Review: SuperStroke Releases Grips for Irons, Driver, etc

Oooh, pretty colors!

Oooh, pretty colors!

You know SuperStroke. You know, the rapdily growing, crazy popular golf grip company known for it’s oversized putter grips? Well, the company made popular by Jordan Spieth and Jason Dufner has decided to create some grips that you can use for ALL of your clubs.

So now you’ll have one of their wonderful putter grips on your putter and some regular grips for your irons, driver, etc. The TX1 Premium Golf Club grips from Super Stroke are just as unique as their puffy, fluffy putter grips.

The first thing you’ll notice with the TX1 grips is the beauty of them. These are very colorful, bright, smack in your face grips that will stand out among other golf clubs at the course.

The bottom of the grip features the popular and always terrific rubber feel. Always a nice feature to help get your dominant in a comfortable position to execute the perfect shot.

Now the top of the grip is what makes the TX1 grips stand out from others. It’s the most colorful part of the grip and the material is unique.

The top part of the grip has somewhat of a soft cloth feeling or a soft carpet feel. This really helps get your hands in a comfortable state because it’s almost as if one of those furry kind of blankets are wrapped around it.

It really is a comfortable feeling and I don’t have to worry about how my hands feel. Instead, I can just focus on the shot I need to hit.

SuperStroke never seems to disappoint and they have risen to become one of the hottest golf companies around. But now, since they’ve spreaded they’re wings and decided to throw some regular grips into the mix, it just makes SuperStroke that much better.

The TX1’s are great grips that are really good for wedges I must say as well.\

Now, if only they made the TX1’s as fat and puffy as their putter grips! Hmmm….

You can get the TX1 grips at

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Review: SuperStroke grip may be the best putter grip in golf

I had the Fatso that was mostly black with some white, this one is the opposite.

I had the Fatso that was mostly black with some white, this one is the opposite.


The golf club grip is probably the most overlooked part of the club yet is arguably the most important part of the club. It’s the one part of the club that unlocks the gate and gives you access to your next swing.


However, the one grip that definitely gets overlooked is the putter grip. You may be like “Wha?! Putter grip?”. Although you don’t take full swings with putters (Unless you’re Jamie Sadlowski, Martin Kaymer or Bernhard Langer), it is critical to have a good grip for the most important club in the bag.


You see, if your grip isn’t comfortable, then that leads to hand tension which leads to more missed putts which leads more putters thrown into that little creek on your course. So, I had the opportunity to check out SuperStorke’s “Fatso 5.0” (Yes, Fatso) and it’s very comfortable and feels great in your hands.


You may be familiar with SuperStroke, you’ve been seeing them on a lot of Tour players’ putter lately including Jason Dufner and Jordan Spieth. The Fatso 5.0 is probably the thickest of them all and is perfect for those amateurs who need to work on their putting.


With this beauty of grip, you are able to hold the club lightly and not too tight and the size of the grip gives your hands plenty of room. The importance of the hand room is that it gives you the opportunity to try different grip positions besides the traditional style.


It helps you get that perfect hand position to help you drill more putts. This grip actually helped me build solid touch on those downhill putts as a good chunk of my downhill putts were either close or in the hole.


There’s times with your traditional grip that you may easily hit uphill putts too hard, however, with the SuperStroke grip you can actually hit uphill putts a little harder without worrying about over hitting it. So you can safely put a little muscle into it if you like with hardly no error.


It’ll probably be close to the hole if you get used to it and build the touch with this wonderful grip. I love this grip and I know you will too. You can either get the “Fatso 5.0” like I did or you can use their “Which grip is right for you?” section towards the bottom right corner of the home page.


This is an excellent way to get the perfect grip for you as it picks the grip based on the answers to your questions. I’m telling you, these are some of the best grips I’ve felt, and I highly recommend them.


There’s a reason why so many Tour players use them! Now go out there and sink those putts and celebrate in epic slow motion action!

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