PGA President removed from office for calling out Poulter



PGA President Ted Bishop has been let go by the PGA for his comments on Ian Poulter on Twitter, calling him a “Lil girl”.

It all started when Poulter bashed Nick Faldo in his book ‘No limits” over the way Faldo treated Sergio Garcia during the broadcast of the historic 2008 Ryder Cup in which the Americans won with the dominate performances of Anthony Kim and Boo Weekly who have both long been not seen in any competitive play.

Last time I heard Boo, he was on the radio and of course I was delighted!

Faldo called Garcia “useless” and claimed that he had a “bad attitude” which is no surprise to anybody but Poulter has been a teammate of Garcia’s in a few Ryder Cups.

Bishop’s remarks were considered “sexist” which is what led to his demise. It wasn’t because “Oh, he attacked a player” but rather the “Lil girl” thing.


Ted released a statement in regards to his removal. This, courtesy of


I want to apologize to Ian Poulter and anyone else that I might have offended with my remarks on social media that appeared on October 23, 2014. Particularly, I have great remorse that my comments contained the words “little girl” because I have always been a great advocate for girls and women in golf.

My two children, both girls, have made their careers in golf. I have a 4-year old granddaughter who I hope will someday play the game. In my 37-year career in golf, I have worked with many women to grow the sport and I have been a champion for inclusion and equal rights for women in golf.

However, this is a classic example of poor use of social media on my part and if I had the chance to hit the delete button on the things that I sent out yesterday, I would without hesitation. The PGA of America asked me to avoid any interaction with the media in the past 24 hours and that is why I did not issue a formal and public apology, which I have wanted to do since early this morning.

This afternoon I was asked by my fellow Officers to resign my position as President. I declined because I wanted to speak to our PGA Board of Directors, offer a personal apology and let the due process take place in this matter. The Board heard me out and then voted to impeach me as the 38th President. That is the due process and I respect that, as painful as it might be.

The PGA has also informed me that I will not become the Honorary President nor will I ever be recognized as a Past President in our Association’s history. These, along with the impeachment are drastic consequences for the offense I have committed, but I must live with them. I take great pride in what we were able to accomplish in the last 23 months. Hopefully, we laid the groundwork for a successful future for the PGA of America. Today, all I have left is my PGA membership and that will always mean the world to me.

Ted Bishop, PGA


There are so many angles here. One is that both Poulter and Garcia can be clowns and they’ve shown.


Poulter is very outspoken as we know and Sergio has done his share of bad things although it seems like he’s toned it down a bit but we’ll see moving forward.


The other thing is that Bishop was in a position where he had to be careful about what he said. Calling out another player is probably something a President shouldn’t do as it takes away from your professionalism.


However, I was a bit surprised that he was removed because his words were considered “sexist”. I thought they removed him because he was calling Poulter  a name.


In this case, I think calling it “sexist” is a little overreaction although I know there’s a TON of little girls who can kick a grown man’s butt.


My other point is point out to Faldo which is why this whole thing started to begin with. As a broadcaster, you should never call players things like “useless” or anything like that.


It’s broadcasting 101. You say that, then people will think you’re against that player ever time you open the mics. As a play-by-play or color commentator, it’s not your job to give opinions.


Your job is to describe shots, courses, hole layouts, etc. Analysts and columnists are the ones who are paid to give opinions and even they have to be careful sometimes.


Although I think what Ted said was unprofessional, I don’t think it was bad enough to the point where he should of lost his job. It’s not like he swore at Poulter.


We already know Poulter can seem like a jerk sometimes but leave that to us fans to talk smack. The President shouldn’t be involved and should keep things as professional as possible and not throw into an already burning fire.


The interim Prez will be Derek Sprague.


Well! In other news, here’s a GIF of Ian Poulter falling down after a tough shot:




Leave your thoughts on Ted Bishop’s departure below although I already know what’s coming because I just know.

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GIFs: Awesome Gifs of Some of Golf’s Best Meltdowns

Check out these beauties! Golf’s known for some of the best meltdowns in all of sports as we’ve seen clubs flinging, sand trap beatings, and even spitting in the hole (Sergio Garcia). Below are just a sample of some of the best on course actions of unsportsmanlike conduct. Enjoy!

Our first one starts off with a bang as none other than Sergio Garcia is swinging at the bunker like he's a freaking mad man. Classic sense of pure anger....on a golf course.

Our first one starts off with a bang as none other than Sergio Garcia is swinging at the bunker like he’s a freaking mad man. Classic sense of pure anger….on a golf course.

Ohhh, that's gotta hurt! Woody Austin bashing his own head with his own club in this classic gif.

Ohhh, that’s gotta hurt! Woody Austin bashing his own head with his own club in this classic gif.

This one is one of the best. Charlie Hoffman clearly has a heck of an arm as he flings his club into the pond. The club seems like it was never going to fall and he threw it with no effort!

This one is one of the best. Charlie Hoffman clearly has a heck of an arm as he flings his club into the pond. The club seems like it was never going to fall and he threw it with no effort!

Ths another one of those "mad man" gifs as Bill  Haas swings his putter rapidly and gives his golf bag a piece of his mind by kicking in the head! Now, what if he kciked it in the "ball sack"? If you catch my drift.

Ths another one of those “mad man” gifs as Bill Haas swings his putter rapidly and gives his golf bag a piece of his mind by kicking in the head! Now, what if he kicked it in the “ball sack”? If you catch my drift.

Of course the world's careless minded golfer returned to the list! In this gif, Sergio throws his club like he's playing disc golf instead of traditional golf.

Of course the world’s careless minded golfer returned to the list! In this gif, Sergio throws his club like he’s playing disc golf instead of traditional golf.

This one is without a doubt the most harmless but boy, Spencer Levin sure knows how to kick a hat! He might be the guy on the soccer field who scores a goal, takes off his mask and yells "Surprise!"

This one is without a doubt the most harmless but boy, Spencer Levin sure knows how to kick a hat! He might be the guy on the soccer field who scores a goal, takes off his mask and yells “Surprise!”

Although this one isn't the most wild (Although the club head comes off), it's the best for last because it's none other than one of the hottest golfers in the world, defending FedEx Cup champion and underwear hero, Henrik Stenson. My gosh that's some strength to knock that head off!

Although this one isn’t the most wild (Although the club head comes off), it’s the best for last because it’s none other than one of the hottest golfers in the world, defending FedEx Cup champion and underwear hero, Henrik Stenson. My gosh that’s some strength to knock that head off!

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WATCH: Luke Donald and Others Race on an F1 Race Track, Who Wins?

Courtesy of Back9Network

Courtesy of Back9Network

About a week and half ago, golf superstars, Luke Donald, Matteo Manaserro, Paul Casey and Sergio Garcia (Boooo! *In Homer Simpson voice) hit the race track in Abu Dhabi where normally the world’s greatest F1 racers compete for the crown on one of F1’s most recognizable venues. However, they didn’t shred the track with those world-famous F1 cars and rip the tires off their rims. They drove the track known for speed…in golf carts. That’s eight, they were racing on a track known for the fastest cars in the world but with arguably the slowest cars in the world but it’s only fitting and I think we can all agree that golf arts are very fun to drive. They started with a time trial, then they did a full race with all four drivers/golfers on the track. So, who won the time trial and the race? Heck, I’m not spoiling it for you! The video’s below so please enjoy and don’t forget to start your little engines!

Credit: Back9Network

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Garcia on Woods Feud; “I’m a Better Person”, is he Serious or is he Trying to get out of Hot Water?

Sergio Garcia felt bad about what he said about Tiger Woods.

Sergio Garcia felt bad about what he said about Tiger Woods. Believe that?

So, Sergio Garcia came out in an interview and addressed his feud with Tiger Woods. Garcia made news earlier this year when he made a comment when asked if he would invite Woods over for dinner and his response for those who missed it was that he would serve fried chicken to Woods. Now, Garcia is coming out and saying that it was a terrible thing he said and that he thought about it that day in the hotel. “I didn’t mean it in a bad way. When I was driving back to the hotel, I started thinking about it,” said Garcia according to CBS Sports. “It was horrible, but what’s done is done. Everybody knows how I feel about it, so I think they should be fine with it and if not, it’s kind of their problem,” he said. I think that’s great that he regrets what he said however, not everyone will be fine about it, there some people who still will take offence for it and no it’s not really their problem either because Garcia shouldn’t have said that in the first place.

Besides, a lot of people enjoy chicken because it’s delicious and it takes chicken to make certain meals. It’s not just a black thing like some people think. At least he was trying to apologize I guess but for him to say that it’s the people’s problem if they don’t let it go is ridiculous because there have been enough racial things said on Tour and he needs to know that straight up. I also blame Tiger as well for not standing up to it and this is what I’ve said before and some people may think it’s smart that he’s not saying anything and I totally understand but I’m not saying to beat up the guy, just stand up for your people. Maybe there wouldn’t be as many racial offenses in golf or sports in general if someone as big as Tiger Woods stood up for what was right. So, at least things died down from it even though we haven’t heard anything from the feud since then but at least Garcia apologized and thought about what he said to help throw a bunch of ice-cold water on the scorching flame.

Let’s just hope we don’t have to hear something like this again for a long time to come because golf is a gentleman’s game and that’s how it should be (Well, you can always have a little bit of swag and style!). Remember, we have a ton of kids that look up to these pros as we are seeing more and more kids play this great sport we call golf so it’s only fitting to try to have good role models although kids, your parents should always be your role models, remember that! A lot of these guys honestly just need to keep their mouths shut and play golf, that’s what we love. If you don’t have anything positive or humorous to say then keep quiet and swing your sticks of glory.

These guys are too grown to be getting into feuds. The only feuds we should see are good old-fashioned rivalries because rivalries are one of the major reasons we love and crave sports not silly off course feuds. We want to see long drives, accurate pitch shots and beautiful birdie putts, that’s what the game’s about. So, will Garcia play better after reliving himself a bit or will he just flat-out suck? He still kind of is a scumbag, along with a guy like Rory Sabbatini. Yo guys, stop being jerks, you’re millionaires playing golf! Should be happy and appreciative. If they aren’t happy playing a great sport, traveling and getting paid major paper, then I don’t know what will but hey, jerks will be jerks I guess. Let’s see how this season goes for both Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods, shall we?

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The Fued of Sergio and Tiger is Finished, Done, Over

Tiger Woods, Looking Like...Tiger!

Tiger Woods, Looking Like…Tiger!

Sergio Garcia Looks Upset!

Sergio Garcia Looks Upset!

The last couple of weeks has been pretty hectic since Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia went at it at The Players Championship, and to be fair, golf is not the sport for players to whine and moan at each other. They make plenty of money traveling the world and playing on beautiful courses for a living, similar to all of the beefs with rappers like when Nas and Jay-z used to go at it and I happen to be a fan of both, it’s like shut up and tear up the mic. Same thing with the golfers, shut up and swing, the tradition of golf is that it’s supposed to be a “gentleman’s game” well you didn’t see that with these guys and same applies with other golfers like Vijay Singh and Rory Sabbatini who always seem to be jerks. Of course, Sergio’s latest stupid thing is the mention of fried chicken when asked if he would invite Tiger to dinner, and of course he’s going to say “We would have fried chicken”. That comment he made was offense to me because I’m half black so it definitely made me angry, and I know it offended others as well. I love how some people just assume all of us black and half black people just eat fried chicken. So do white people, so do Spaniards, so does everybody else, chicken is delicious food that we all love to eat and is a great topping on many other foods as well.

Like in burritos, on pizzas, in Chinese food, chicken is just a great kind of food and it great, fried, baked or grilled. So Sergio just needs to shut his mouth and worry about getting his first major championship BUT hold on here, I’m not letting Tiger off the hook either. Tiger made me angry also because this is at least the fourth or fifth time he has had something racial thrown at him and he hasn’t stood up to it. I had people tell me that t’s a good thing that he’s staying quiet but I’m not saying he should yell at Sergio and call him names, I just think he should “politely” stand up for his people.

You are arguably the most powerful African-American figure in the world, when someone throws racial slurs at you, STAND UP, don’t just let it slide because that’s a disgrace to your people. I honestly don’t think he appreciates his culture and where he came from. Example, in the forward of the book “Uneven Fairways” (Excellent book by the way, very well written), which is a book about African-Americans in the history of the game of golf, Tiger never mentioned ONE single thing about his black side. That whole forward he never brought up the side that helped him get into the game in the first place. The side where many of his ancestors died for him. I mentioned this same thing on my radio show on I just don’t think he appreciates his culture and that’s terrible considering how powerful of a figure he is in the black community and he doesn’t want to stand up. Again, don’t yell at Sergio and call him names, just stand up and say you don’t appreciate it is all.

I would say the same exact thing if it was the opposite. Example, I love both my Polish and African-American side. If he always mentioned his black side but never his Asian side then I would say that he doesn’t appreciate his Asian side and that would be a problem also so I’m not just defending the one race. I’m defending those who aren’t getting appreciated, like some blacks that aren’t appreciated due to Tiger’s lack of supporting his people. The more he stays quiet, the more racial comments he shall receive. He may still receive them but AT LEAST he stood up and gave African-Americans something to clap for. This goes beyond the game of golf. Tiger needs to realize how powerful he really is and that he can inspire many young black kids all around the world and standing for who he is would be a big step and I think a lot of people would appreciate it. On that note, to all of the children around the world, never EVER forget who you are and where you came from, no matter how successful you become. Don’t change for NOBODY, not even the president of the United States of America. Be yourself, stay true, love who you are, and nothing will stop you because God made you who you are because you’re very special and he will have a plan for you if you appreciate yourself and set goals for your life.

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The Players Championship 2013: Another Year, Another Classic Tournament

ThePlayerLogoHole 17 Sawgrass

Well, The Players Championship has finished and Tiger Woods ends up coming out with the victory for his fourth win of the season. He and Sergio Garcia both led the tournament while having a not-so-friendly exchange of words making it a heated and entertaining battle coming down the stretch.

At the beginning of this tournament it was Roberto Castro who led the way with a record tying performance making it arguably the most dominant opening round in Players Championship history. However, he quickly fell down the leaderboard and ended up finishing tied for 19th with a slew of players including Luke Donald, Zach Johnson and Jason Day, so in the end he still had a strong finish overall and his game should be appreciated and that just shows that there is so much talent on the PGA Tour and Castro is a perfect example of that, even on a course that is a Pete Dye design which is always a challenge, he still managed to play at a high level until Garcia and Woods both charged up the leaderboard and TPC Sawgrass eventually got the best of Castro.

Surely the hall of fame architect Dye appreciates the great competition that has been seen over the years at TPC Sawgrass and have a hole that is arguably considered the most famous in all of golf at the 17th at which Garcia failed to execute when it mattered. Woods has won four tournaments this year with his victory at the “Fifth Major” but still needs to win a major to be the tiger of old. If he didn’t win so many majors back then, then Tiger is in fact back, but the reputation for him grew largely because of his wins at the majors so he will never be back unless he can win a major almost every year like he did back then, he’s just a very good golfer now, but he’s not back to original Woods form like back in the early 2000’s, not even close, especially when Rory Mcilroy won five tournaments just last year including a major.

So it’s still going to take a lot before he’s “back” so appreciate how he’s playing now, don’t worry about him being “back” as those days are gone. Look ahead with the Woods that’s out there now and see how things turn out. He will win tournaments but it’s definitely uncertain when he will win another major, the closest he’s ever gotten was at The Masters and the competition is extremely more fierce than ever before as more and more players rise to occasion to finish strong in majors so Woods has a lot against him and there a lot of very talented players hungry for their first major championship like Kevin Streelman for example who has been playing out of his mind for someone who only has one victory this year.

In almost every tournament Streelman is always towards the top of the leaderboard and he finished second at The Players. If there’s one guy that has a very high chance to win a major this year then it’s definitely Streelman. The Chicago native has proven that he’s the real deal on tour and can compete with the best of the best including Woods and Garcia. Streelman could have had at two or three wins this year and that’s how good he’s played and it kind of came out of now where although, he already proved he was a solid player last year but this year he has come into his own and it’s amazing to see. With the U.S. Open coming around the corner, this is a perfect opportunity for him to finish victorious and get that first major.

Guys he needs to look out for are Jason Day who seems to always be in contention at majors and is very hungry for his first title and Lee Westwood who finished strong at TPC Sawgrass and is also hungry for a major himself. Others that finished in the top 10 at The Players are former Players champion Henrik Stenson, long hitter Ryan Palmer, long putt master and “Golf Boy” Ben Crane, former world number one Mcilroy, the ever talented Martin Laird and Brandt Snedeker who still remains a trooper out there.

This was another exciting year of The Players Championship and next year looks to be just as fun and full of memories and maybe even more trash talk if Woods and Garcia are in the top ten again next year.

(Credit of this article goes to a piece I wrote on

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