birkdale.


Although it wasn’t during tournament play, it was a shot that was full of swagger. What I mean is, Na started heading for green immedietly after hitting his shot. He knew it was a good one and you can tell by his reaction.

That’s the best, when you hit a shot so crisp, that you just know it’s a great one. Much like baseball players when they blast home runs. A lot of times, they can just feel it, hence the reason you see the always lovely bat flips.


When you hit an excellent drive off the tee, you’ll the club twirl. In Na’s case, he did the “oooo wee baby” walk off.


Great way to kick things off for The Open. Well played Mr. Na.


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The Open Championship: what makes it so special


The Open Championship is truly the most historic tournament in all of major golf. What is it about the tournament that is so magical? The courses play a huge role in it.


The Open Championship is near yet again, six times and golf’s oldest major championship will take center stage at the legendary Royal Birkdale Golf Club. With the Masters and U.S. Open being won by Sergio Garcia and Brooks Koepka respectively, anybody can come out and win the coveted Claret Jug.


But, what is it about The Open Championship that captures the hearts of golf fans all over the world? One of the magical things about the tournament is the rich history of the event, which dates all the way back to the 1860’s.


This alone, adds to the intrigue, as you walk to links lands, and feel the history beneath your feet. Each course tells a story, as you dive into a fairy tale filled with Kings, Queens and noble knights.


The tournament is so old, that there are courses that were Open Championship hosts, that folks may have forgotten about. In particular, Musselburgh Links, a nine hole course, that has hosted The Open, but last hosted in 1889.


That just shows how long this great tournament has stretched. Not only that, Prestwick, the legendary course which was where the tournament was born, has hosted The Open 24 times but the last one, incredibly was all the way back in 1925.


With Royal Birkdale being the host course this year, it’s a course that has brought fans many memories. From Arnold Palmer’s win in 1961 Open, to Mo Martin’s amazing victory at the 2014 British Women’s Open, Birkdale has become one of the most recognizable courses when it comes to golf’s oldest major.


No doubt that this Open at Birkdale will be another dandy, with the richest depth of talent in recent golf history, anybody can come out on top. With world number one Dustin Johnson and U.S. Open champion Brooks Koepka among the favorites, Royal Birkdale can definitely favor the powerful hitters off the tee.


One thing’s for sure is that, The Open Championship never fails to thrill us. If the duel between Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson last year at Royal Troon wasn’t and indication of The Open’s greatness, then I’m not sure what is.


The walk to the 18th green at Royal Birkdale, with its iconic clubhouse staring down at you, is truly one of greatest walks in golf. We as fans, eagerly await to see who makes the triumphant walk come that Sunday, to raise the Claret Jug in victory.


The breathtaking courses, history, players, and fans, is what truly makes The Open Championship special. July 20th can’t come soon enough for the 146th tournament.


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WATCH: Royal Troon pounds multiple golfers during The Open

On this episode of “when golfers get destroyed by golf courses”, we take a look at some of the best beatings Royal Troon has given to the best golfers in the world.

Normally, the U.S. Open is famous for its tough course but one thing The Open Championship and its courses have is something man can’t control; Mother Nature. And the ol’ girl was up to her tricks again as she and Troon decided to team up together and give the golfers a rough time.

Here are some more epic failures, as Troon put on quite a show. Justin Rose, Jason Day and Brandt Snedeker among other victims.

Oh, Royal Troon you savage beast you.

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Source: Swing By Swing

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Muirfield will no longer host an Open Championship

Muirfield, the legendary golf course that has hosted numerous Open Championships, will not admit women as memebers of the club. Because of this, the R&A will no longer let Muirfield host golf oldest major.

“The R&A has considered today’s decision with respect to The Open Championship. The Open is one of the world’s great sporting events and going forward we will not stage the Championship at a venue that does not admit women as members,” R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers said in a statement.

Slumbers has also stated that if Muirfield were to change their policy, then they would reonsider having the course host the Open Championship once again. But, in the meantime, no Muirfield.

At least Royal Portrush is hosting The Open in 2019 right? That’s pretty dope.

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Source: Golf Digest

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