WATCH: This golf course in the Amazon is insane

So, this is pretty awesome, even if it is a little dangerous. Mike “Mad Mick” Collis and a couple of friends, designed a 9-hole golf course in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

The course, also known as “Augusta of the Amazon” was featured on CNN’s “Living Golf” which details the stories of playing golf in unusual places (Sounds like my kind of show!). Collis, who has a home in Iquitos, Peru, decided he wanted to design a course near his crib.

The 9-hole design is a par-35 track and features “natural” putting greens, fresh from the jungle. I always enjoy when golf is brought to different locations that aren’t near golf courses.

Not everyone has access to golf.

Who needs real golf courses all the time anyway? Just grab your clubs, balls and play wherever the world takes you.

Oh, and is the “Amazon Masters” going to be starting soon? That would be cool.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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