Jason Dufner Served “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon” at PGA Champions Dinner

Remember this?

Remember this?

………. *Bursts out laughing*. Jason Dufner, you are the coolest freaking guy in golf I swear! Remember when he tapped his now super popular wife Amanda in the “bootay” after his victory at the PGA Championship? Well, at the traditional PGA Championship champions’ dinner, Duf created the menu, one of those items? A nice and freshly made “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon”. Yes, you heard me right. A “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon”. Now that’s a good sense of humor by the coolest guy in golf (Sorry Miguel Angel). Although he almost never smiles, he knows how to poke fun at himself and has a great sense of humor. Here’s your delicious and nutritious dinner menu!


Now that’s some good southern cookin’!

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