LOOK: Python seen eating Wallaby on golf course


I know I haven’t posted on GP Golf Report in a little while, so how about this “lovely” picture for your return visit? Yes, that’s a freakin’ python eating on a Wallaby (similar to a kangaroo).


This yucky photo took place on the 17th hole at the Paradise Palms Resort, located in Australia. This actually shouldn’t be too surprising, as we’ve seenĀ alligators, raccoons, kangaroos and even sharks dominate a golf course.


But now, the fact that you see a python eating on something, just makes you cringe even more. Golf is a mental sport, and there’s no doubt that this will leave images in your head if you saw this during your round.


Have fun kids, and please, do not aim for the python!


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Source: Golf Digest

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PHOTO: Alligator bites the crap out of python on golf course


Seems like we always see the battle of supremacy in the wild on a golf course nowadays.


It happened again but this time, the arena was at The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek located in, you guessed it, Florida.


As you can see, the alligator really took a chomp out of the python.


Speaking of snakes, one battle I’d love to see is an alligator vs a cobra. Cobras are arguably the most dangerous animal on the planet so imagine that battle?


Poor Mr. alligator would have his work cut out for him if he wanted to be king of the course. But, that’s just a thought.


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Source: Golf News NetĀ 

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