PHOTO: Jason Dufner Takes Awesome Selfie With His Dog

I know, I know, you guys are like “Why is this a story?!”. Well, it’s not. It’a s picture. People take selfies with dogs all the time but this selfie Jason Dufner took with his dog Prince Louie is pretty awesome. Both Duf and Louie look like straight up badasses and there’s even a mysterious hand on Louie’s chest. You’d hope it’s his wife’s hand but who knows although why in the world would you cheat on one of the hottest wives in all of sports? Anyway, all kidding aside, this is a pretty cool picture. Just saying!

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PHOTOS: Woods, G-Mac, Wie, Featured in a Bunch of Goofy Selfies

Michelle Wie is one of the notable stars who took selfies this week (NOTE: This is NOT the selfie).

Michelle Wie is one of the notable stars who took selfies this week (NOTE: This is NOT the selfie).

Ahh selfies. We all almost seem to do it nowadays whether if it’s your basic selfie or the ever popular “mirror shot”, we do the best we can to make sure our pretty little faces make it on any social media and many of golf’s biggest names took some of the silliest and cutest selfies around recently. Selfies are actually pretty good for professionalism because you don’t have to worry about people catching something strange about your full body pictures because well..selfies are your face! So, below is a tweet sent out by the awesome people at Xtreme Tweet that features a link to these wonderful selfies courtesy of the fine folks at Golf digest. Note: Belen Mozo’s picture just might catch your attention dudes.

So, what do you guys think? Which one was your favorite? It shows more and more that the golfers on Tour have a silly side to them and that’s just awesome. Describe your best selfie if you have one! Maybe you had a beautiful sunset in the background, maybe you got photo bombed (Like a BOSS), heck maybe you had a GOLF COURSE in the background you feel me?

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