WATCH: Tiger Woods Hits a Course Marshal in the Face With Bad Tee Shot at Open Championship

Woah! Easy there Tiger! Tiger Woods made his first major championship appearance in sometime and what better way to make your big return than to hit a Royal Liverpool course marshal in the face from your tee shot? Well, that’s exactly what Tiger did (By accident of course) when he hit an errant tee shot that ended up hitting the marshal in the face. Fortunately, from what we can tell, the marshal is A okay. Take a look.

Welcome back Mr. Woods!

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What the Cheyenne Woods Victory Could Mean for African Americans in Golf


On Sunday, Cheyenne Woods got her first professional victory on the Ladies European Tour as she won the Australian Ladies Masters edging out Australian amateur, Minjee Lee. It’s a victory that some fans have been quietly waiting for considering the fact that she’s the niece of none other than Tiger Woods. Well, as her goal was accomplished, she was quite proud to get that “Oh, you’re Tiger’s niece” monkey off her back. “I want to be recognized as a golfer and not just Tiger Woods’ niece” Cheyenne said according to the Guardian. That’s the spirit girl! Because that’s kind of disrespectful to her if everyone just knows her as “Tiger’s niece”. I think her win is great for golf. I think it opens more doors for African-American golfers to take aim at reaching the pro circuit.

Yes, there are a few black college golfers, amateur golfers, golf broadcasters and writers (Including myself being half black) but you just don’t see black golfers make it to the pro level and I think Cheyenne’s victory helps this because for one, she’s a very beautiful and attractive woman, secondly, she’s very young and can appeal to many young golfers and third, she seems more cool and down to earth as to where Tiger was kind of on his own little planet. Like, Cheyenne seems like a person any of us can relate to in some way. She seems like the kind of chick you could just sit down and talk to about different things and I think that is absolutely huge for bringing more young African-American fans into the sport and eventually get them to play. Not only this, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen two black golfers (Cheyenne and Tiger) win tournaments in recent times.

Although they’re related, Cheyenne and Tiger definitely seem like two totally different people. She’s also obviously a strong mental woman as well as she ignored the recent troubles of her father Earl Woods Jr who was arrested a couple of months ago for faking a bomb threat in his work place in Phoenix, Arizona where Cheyenne grew up. What did she do despite that? Oh, nothing much, just won the Australian Ladies Masters. No big deal right? We could all go there with skirts and pull that off right? Of course we could! I’d have to change my name to “Coleen” or something though instead of Colin.

All kidding aside though, I really think she’ll be a huge hit with the African-American golf fans around the country if she continues her success. Because there are a lot of very talented black golfers out there but we just unfortunately never see them go pro or they quietly go pro and we don’t notice because remember, there’s over 900 players on the PGA Tour alone. I’m sure we remember Joseph Bramlett, who made headlines a couple of years ago for being the first black golfer other than Tiger to get his PGA Tour card in a long time and he was also half black and half white (I salute you sir!) but unfortunately, he hasn’t really done nothing much on the grind that is the PGA Tour. I think Cheyenne will be consistent, even if Inbee Park loses her mind again and destroys the golf world which was so freaking awesome. Then again, Cheyenne is on the Ladies European Tour so she shouldn’t have to worry about “Queenbee Park” at the moment and I think this victory will help build her confidence for more tournaments to come.

Probably the best thing about this is that she is on a female tour so not only will we possibly see more male African-American players on the golf course and more fans, but we’ll see a ton of young black ladies get involved with the game too and that would be wonderful because although golf’s amazing and full of endless opportunities, community involvement and adventures, the game still needs a ton of diversity and fortunately, there a fair share of African-Americans are in the media and are doing other golf jobs as well. If we also see more African-American, Mexican, etc golfers playing at the high school level then I think that’ll also be a huge plus because if they play well then that means college scholarship to a great golf school and that could lead to a potential PGA or LPGA Tour card. I know Cheyenne is one woman but she has looks, she multi-talented, she’s straight up cool and she’s a winner and that’s what we love as Americans right? Looks, talents, down to earth people and we love champions right? She also seems very intelligent as well and she’s still extremely young. Let’s hope this girl continues to inspire all of the young golfers with both her skill on the course and in media. Keep it real ma!

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WATCH: Bubba Watson and Shaq battle it out on the golf course with hilarious video


2012 Masters champion Bubba Watson and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal are two unique characters, each with their own personalities. One thing that’s not in common however between the two is that one is a terrific golfer and the other, meh, not so much. Shaq took on Bubba Watson on the course for his show “Shaq’s Got Next” in an episode where the two battled it out on the golf course for honor, glory and GREATNESS!….Or not so much but you just got to love Bubba and Shaq Diesel! The video is hilarious though and it’s just amazing seeing how tall Shaq is compared to Bubba who’s tall in his own right! Enjoy the video and be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

Credit: Fox Sports

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Tiger Woods on breaking Arnold Palmer’s Masters record: “I’m not going to play that long”, is Woods not passionate anymore?

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In 2004, golf legend, fan favorite and golf’s “cool guy” Arnold Palmer extended the record for most consecutive Masters tournaments being played in. He made it to his 50th straight Masters tournament that year and couple of years prior, broke the record that was previously held by another golf legend in two-time major winner Doug Ford. Tiger Woods, who is a four-time Masters champion and is probably known best for his performances at the Masters than any other tournament has said that he doesn’t want to play in 51 consecutive Masters.

“I’m not going to beat Arnold’s record. I’m not playing that long, that’s for sure.” Woods said according to

“For me, I always want to win so if I can’t win, why tee it up? That’s just my own personal belief. And I know what it takes to prepare to win and what it takes to go out there and get the job done, and there’s going to become a point in time where I just can’t do it anymore. We all as athletes face that moment. I’m a ways from that moment in my sport, but when that day happens, I’ll make a decision and that’s it.” Woods said again according to

I agree with him on part of that. Of course winning is the most important thing in golf and that’s the goal especially in a prestigious tournament such as the Masters. However, why would he not go for it considering the shape he’s in? Also, sometimes winning doesn’t matter if you don’t have the passion for the sport you’re playing. I mean, if he was truly passionate you’d think he’d try to make it to every Masters possible until his body gives in obviously. Yes, he has the passion of winning and that’s great but you want to play because you love playing the game too. That’s what life’s all about and I think King Arnold Palmer was a perfect example of that. So, this leaves the one question. Is Tiger Woods truly passionate about the sport that’s given one of the most successful careers we’ve ever seen in any type of job in the world?

I may be going too far but you’d think you’d love the game enough to try to make it to as many Masters tournaments as possible am I wrong? And the shape that Woods is in, he should be able to make it to plenty of Masters tournaments. It would be awhile yet before he ties or breaks that record but if the passion is there then it can happen. I’m not saying he should set it up as a goal but I would think automatically he would keep going to the Masters every year unless he has an injury that affects his career. What do you guys think? I’m kind of on a balance beam right now. You guys think he’s truly passionate or did he just reveal something that tells us that he’s not? Let me know in the comments section as always!

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PHOTOS/VIDEO: There’s a new sport called “Footgolf” and it’s a hit

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Here’s a first. There’s a sport that mixes both soccer and golf and it’s called, you guessed it, “Footgolf”. It looks like a lot of fun and it’s affordable to play. The only thing you need is a soccer ball because the courses have over sized holes which guarantee you a birdie putt if you were playing regular golf. Now, the sport’s been around for at least a few years but it’s slowly starting to get more attention and it’s hard to find stories on it. Some folks in San Antonio have just decided to get into the sport as well.

“It’s an absolute blast,” said Jonathan Aken, a golfer who recently discovered FootGolf according to My San Antonio. “It’s very addicting. It’s something everybody can do. Anybody can kick a ball. But trying to get it to stop where you want it to stop is a challenge.”

Travis Salkowski (right) and Collin Sculley (I dig that first name) are seen in the picture below putting at Willow Springs golf course in San Antonio.


Here’s some more pics from the round of “Footgolf”

footgolf 2

footgolf 3

footgolf 4

footgolf 5

So, there you have it! The new game that brings the world’s two oldest sports together. Only boxing is older that the two sports. I’m only a casual soccer fan but I think it’s a really cool idea to put soccer and golf together. It truly looks like a fun and unique experience that anybody can play. Yes, I love traditional golf and always will love it the most because I just love the sweet feeling of nailing a ball with a stick and rolling it into the cup where it makes “that sound”, oh that wonderful sound. But this sport looks really cool and can introduce golf fans to soccer and introduce soccer fans to golf so it’s a complete win-win.

What’s funny is that I had just recently put up a video showcasing Rory Mcilroy and soccer superstar Wayne Rooney playing golf with Rory playing the traditional way and Wayne using a soccer ball so that commercial was the first thing I thought about when I saw this sport. I tell you what, this would be one of the best sports video games ever f it ever got turned into one! Very cool and I hope it goes worldwide because it’s a breath of fresh air no doubt. As promised, below is some video footage of the growing sport. Let me know what you guys think!

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Report: Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Elin Sent Fake Text Messages to Mistress, Caused the Mayhem

Tiger & Elin

I know that whole Tiger affair thing is as old as a dinosaur but there’s a new report on it that’s as new as a set of beautifully designed golf clubs. According to the Daily Mail, Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegrens sent text messages impersonating Woods to one of Woods’s mistresses Rachel Uchitel. Woods is known for having sleeping problems and that was when Nordegrens made her move. Uchitel had sent Tiger a text saying ‘You are the only one I’ve loved.’ so Elin sent her a text back as Uchitel thought it was still Tiger and Elin said ‘I miss you. When are we seeing each other again?’ Then it was reported by the daily mail that she called Uchitel and said something like “I knew it was you!” or something along those lines leaving a blank Uchitel saying “Oh f***” and hanging up in shock. After that, well you already know the rest.

Tiger woke up to a screaming Elin as he grabbed his ran into the bathroom and locked himself in there like a 5-year-old and told Rachel through text that he was getting a divorce and she saw that text that said ‘divorce’ and that’s when the club swinging, car crashing festival began. So, let this be a simple lesson to dudes and chicks that you shouldn’t be cheating especially if you’re one of the most well-known figures in the world because then well, you’re guaranteed to get busted to where us writer and broadcaster guys will get on your tail. Sure people are going to be like “Thanks Captain Obvious!” but then why do people do it then if it’s obvious not to? If the relationship ain’t working out, get your butt a divorce or don’t even get married in the first place if you can’t handle the heat.

People don’t HAVE to get married you know, then everyone wants to wonder why relationship don’t work out. Fortunately, there are a ton of people out there who are n good loving relationships and that’s great, keep doing what you’re doing! But, I guess Tiger can’t complain, he’s playing some good golf and is still one of the highest paid athletes in the world but still way to go Tiger! Such a great role model you were at the time! You could have at least been more diverse with the girls though you feel me? You guys are always free to leave a comment below. Love your inputs!

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Rory Mcilroy Has Legal Issues, Finally Solves Them


More of Rory Mcilroy’s off course issues have been floating around his emotion cloud and he had legal issues with Oakley and it looks like he finally settled it. Last December, Oakley took legal action against Mcilroy for allegedly breaking his contract after he signed that huge deal with Nike. According to, Oakley tried to use its “right of first refusal” to match the Nike offer, but Rory’s former agent Conor Ridge declined the counteroffer from Oakley. On Sunday though, both sides announced that the issue has been resolved and no terms of the deal were disclosed. Although there was some disagreements, it seems that both Rory and Oakley still have respect for each other. “I always had an excellent working relationship with Oakley’s representatives and I am delighted the case is now behind me.” Mcilroy said according to Well that’s great that the dispute was settled. That might have been a dispute that was messing with Rory mentally so let’s hope we don’t have to hear about too many off course related issues about Rory.

He’s a great golfer and that’s what he does best. Oakley also spoke out about the issue. “We are very pleased the proceedings against Rory have been resolved. We enjoyed an excellent relationship with Rory as an Oakley brand ambassador.” said vice president of Oakley Sports Marketing, Pat McIlvain according to So that’s one issue that’s cleared out of the young major champion’s mind now he could just continue to focus on improving his game like the Mcilroy from the last couple of years. It seems he’s slowly been getting back to being a solid golfer again so that’s a good sign for a player who still has so many years left and has the potential of winning several more majors. So, do you guys think the Oakley dispute had anything to do with his play mentally? It’s very possible because he’s young and to have a legal dispute to worry about that has been going on for several months could definitely effect you on the course.

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WATCH: This Interview With High School Version of Tiger Woods Should Definitely Catch Your Attention

This video has quietly been hanging out on YouTube but hasn’t gone out to the masses probably because it got swallowed by the many other Tiger Woods interviews that received much more views. The interview was done with Woods and his golf coach from Western High School in 1994. There’s something that many people have praised for the video that I want to address but I’ll address it after you look at the video. Thanks to for the video.

OK, now that you’ve seen the video, here’s what I’ve been hearing about it. Many people love how professional he sounds even at the young age of 18 and although there are interviews of Woods when he was even younger, the thing that makes this video significant is because he’s in his senior year of high school which is a very important time in one’s life. However, the many people who praised him for his professionalism at his age at the time don’t realize that there are tons of 18 year olds who are just as professional or even more professional than Tiger was back then. So, it’s kind of a shame to see that people act like they never seen a professional acting 18-year-old before when we know there a ship loads of them. That’s my only real criticism, other than that, solid interview and this is coming from someone who honestly isn’t a Tiger fan and I’ve made that clear. So let’s know that there were many smart, professional teenagers back then and many professional ones today, sure, some grow up and become a different person but there are a lot of cases where they remain the same as they were when they were a professional behaving teen.

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A GP Review of GTA 5’s Version of the Links

The cover art of what many already consider, one of the greatest games of all-time.

The cover art of what many already consider, one of the greatest games of all-time.

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out a little over a month ago now and the game has received very high praise as expected. It is one of the highest selling games of all time and features a very large are to explore. The one feature however that was a major hit with fans is the golf game that is featured in the game making it the first time in Grand Theft Auto history that a player can tee it up for a full round of golf. Right off the bat, I must say, it is very well done and is kind of addicting. The course looks beautiful over looking the L.A. resembling Los Santos, the graphics are phenomenal, the swng animations are nearly spot on and you can drive a golf cart to your next shot which is awesome. Yes, you can choose to cause rampage on the course but you will be kicked out right away if you do so. There are three main characters in the game and you can choose to call one of them to play a round of golf as two players. You can also complete mini missions where random people may need your help while driving around and there’s one guy who can be chosen as a golfing partner once you helped him escape the depths of his angry wife after she finds out that he’s cheating on her. He tells you to drop him off at the golf course and that’s how he becomes a golf pal. Between the three main protagonists, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, I use Franklin the most because he’s the most cool, calm and collected of the three anti-heroes. Plus, he also brings back memories of the legendary Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA San Andreas who was voted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the 22nd greatest video game character of all-time.

A screenshot of GTA Online's version of golf.

A screenshot of GTA Online’s version of golf.

Each player has there own “Special Abilities” but these don’t apply to the golf course. As I’m playing a round, I noticed that there some similar features to the Tiger Woods series such as using the analog stick to swing and using spin on the ball while it’s in mid-air. Everything about the game is smooth such as the swing and how the course plays. My only main issues with the game is that the ball flies as if it’s a crumbled and balled up piece of paper. It doesn’t seem like the ball has weight to it. Another thing that’s a bummer is that there is only one golf course and it’s only nine holes while there are seven tennis courts for golf fans who may be into tennis as well. It’s still awesome though because Rockstar Games didn’t have to put golf in there at all but they took the effort to do it and it’s great for many golf fans out there who are gamers. Players can also play golf online with friends with the new “GTA Online” feature which gives players the ability to create their own character and freely roam around Los Santos and join races, play tennis or of course play golf. I must say, it’s a lot pf fun playing golf online as it’s a great way to level up your character while meeting some new people to play with (Note: Playing tons of golf will increase your player’s stamina and strength since you are taking part in an athletic activity).


My latest score. Hey at least I'm under par right?

My latest score. Hey at least I’m under par right?

Another awesome thing about golfing online is that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is in the city to play so if it’s night in the city, when you play, it will be day time again as to where to story mode, you have to come back to the course at a certain time to play. The only main flaw with the online mode is that you can’t drive golf carts like in the story mode but I’m sure that would cause all kinds of havoc as players will probably hold up your game by driving around the course like a maniac and screaming “Woo Hoo!” through their mics and headsets or they might set you up by getting you on the course to play but then they try to beat you down with the golf club so they can take your money. It’s still a tons of fun online to play as your own created character plus, it doesn’t cost you any in-game money to play like in the story mode. So, GTA 5’s golf experience is definitely a fun one and is a great holdover until HB Studios releases their new golf game for the PS4 and Xbox One or until 2K Sports possibly comes out of no where to make a golf game. Overall, I give Grand Theft Auto 5’s golf experience a 8 out of 10 and the great swing animations, course and multiplayer experience add to that. Subscribe to the GP Golf Report on the left side of your screen for more news and opinions on all things golf! Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! Also, below, please enjoy gameplay footage of GTA 5’s golf courtesy of iMacGamers!

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The GP Links of the Week: Part 2

Links! After all, sharing IS caring. Right Barney, BJ and Baby Bop? :)

Links! After all, sharing IS caring. Right Barney, BJ and Baby Bop? 🙂

Hey all, it’s time for another edition of the GP Links of the Week and this week instead of just putting links to articles, I’m just going to flat out give links to the blogs I think you should check out. Now, I’m going to be honest and tell you that almost all of these are from sites that I used the last time BUT those were just links to articles, this time I’m giving you links to the FULL site for you to explore and enjoy. These sites are some of the best of the best golf blogs in the world and I think it’s time for you to see what I mean by that. These are all very informative and thoughtful blogs that help bring the game of golf alive in words you dig what I’m saying? They say a picture is worth a thousand words but these blogs feature articles with pictures and words so….I guess 1000 words combined with 1000 word picture is 2000 so…you’ll get plenty of info in your golf filled brains of yours!

If you love golf and if you love good golf journalism then these are the blogs for you! So, on that note, I hope you enjoy and if you enjoy this website then PLEASE subscribe on the left side your screen and please share with your Facebook. Twitter, etc! It would greatly be appreciated and I know we can grow the site further as I’ve already reached over 4,000 hits in just two days! So, let’s keep it going because the more the site grows the more opportunities I’ll have to give back to readers and fans! So thank you guys and keep it real! From Chicago with love! Also, you can always follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

As promised here are your GP Links of the Week:

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