Tiger hits 172 yard drive, Allenby gets terrified at Sawgrass

As we know, one of golf’s greatest tournaments, The Players Championship is here and TPC Sawgrass is looking as beautiful as ever. There were some things that were not so beautiful at Sawgrass but I think we can all get a kick out of and say “That was me once!”.

Here are three things that happened at Sawgrass that probably won’t surprise you if you’ve ever been in these positions.

1. Tiger Woods, who overall played well during the first two days hit a gorgeous flop shot on hole nine on Friday which pretty much sealed his chances of making the cut. Well, earlier however was not so pleasant to former world number one as he hit a 172 yard drive on the first hole.

Here’s a little play-by-play chart of the shot courtesy of CBS Sports:

Also, here’s a tweet from the Golf Channel Tiger Tracker which includes comments from “Twitter comedians” and shocked Tiger fans:

2. Robert Allenby, who at one point won two tournaments in back to back years (200 and 2001) is trying to get back to top form. He also made headlines a couple of months ago about an alleged kidnapping.

Now, the Aussie is back and ready to rip up Sawgrass!….that’s if he avoids raccoons of course.

During the Friday round, Allenby was settling in, getting ready to tee it off until a furry critter decided to show its face.

This is when Allanby freaked the heck out.

Raccoons can be dangerous creatures and Allenby took notice right away. One of the things that make raccoons difficult to deal with is that they have similar characteristics like humans do.

For example, if they’re smart enough, they can open doors. They can also jump up and attack so the fear is real.

He freaked so bad though that he forgot he had a massive driver (whoopin’ stick) in his hand just in case.

3. Jonas Blixt who came close to winning The Masters last year, finishing in second behind winner Bubba Watson, decided that there’s a better way to clean his driver than simply wiping it with a towel. During the second round of The Players, the Swede somewhat casually tossed his driver into the famous pond on Sawgrass’ recognizable 18th hole.

Sadly, the Vine for the toss was apparently deleted so this picture courtesy of Next Impulse Sports will have to do:

He’s rich, it’s the 18th hole, so he just said “screw it!’ and tossed it. I’m sure he has a replacement set.

Jeez, and I thought golf balls were the only things getting lost on the 17th hole. Now we’re going to see clubs getting lost on 18.

This is probably what hole 17 is saying to hole 18: “18! Join the lost golf goods club!”.

Should be an exciting weekend at The Players!

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Another Witness Comes Out, Sheds Light on Allenby Story



After Robert Allenby’s alleged kidnapping during the Sony Open in Honolulu, Hawaii, a homeless woman had supposedly helped him get away from two bad men. Now, we have a different twist on this story that may make a little more sense.


According to the New York Daily News, a homeless man named Tao Kalili and a friend saw Allenby passed out on the sidewalk. Remember, he was in a bar with his caddie and a friend so he was probably just extremely drunk.


When Tao and his friend woke up Allenby, the 4-time PGA Tour winner went into somewhat of a defensive mode.


“He’s accusing me and my friend, ‘You guys are the ones who stole my wallet and phone. The gig is up. Just hand it over,’” Kalili said according to the New York Daily News.


“I was like, ‘Oh no. Brother, we’re the one who woke you up. We’re the one that was just helping you.’ ”


It also turns out that the homeless woman, Charade Keane, saw Allenby when he was confronting Kalili and his friend according to the NY Daily News. So the pieces are coming together.


The Daily News also mentioned that when Kalili and his friend returned after two hours, that Allenby was once again passed out on the sidewalk but with a bloody face, like in the picture above. They said that he likely fell on a lava rock which explains the bloody face.


Yup, so as expected, it turns out that the Allenby story is nothing more than a guy having just a little too much fun at the bar. A lot of fans thought this was the case and you simply can’t fool people who drink because they’re experts and know what happens when you have a little too much.


Besides, how the heck do you get kidnapped in Hawaii? Hawaii is the last place in America where you should see a kidnapping.


Plus, if he was kidnapped, wouldn’t you think he would’ve gotten beaten up a heck of a lot worse than that? His face looked like it suffered the consequences of a lava rock.


Real beatings would result in broken bones, ribs and things that are a heck of a lot worse. Especially if you were “kidnapped”. Kidnappers do way worse things.


And according to my man Ryan Ballengee of Devil Ball Golf, Allenby fell after coming out of a strip club. These things make a little more sense.


I guess the questions we ask now are, why would he lie and claimed he was kidnapped? Why doesn’t he just simply say that he had a little too much to drink? Is he smiling in that picture? Looks like it.


Could he be just trying to get some attention? His last PGA Tour win was in 2001 after all.


Crazy thing is that he’s still sticking with his story. Some golfers, especially ones who were really good like Allenby (He had four wins in just two years in 2000 and 2001) was, feel they need the attention after not being noticed in a while.


My attitude is, if you want some attention, win some tournaments or get in contention more often. He did so when he nearly won the 2012 Mayakota Golf Classic but ultimately lost to the champion, John Huh.


Plus, it’s not like his career sucked, he’s had a nice career. 13 Australian PGA wins and four PGA Tour wins in not too shabby.


So yup, I think this pretty much settles this situation. Good job detectives (You)!


But just remember, next time you go to Hawaii, watch out for the Hawaiian gangstas! H.W.A. (Hawaiians With Attitude) or the Hawaiian Homies are coming next I’m sure. They’re hit single will be called “Straight outta Lulu” !


UPDATE: Robert Allenby adresses the media. Here’s a clip of his press conference courtesy of the Associated Press.


He did give some blame to the media for making him not look like a victim although I don’t think he mentions it in the video after watching it but it was mentioned.

What Allenby needs to keep in mind is that it’s not the media making him look like he isn’t a victim. They’re called “witnesses” that saw you come out of a bar and fall.



So, this is where we’re at so far. Hopefully this thing is about over. Just a weird story. Man, and I thought I was weird!


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Homeless Woman Saved Allenby After Alleged Kidnapping

Robert Allenby was allegedly kidnapped, beaten and gotten things stolen from him as you may know already. Well, there’s some more info on the story coming out and involves a homeless woman that supposedly saved Allenby from getting hurt even worse.

This story has been widely criticized as well as some don’t believe that Allenby was really kidnapped. Charade Keane, the homeless woman saw Allenby bloodied up and grabbed him and pulled him away from two men that tried to rob him.

The two have since reunited after that incident.

Here’s a video from ABC news with some extra detail on story:

Allenby rewarded Charade with a $1000 American Express gift card. I’d honestly give her more money if I had the wealth that Allenby has but according to him, he assumed that “she was getting paid” according to GolfChannel.com.

Great courage and bravery on your part Ms. Keane!

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Credit: GolfChannel.com

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Report: Robert Allenby Allegedly Kidnapped, Robbed, Beaten



Wow, this is not good. Robert Allenby who has had a solid career as a player on the PGA Tour, was allegedly kidnapped and robbed according to Steve Sands of Golf Channel.


He was with his caddie Mick Middlemo and a friend at a bar in Hawaii when they noticed that Allenby went missing. According to Sands, Middlemo said that Allenby was six miles away from the bar when he was found.


He didn’t have his wallet, cell phone, credit cards or any money. He didn’t even remember where he was and how he got there.


This is the picture Allenby took of his beating and shared on Twitter:




Below is the video report from Steve Sands who broke the story:

Robert Allenby has won four times on the PGA Tour, four times on the European Tour and 13 times on the PGA of Australia.

Let’s hope Robert is OK and we all wish him a speedy recovery both mentally and physically.

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