A GP Golf Report Quickie: Simple Tips for Good Putting

Ben Crenshaw is Widely Considered the Greatest Putter of All-Time.

Ben Crenshaw is Widely Considered the Greatest Putter of All-Time.

An Example of a Mallet Putter. This is the Same Exact Putter I Use by Top Flite.

An Example of a Mallet Putter. This is the Same Exact Putter I Use by Top Flite.

Hey all, as we know, putting is the most important aspect of golf but is also one of the trickiest especially when you’re facing tough greens. Don’t you want to feel good after making a beautiful long putt as the ball rolls into the cup? Of course you do! Here are some basic things to know when on the greens. First off, and this is a no brainer, always try to read the greens to see where the slope is on the green so that way you get where you need to aim your putt. This doesn’t guarantee that you make the putt but you will likely get it close with the right amount if touch. Another thing I found out that was good is trying to take a shorter backswing on your putting stroke so this way, you don’t accidentally move your hands which will take your backswing off plane.

While taking this short backswing, make sure your follow through is longer since you had a shorter backswing and this will help on longer putts. This is why mallet looking putters have the line on the top of them to help you line up your putt and to keep your stroke on line on your follow through. Finally, it’s always a good strategy to aim past the hole because if you are just aiming directly at the hole, then you may hit it too soft, coming up short, after all, putting is a state of mind. When you aim past the hole then your mind will tell you to hit past the hole which will give you enough power to hit a putt that will roll right in the cup but aim just right behind the hole, not way past the hole.

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Long Putter Really Does Not Make Much of a Difference


Players have won many tournaments using long putters and three or four of the last five majors. However, many fans and players of the game dislike the long putter and feel that it’s an advantage more than anything. Many believe that it kills the pressure that a regular putter has because of the seperation of the hands but let’s be honest. It’s about the player him or herself. If they are poor putters then it’s not going to matter what putter they use. If anything, using a long putter would be a challenge once the player makes the change because the way it needs to be gripped is somewhat uncomfortable compared to normal putters. Yes, players can get used to it but just like when they first picked up a short putter. Same thing, had to get used to it. Adam Scott’s a guy who uses one and took him awhile to get a major but finally got one at the Masters.

It totally depends how good the player is at putting in general because if the long putter was such an advantage, then why haven’t they won every tournament? Because they haven’t so that right there alone shows the over reacting to the long putter. Some say it kills the tradition of of the game of golf and it’s like okay, then why isn’t anyone really saying anything about the hybrids? I like hybrids but I’m just saying, why isn’t anyone talking smack about those? They want to rip on long putters and they do absolutley nothing to improve your game, it’s just a prefereance and everybody should have the right to use them. Period. As a matter of fact, long putters are actually fairly tough to use for long putt so therefore, it brings a challenge and again it depends on how good the player is as a putter. If he or she sucks at putting then they won’t do anything with either putter.

It just takes practice, just like any other part of the game such as driving and ball striking. Besides long putters have been around for a few years and people are just starting to rip it now? Bernhard Langer used it all the time on the Champions Tour and still does. He was one of the most dominant players on the Champions Tour but it wasn’t because of his long putter. He was consistant with his iron shots and had sof touch around the greens. A putter is a putter folks. It doesn’t matter what putter you use, you will miss putts and make putts.

I’m not saying everyone should use a long putter, I’m saying everyone should have the right to use one and not take all of the beatings through social media that it gets. It’s fine to criticize, that’s what makes this country beautiful is opinions, but the way some people have acted over these putter is a little rediculous. And although the long putters will be banned in 2016, some people still want to complain. That’s cute. Everyone has a right in the United States of America’s golf courses.

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