Elkington Makes Gay Joke About Sam on Twitter, PGA Tour Deletes Tweet, Makes Statement

Photo courtesy of TMZ.

Photo courtesy of TMZ.

Jeez, this dude just doesn’t stop does he? Guess who sent another inappropriate tweet again? Non other than the insane in the membrane loon himself, Steve Elkington who on Tuesday sent a tweet making a joke about ESPN’s coverage of University of Missouri defensive end and soon to be NFL draft pick Michael Sam who openly came out gay a couple of weeks ago. Elkington, of course deleted the tweet. You can read the tweet below.


Yahoo Sports’ Shane Bacon of the Devil Ball Golf blog spoke to Elkington about why he deleted the tweet. It was none other than the PGA Tour itself.

Elkington sent a tweet back to Shane Bacon saying how he’s rooting for Sam.

However, he sent another tweet that rubbed some of his followers the wrong way.

Bacon spoke to the PGA Tour about the situation and he tweeted out their official statement. Here’s the full statement from the PGA Tour on Elkington’s tweet – “Under our regulations, conduct unbecoming a professional includes public commentary that is clearly inappropriate or offensive. With respect to this matter, and consistent with our longstanding policy, we do not comment on player disciplinary matters.”

So now, Elkington’s taking heat from fans and now the PGA Tour on the situation. I’m personally very happy for Michael Sam and I hopes he gets drafted and enjoys a successful career in the NFL. In Elkington’s case, he’s just another dude in the line of big mouth golfers such as Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter and Rory Sabattini with Elkington probably being the biggest tool of all because only he isn’t afraid to say something very controversial, no matter how much heat he takes. Get your head out of your butt homie! You do realize that you have over 60,000 Twitter followers that read your stuff right?

Credit: Yahoo Sports, CBS Sports

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Ian Poulter and Steve Elkington Have a War of Words on Twitter

You want more nasty arguments? Well you got them! Ian Poulter and Steve Elkington had a bit of words towards each other on Twitter and it makes you wonder since both of these guys are quite expressive, who started it? Well, none other than Steve Elkington and it shouldn’t be a surprise. Sure, Poulter has his moments but Elkington is more of a tool in my personal opinion and has been known to say some crazy crap on Twitter and some tweets could just be either about football or he’s chatting with fellow PGA Tour pro Pat Perez. A fan had asked Elkington about Ian Poulter and Elkington responded of course and of course Poulter shot back which also isn’t surprise because as we know, Poulter isn’t afraid to give his opinion HOWEVER, he doesn’t seem quite like a tool like Elkington is. As I’ve written a bit earlier, Elkington went on Twitter and made fun of a helicopter crash that occurred in Scotland about a month ago and now he’s already back for more. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The tweets. Enjoy!

Even a fan stepped in and supported Poulter in the feud.

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Credit: Kyle Porter, CBS Sports

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Steve Elkington Makes Fun of Helicopter Crash


You hear a lot of famous people tweeting out things that might be offensive and in some cases leads to them deleting their Twitter accounts but PGA tour star Steve Elkington who’s known for some crazy tweets went a little too far. On Friday night into Saturday morning there was a terrible police helicopter crash that hit a pub in Glasgow, Scotland and the 1995 PGA Championship winner Elkington decided to take to Twitter to say the following: “Helicopter crashes into Scottish Pub…Locals report that no beers were spilt…” according to Scotsman.com. Of course he then deleted the tweet, apologized and sent this one instead.

Now, it sounds like he was being sarcastic though although he was supposed to be serious. I say this because he’s like “No injuries…..obviously it’s very serious” as if he’s like “Oh, there’s no injuries so it’s not a big deal” and how does he know if there weren’t any injuries? Is he an investigator or reporter? No. The first tweet he sent was uncalled for and shouldn’t have made it on Twitter in the first place. Don’t be a moron, just because you’re a rich golfer who hasn’t won anything good in about 15 years doesn’t give you the right to say such things. Give me a break, have remorse for others because that crash could have been fatal. I don’t care that he made the tweet sound more serious because it sounds more like sarcasm to me and he shouldn’t have never said it to begin with. Find something else to joke about.

He had tweets joking about the Alabama-Auburn football game on Saturday, go ahead and continue to joke about that not something like a helicopter crash. Imagine if you were in that situation Steve, you’d be scared of your mind so think before you tweet and if anyone defends him then maybe they should go crack helicopter crash jokes in a little cave together. Elkington also mentioned a racial slur about Pakistanis when he said: “Couple caddies got rolled by some Pakkis,”. Really Elkington? You turned something racist into a rap verse? Elkington should be ashamed for the things he’s said and next time I don’t think people will take his apologies too lightly. Stay classy homie.

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