WATCH: Rory McIlroy zip-lines through Dubai skyline

See you on the other side @xdubai

A video posted by Rory McIlroy (@rorymcilroy) on

Rory McIlroy has had a heck of a career winning four major championships but he also injured his ankle playing soccer which caused him to miss last year’s Open Championship.

But that’s not stopping McIlroy from doing something dangerous. He decided to go zip-lining above the Dubai skyline.

Yup, that’s right, it was during the European Tour Omega Desert Classic that McIlroy decided to perform this adventurous stunt. The video caption states “See you on the other side” and well, it’s clear he made it since the video was posted.

What’s the old saying? “Don’t try this at home kids!”.

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PHOTO: Rory McIlroy takes silly photo of himself during rehab

Human version of the dreaded K-9 cone…. Only for sleeping though! Laser eye surgery went well yesterday 👀👍

A photo posted by Rory McIlroy (@rorymcilroy) on

Rory McIlroy underwent some laser eye surgery and shared on Instagram a picture with a funny caption on it. In some ways, he looks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar only McIlroy’s lens’ are larger. He’s expected to return to action at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship next month. McIlroy isn’t the only one who had shared a post operation photo. Henrik Stenson also shared a photo with somewhat of a derpy (If you don’t know what that means, Google or Bing it) face that only Stenson can make.

I guess we’ll see if the hottest new trend will be “post surgical selfies” on Twitter. As long as it’s not your butt then we’re straight.

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Rory Mcilroy’s Brand is Worth an Insane Amount of Money

Rory McIlroy has quickly emerged as one of sports’ big superstars and it shows as his brand, RMI (Rory McIlroy Inc) is worth well over $400 million.

The company headed by Donel Casey, Barry Funston and McIlroy’s father Gerry placed the $422 million tag on “the firm’s intangible assets connected to the golfer’s brand.” McIlroy is the sole shareholder.

Among other things, McIlroy’s wealth also comes from edorsements which RMI handles including his deals with Nike, Bose, Upper Deck, Omega, and EA Sports. McIlroy replaced Tiger Woods as the new namesake and cover of the popular EA Sports golf video game back in March.

He’s also still building wealth from winning tournaments as he won the European Tour’s Race to Dubai this season which earned him an extra $3 million.

McIlory has scored an ace in not only golf, but in the game of life with this sum of dough.

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Source: Back 9 Network 

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Spieth, McIlroy, Day all call each other world number ones

So this is really a brain tease. During press conferences for the current top three players in the world, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Jason Day, each of them deferred to each other as the tops in the game.


First, it was Rory, when asked about who was the best in the world, he said he thought it was Jordan.


Then, Jordan came out and said Jason was no.1 in the world.


Finally Jason said Rory was number one. But this is how Jason put it.

“Rory, isn’t that right? In the world ranking, Rory right now.” Jason said.


So Jason’s response was more of a “captain obvious” answer rather than how Rory and Jordan referred. So the confusion wasn’t as bad but still a bit of a tease.


I really do love how these three guys in particular are so classy. Let’s face it, golf is a very cocky game.


That’s why I kinda cringe when I hear “gentlemen’s game”. Sure, you shake hands and such and I think golf teaches wonderful lessons but little do we see guys pay their respects like that.


Heck, anybody would reply with “I am right now” or something along those lines, when asked who’s the best. It’s a very arrogant sport.


Sure, it’s every man for himself but it’s just so refreshing to see the top three players on the PGA Tour actually be respectful and show true sportsmanship. Because in a “me, me, me” sport, it’s cool that there are some guys out there that do pay their respects….even if it may sound kinda confusing!


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ICYMI: Rory McIIroy can’t stand his own commercial

I’m sure you’ve seen the Rory McIlroy Omega watch commercial which has gotten its share of air time. Well, Rory himself came out and said he doesn’t watch it.

“I turn it off. I’ve seen it too many times,” Rory said.

When asked about doing another ad, Rory responded:

“I’m not sure when. But I think that one went quite well for them, that’s why we didn’t have to shoot another one this year. If they could just change the music that would help.”

In case you didn’t see it, here’s a YouTube video of the ad which has reached almost half a million views:

For the record, I thought the commercial was really cool when it first came out. I thought the music belnded in perfectly and the skyline backdrop made things even cooler.

But Rory, being the class act that he is, I’m sure the “standing in the Hall of Fame” thing made him cringe. Although the song is pretty awesome, I don’t think Rors is thinking HOF quite yet, even though he has four majors.

If anything, he definitely wants the Green Jacket, but he has tougher competition than ever now.

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Source: Golf News Net 

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News anchor calls Rory McIlroy a “leprechaun”

In the previous article, we learned that Rory McIlroy had busted his ankle playing soccer with friends. During a report on Fox News’ “Outnumbered”, anchor Harris Faulkner was doing his job and doing an update which included the report of Rory’s injury.

After the update, an anchor off camera, Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery called Rory a “leprechaun” and that she “can’t stand him” as the mic caught her comments. The next day on the program, she came out and gave her reason for the nasty comments.

Here’s what she had to say, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

“I love sports, I love golf, but I am not a fan of Rory’s. Mostly for the way he treated tennis great Caroline Wozniacki and discarded her like a piece of chewed gum when he broke her heart and broke off their engagement in a short phone conversation. That’s worse than breaking up on a Post-it. Now to be clear, neither Harris nor Jenna Lee used the term and I don’t want them to get the credit for it. I called Rory McIlroy a leprechaun and believe me I wanted to call him much worse. As you know, some of my best friends are leprechauns and they also have tremendous sense of humor. Thank you.”

At the end of the day, Caroline is still filthy rich and very talented and Rory became a good golfer again.

Sometimes my friends, a break up can really be the right thing. If you feel that it is affecting you mentally and stopping you from doing your work or enjoying the things you enjoy, it’s simply the best thing.

Besides, I’m sure Rory and Caroline’s schedules are extremely hectic so Rory probably didn’t have a choice but to tell her over the phone.

It’s like in high school now where kids break up via text. Now that’s more like a post-it note!

Welcome to my generation (I’m 21, yes it’s true)!

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Rory McIlroy injures ankle, will likely miss Open Championship


Well, I guess Rory had World Cup fever as he and some friends played some soccer over the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, Rory tore a ligament in his left ankle while playing.

It’s unlikely that the world’s number one player can defend his Open Championship title at St. Andrews this year. Unless he pulls out a Jason Day and battles through injury but when it’s your ankle (Which can send shockwaves through your whole body), It’s hard to compete.

But, knowing Rory, if he wants it bad enough, he’ll compete. But he’ll have to hurry if he wants to compete in the Open which is just a week away after the John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run.

Here’s hoping a speedy recovery for the dude they call “Rors”.

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EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour will not be a yearly release


As you may know by now, EA Sports cut ties with Tiger Woods as the face of their golf video game franchise and replaced him with Rory McIlroy, renaming the game, “Rory McIlroy PGA Tour”. Originally, the game was supposed to been just simply “EA Sports PGA Tour” which was teased last summer at the annual E3 video game convention.

You know how most sports games come out yearly?

Ya know? Madden NFL “16” or NBA 2K “16”?

Notice how Rory’s game does NOT feature the typical number showcasing the year?

Well, that’s because, for the first time in the legendary golf franchise’s history, the newly named Rory McIlroy PGA Tour will NOT be a yearly release according developer Justin Patel who confirmed this on the Operation Sports golf forum.

The game is set to launch with only 8 real courses. Those courses being, TPC Sawgrass, St. Andrews, Royal Troon, Bay Hill, TPC Boston, Whistling Straits, Wolf Creek and Chambers Bay with TPC Scottsdale as a bonus course when you pre-order the game.

The game will also feature 4 fantasy courses. These courses are Paracel Storm (Based on a location in Battlefield 4), Coyote Falls which is a course in the Grand Canyon, Wetlands and Lighthouse Pointe.

Wetlands and Lighthouse Pointe will play more like real courses however according to Patel.

The 8 real courses brought on a ton of outrage across social media since EA hasn’t posted info on the new model yet. Justin Patel’s post on Operation Sports is the only thing right now.

The great thing about this game not being a yearly release is that we can see  quite a lot of extra courses down the road. So it can easily go from 8 to 50+ courses later on.

Who knows, Augusta might even make a return thanks to the new model.

Some other courses that can possibly make it in could be Medinah, Merion, Shinnecock Hills, or Fishers Island just to throw some names out there. Some brand new fantasy courses could also be a possibility.

Many have also complained about the lack of female golfers but again, thank to this new model, we can easily see LPGA players make their way back in. Besides, one of game’s slogans is “Next Gen Golf” or “Welcome to the next generation of golf” and I think it would only make sense to have three of arguably the best players on the planet in Inbee Park (26), Stacy Lewis (30) and Lydia Ko (18) in the game who are all young and in their prime.

So there’s a lot to look forward to with EA’s newest golf game.

And for those of you who are EA gamers, I know what you’re thinking. “THEY’RE JUST GOING TO THROW DLC (Downloadable Content) AT US ALL DAYYY!!”.

I know it’s hard to resist complaining but these post launch updates will be free for the most part. So you can unbuckle your belt and take a breath now.

Other things the game will include is an online mode where players tee it up simultaneously. However, you can see each other hit shots so it doesn’t feel like it’s just you out there.

Would be pretty funny if two balls landed in the same exact spot though. Another online feature is the “hole clock” which requires you to finish a whole in a certain amount of time so this helps speed up play for competitive rounds.

One of the big features for this game (And to some, quite shocking) which really puts the term “Golf Without Limits” into play is a new mode called “The Night Club Challenge”.

In the Night Club, players play through over 170 unique challenges in a night club style setting on three different courses. Challenges include, hitting targets, hitting shots through rings, using pitch shots to break floating plates and playing Stroke Play.

How it works from what I see is that you play each hole on each lf the three courses. Each hole has several challenges to complete to move to the next one.

This is very similar to EA Sports’ mobile game, “King of the Course” where you complete challenges on each hole on some the world’s most famous courses such as Pinehurst no.2, St. Andrews, and Banff Springs. Only differences are  that the Night Club’s challenges are a little different, the courses are different, it’s in a night setting, and the golfers are different which I’ll get to in a second.

You also can use different boosts which are the strategic bread and butter to success in The Night Club. Some boosts may include extra power off the tee or making your ball extremely heavy so it can drop and stop on a dime.

You can unlock (Remember that term? “Unlock”?) new fantasy golfers to use such as the Battlefield Soldier and Nevada Smith. According to Operation Sports, the full list of fantasy characters include the Battlefield Soldier, Nevada Smith, Laser Logan, and the return of the legendary Pops Masterson from the older Tiger Woods games but he brought his wife Edna Masterson with him as she is unlockable as well.

I assume Nevada Smith is EA’s version of Indiana Jones and judging by the way he’s dressed (You’ll see him in the Night Club trailer hitting pitch shots into green plates), I’d say that’s a definite YES. He also looks like a character from one of my favorite video games of all-time, Free Realms (Doesn’t exist anymore sadly. The servers were shut off just last year).

No doubt Nevada Smith and Pops will be my go to guys along with Jason Dufner when I don’t feel like using my created golfer.

The courses in the Night Club will be the golfing roller coaster that is Wolf Creek, the Paracel Storm course and Coyote Falls which is the course that is based in the Grand Canyon. You start your Night Club experience at Wolf Creek and go on from there.

Finally, two kinda small, but key features in the game that also fit into the “Golf Without Limits” category are no out of bounds and no load times between holes. No out of bounds means you can hit the ball wherever you want and truly can “hit it where it lies” while no load times shave the time off your rounds.

EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour will be available July 14th on PS4 and Xbox One. If you have an Xbox One, the game is available right now as a trial via EA Access.

Now if only they could let us walk around a clubhouse and hit the driving range and such. Yeah, that would be cool and could be a possibility with the new model.

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Masters Preview: Players to look out for, who will rock green?



Well, golf’s Spring time tradition is once again upon us as it should be another exciting Masters tournament. With probably one of the deepest fields we’ll ever see at the Masters, who will take home the Green Jacket?


This year’s Masters is full of stories to keep up with. This is one of those years where almost anyone can come out victorious.


Here are some key players to watch for (And no, I am not a fantasy golf expert. Sorry if I lose you any cash. Also, keep in mind that this list is NOT in order).


Tiger Woods – is back and from what I’ve heard, has had a couple of solid practice rounds. In order for Tiger to have a good shot this year, he’ll have to make sure his sort game is at its best.


Although Augusta National is known as a course for the power hitters, it’s an under rated track for the short game players.Tiger needs to have his short game going, especially on Amen Corner where the 11th hole usually has some tough green speeds and hole 12 where a lot of times, you might miss the green.


Have a solid short game and you can get out of hole 12 with a par. This will be one the most interesting Masters Tiger will have played in a looong time.


Bubba Watson – comes in as the defending Masters champion and winning two out of the last three. He’s quickly started to make a name for himself as a Masters legend and if he could repeat as champion, that would make three Masters victories in four years.


Although he was just voted as the most disliked player on Tour by his peers, Bubba looks to gain some more fans by once again dominating Augusta.


Key thing for Bubba is that he needs to make his putts. He’s proven that he can bomb it off the tee and get out of even Augusta National’s toughest lies, but can he handle the greens?


He should play pretty well if he can get GURs (Greens Under Regulation) on Augusta’s par 5s. Otherwise, he may have to pull some magic with the flatstick.


Jordan Spieth – looks to seek revenge as it looked like the Green Jacket was his until Bubba defeated him and showed why he won the Masters two years prior. Like Bubba, Jordan has proven he has terrific recovery ability, especially around the greens.


Another thing about Jordan is that he tends to sink putts at the right time. It didn’t pan out well for him last year at Augusta but Amen Corner can attack anyone on any given Sunday.


If he can get hot at the right time, which he does oh so often, he has an excellent shot to wear green this year. He’s also terrific even out of Augusta’s tricky bunkers which could do him well if he gets into trouble.


Only player who might be better at bunker recovery is Matt Kuchar, who’s been the best on the planet at doing so for the last couple of years.


Matt Kuchar – Speaking of Matt, I can see him making some noise this year. He was playing well at last year’s Masters but in the end it ended up being a duel between Bubba and Jordan until Bubba finally started to pull away.


Matt, to me, is one, if not the most unique “top player” on the PGA Tour. He’s not a guy who’ll overpower a golf course with his driver or split fairways.


He’s sneaky. He attacks courses with no real strength. As mentioned, Matt is an outstanding recovery player, especially out of the bunker (He’s no.1 in the world in Sand Save Percentage).


Other than that, Matt has nothing that makes himself standout like Phil with his short game, Tiger with his putter or Bubba with the driver. That’s what I love about him.


He finds ways to beat you that other players wouldn’t know about. He’s a classic course management type of golfer and that’s going to do him extremely well at Augusta where the course design challenges your mind arguably better than any other course in the world.


A classic strategic golfer who’s also really good with the putter as well. He’s 17th in the world in Strokes Gained.


With the unique combination of course strategy, bunker recovery and putting, Matt could be a serious threat at this year’s Masters. Only thing missing is if he had just enough power to get by.


He’s 147th in the world in driving distance. If he was at least in the top 100, he would have probably been my lock to win it this year.


Rory Mcilroy – Ahh, yes, the world’s number one player hailing from Holywood, Ireland. Many wonder if the ghost of Augusta past is behind him and if he could get the career grand slam.


What better place to get the career grand slam then at Augusta National? This is going to be a major test for Rory and he needs to be ready if he wants to make it happen.


See, he could’ve already had the career slam had he not collapsed at Augusta a few years ago. With his Open Championship win last year, we could have already been talking about his career slam and his booked ticket to the hall of fame but his famous collapse may haunt him.


What Rory needs to do is get his mind ready. He already has the talent to overpower Augusta and is good at well, pretty much everything else.


It’s just a mental thing for Rory. If he can handle Augusta’s course design and all of its tricks, Rory may have a great shot at completing the career slam.


Dustin Johnson – Like several players this year, DJ’s been on fire ever since returning from his recovery of “cccrrraacckk” addiction. He already won once again and could’ve easily won a couple of times if he didn’t lose in the playoff at Riviera.


Dustin’s back and better than ever. Plus, he’s obviously got the power to conquer Augusta.


He doesn’t have the recovery skills like his power counterpart Bubba Watson, but he splits fairways. He’s also quite consistent which is crucial to winning a major.


The thing is with Dustin, like Rory, his famous penalty at the PGA Championship a few years ago may haunt him. Although that was the PGA and this is the Masters, as good as DJ’s been since coming on Tour, many wonder if he’ll ever win the “big one”.


Probably playing some of the best golf of his career, this is the perfect time for Dustin to get hot. If he drives well and putts well, he’ll be towards the top of the leaderboard.


J.B. Holmes – Who?! Remember J.B.? He was quite a popular player some years ago. I laugh when I sometimes hear that J.B. is this “no name player”.


J.B. was pretty darn popular a good five or six years ago. He was the true Bubba Watson before Bubba became this mainstream success (While Bubba still had a clothing line at Steve & Barry’s. Oh how I miss you S & B!). He was the guy who had this unbelievable amount of power off the tee.


He’s been having a remarkable comeback season after having not one, but two heart surgeries. It would be a truly amazing story if J.B. were to walk out of Augusta with a win.


He has the skill to do it too. He’s still a major threat off the tee but he also has developed impressive touch around the greens, something that wasn’t a strong suit in the past.


The 12th ranked player in the world needs to rely on both his driver and his putter (AKA the “Two most important clubs in the bag”) if he wants a shot on the weekend. His recovery skills is good enough to get him out of tough situations so there’s not much worry there.


It’s all a matter of being consistent off the tee and around the greens for J.B.



Brooks Koepka – Brooks has honestly started to become one of my favorite players on Tour. He’s powerful off the tee, he’s accurate with his irons and doesn’t let pressure faze him.


The Waste Management Phoneix Open champion is on his way to possibly winning Rookie of the Year. This after he had just won Rookie of the Year on the European Tour.


Huh?! An American winning European Tour Rookie of the Year? Yessir, and it was the second time in a row and only the second time ever an American has done so (Peter Uihlein was the other player).


So, he’d become the first American player ever to win European Tour and PGA Tour Rookie of the Year if he can do it. He has proven that he can win, but can he tackle Augusta?


I really doubt he’ll even have a shot, but it’ll be so fun to see how he performs. Augusta is a course that’s perfect for Brooks to play well on.


In the end, the pressure of Green Jackets, pretty flowers, and towering pine trees will spin around his head, causing him to fall to the ground in a daze.


Then we’ll probably see floating flowers around his head. But it’ll be a treat to see him play hole 13.


Jimmy Walker – This man right here is on a mission. He’s by far the hottest golfer on the planet right now.


He already has two wins and the season hasn’t even fully started to take shape yet. Heck, he would’ve had three wins is he didn’t lose the Hyundai Tournament of Champions to Patrick Reed in a playoff.


It’s hard to stop a man that’s on a golf course rampage like J-Walk is. At this rate, I doubt Augusta even fazes the guy.


Plus, he’s extremely dangerous. He’s one of the few all-around players on Tour and could give guys like Rory or Tiger and run for their money.


He can crush the ball a long way, he’s accurate with his irons and he’s a monster on the greens. He’s the third best putter in the entire world.


His only weakness is his driving accuracy as he ranks 176th in the world in that category. He’s hit 303 out 563 fairways this year.


His recovery however, is just good enough to save him from those crooked drives. He’s ranks 84th in scrambling.


The key for Jimmy is staying in the fairway. If he’s hitting straight drives, then the Masters could be over in a hurry.


He’s just that good right now. I think he’s hungry for that major win and there’s arguably no major better to win than the Masters.


The pick to rock green – Although all of the players mentioned are great players and I know I left out some guys, but only one can win the Masters. I’m going with Jimmy Walker.


He’s just too consistent, too much all-around talent and doesn’t have a target on his back. He’s relaxed with no pressure on him and he can overpower Augusta.


A Masters win would also, in my opinion solidify him as the best American player on the PGA Tour. Although Bubba Watson has two Masters in three years, Jimmy Walker has been very consistent.


It’s a major championship missing that’s stopping him from reigning supreme as “Golf King of America”. Please give me an American player better than Jimmy Walker if he does win the Masters.


Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed are really the only guys that come to mind. Again, I don’t think he’s THE best American yet but my gosh he’s oh so close.


I tell you what, if he doesn’t win the Masters, he’ll definitely win a major this year. He’s just playing too well not to win a major.


He and Rory Mcilroy were the only two players las year two win three times. Jimmy is on the prowl again but this time, looking to get that first major title.


If he doesn’t win the Masters, he’ll likely be right towards the top of the leaderboard. Again, it’s all a matter of him hitting enough fairways.


That’s the huge key for him. If he can do that, then he’ll get his solid approach shots and he will make his putts.


Using his power off the tee will play a major factor as well.


My close second pick to win it was Jordan Spieth and my 3rd choice was Rory Mcilroy.


So, there you have it! Your 2015 GP Golf Report Masters champion is Jimmy Walker!


By the way, you’re likely reading this story on Thursday or Friday since I wrote so close to the first round. But, that’s OK! Because everyone knows the weekend is where all the juice starts flowing!


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Rory and Tiger star in epic Nike commercial

With the Masters upon us,  Nike decided to put together another epic commercial. This commercial stars two of the biggest names in golf, Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy.

The commercial shows a young Rory and his father (?) watching Tiger win an amateur tournament. Rory is then seen working on his game around the house.

As Rory continues to grow, he and his father continue to watch Tiger as he wins tournament after tournament.

Eventually, Rory grows and becomes the player he is today with Tiger right there.

Just a well produced commercial by Nike.

Check out the video below:

With Tiger back and Rory going for that career slam, as well the many other stories such as J.B. Holmes’ incredible comeback to top form and Jimmy Walker’s flamethrower of a season, this will be so amazing. Can’t forget about Jordan South, who like young Rory in the commercial is trying to make a name for himself and a green jacket will do it.

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