WATCH: Rick Reilly Rips Tiger Woods About Being “Cheap”

Rick Reilly is one of the most legendary, wealthiest and successful sportswriters  and he’s also been critical as well and he did just that about Tiger Woods’ bad tipping. He was on Conan to talk about it.


“I’ve covered [Michael Jordan] his whole career, but I don’t think he can hold a candle to Tiger Woods. You need a court order to get Tiger’s wallet open. It’s unbelievable. He’s always like, ‘I don’t carry cash.’ I know a valet here in town that stands between Tiger and his car just to get his $2. He’s really terrible. I’ve seen Phil Mickelson buy a 50-cent cup of a lemonade from a little girl and give her $100. When he leaves the Masters each year, he gives the guys $2,500. Tiger gives them nothing. I was with Phil once, and it was raining. He sees a homeless guy, and he gets out, parks his car and gets out his umbrella to give to the guy. Tiger would charge the guy!”


play the video at 3:53 to hear the thought.

Someone with Tiger’s money should be tipping and this isn’t a new thing as Tiger was known for being kind of cheap when he wouldn’t let his then wife Elin Nordegren leave a tip at a restaurant a few years back. Who wouldn’t leave a tip with that kind of money?


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