Golf Channel Changes Iconic Logo, Not the Greatest Looking One Either but Serviceable

The new logo (Right) will be the new face of NBC's legendary golf network. Via

The new logo (Right) will be the new face of NBC’s legendary golf network. Via

There’s a time in every company’s life where they feel that they need o make some visual changes. The folks over an NBC apparently wanted to make change themselves after they decided to let their iconic Golf Channel logo ride off into the sunset to make way for a more practical look, easy to understand type of look. The world-famous “G” which also represented a tee is now simply “GOLF CHANNEL” with the legendary and colorful NBC peacock feathers right by its side. The “G” logo has been a known symbol in over 120 million homes for many years and now that the logo includes the word “Golf”, that could help people become more familiar with the channel.

“The English word “golf” is recognized around the world and nearly in every language. And with Golf Channel’s evolution over the past two decades from a cable television business to a global golf business, using the word ‘golf” in our logo positions the business for further growth in the decades to come,” said Regina O’Brien, Golf Channel Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing according to World Golf.

This comes slightly as a surprise as it almost came out of nowhere but it’s the best for the network. Although it doesn’t look as sexy as the original “G” logo, it’s still serviceable and will definitely help viewers out by being straight forward with the new logo. So what do you think of the new GC logo? Do you think this was a smart move for Golf Channel? Do you think it’s boring? Or do you think “Who cares, it’s a freaking logo!”?

The only thing I’ll say is that I don’t know if the new logo will help bring people to the channel that aren’t into golf. What I mean is that if you keep the original “G” then people will at least click on the site or go to the channel in curiosity while being straightforward won’t make people want to click or view BUT it does help people who are already golf fans easily recognize the channel immediately.

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