EA Sports Teases PGA Tour Video Game With Rolling Ball

Well, EA Sports has been very quiet about their new golf game simply titled “PGA Tour” which was the name of their very first title back in 1986. They released an epic trailer for the Tiger Woodsless video game back in June of 2014 during the popular E3 video game convention where Ian Poulter is seen blasting a tee shot over a moving battleship during war.

Ever since then however, EA has been almost completely silent since the trailer leaving fans questioning if the game will release this year or not. Some fans believe EA has been retooling the game to compete with the increasingly popular golf simulation game, The Golf Club by HB Studios.

Either way, they finally look like they’re about to spill the beans on their new game. They did a little teaser video on Twitter and Facebook just to mess around with fans once again.

Here’s the 12 second clip:

A lot of fans think it’s an Easter Egg and I can partially agree because of the color. From my view it just looks a little too round to be an Easter Egg but the way it rolls might have something to do with that.

Thing is, the caption of the video says “Let’s get the ball rolling”. “BALL”. I see many people say that if it is indeed an egg, than that means the game may release on Easter which could very well be likely despite GameStop’s placeholder date of June 30th.

Another tweet tells us that the game could be bigger than expected:

And in case you didn’t see it (This is probably the third time I shared it), here’s the epic trailer of the game which was showcased way back in June of 2014.

As a video game geek, I can write about golf video games all day, and I too feel like I’m going nuts because EA has been teasing us for so long.

But don’t be surprised if we hear some news on Tuesday which is a day where video games, books, etc are all released, including game news.

The wait is finally over my friends! *Party horns sound*

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New Golf Video Game Which Doesn’t Include Tiger Woods or Other Pros, Receives Impressive Hype Score

Actual screenshot from HB Studios' The Golf Club video game which will release for the PS4, Xbox One and PC in the spring.

Actual screenshot from HB Studios’ The Golf Club video game.

The Golf Club, the new video game from Canadian game developer HB Studios has already received and impressive score although it hasn’t been released yet and no, Tiger Woods isn’t in the game nor is any other PGA or LPGA Tour golfer but that doesn’t stop golf game fans from giving it a terrific hype score of 9 out of 10. Yup, that’s right, a near perfect score. Although the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series has had an impressive run of scores at 9 out of 10 over the past few years but what makes this score particularly remarkable is for one, it doesn’t bear Tiger Woods’ name on it, secondly, it’s being developed by a company that isn’t EA or 2K Sports but HB Studios and from what I heard, there are only 10 to 15 people working on this game and they already managed to create the holy grail of golf video game features in a course designer feature where players can create any course to their heart’s desire whether it’s Augusta National, Cypress Point or Pine Valley, gamers everywhere can create any course they want, including their home course (Randall Oaks Golf Club in the Chi, what up!). The amazing thing is, it took HB only a month to put this game changing feature in there according to their developer diary.

I mentioned in a recent article about the game that with a huge feature like that and smooth gameplay, The Golf Club in my eyes, will be a Sports Game of the Year nominee. Probably won’t win considering the fact that it would be going up against the likes of NBA 2K and Fifa but a nomination at least by one or two publications would be a major accomplishment. The only thing that may be a little weird for virtual golfers who tee it up in this game is that there is no broadcast presentation. The focus of the game is supposed to basically be in the shoes a golfer who’s playing a round with his or buddies. Just a typical round of golf…only with super mega awesome epic core creating abilities! Regardless of not having a broadcast presentation, the game still looks spectacular. Probably the best thing about The Golf Club and I mentioned this before, is the fact that HB Studios will do continuous updates on the game instead of having yearly releases and this is something that many sports fans have asked for is to have updates on games and just have bi annual releases instead of yearly ones due to some of the many bugs some sports games carry especially Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, although it’s a fun game, it’s filled with bugs and was only updated once.

Not to mention, these updates that HB Studios is talking about are not just going to be run of the mill updates from what I’ve heard. These updates could include new on course visuals, new tools for the course creator or even new game modes (Wouldn’t that be something?). I was so impressed with what I’ve seen so far from the game, that I have The Golf Club logo featured as the cover photo on the GP Golf Report Facebook page as some of you might have seen already. There’s no specifics on a release date yet but we do know that it’s during the spring so it very well could be an April or May release. There’s also a nice interview Operation Sports did The Golf Club’s Executive Producer, Peter Garcian. How good could this game be? Or will it fall? It’s all in HB’s hands after EA’s golf series took the year off, they just have to deliver a great golf experience for all. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below! Would love to hear from you!

WARNING: Course creator may make you feel like a God amongst men so please use with CAUTION! Colin, out!

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Has EA Sports Found Their New Tiger Woods?

Here's a picture of the tweet courtesy of a fan on the EA Sports forums, sadly I wasn't able to get the actual tweet but I knew it WAS there and now it's not.

Here’s a picture of the tweet courtesy of a fan on the EA Sports forums, sadly I wasn’t able to get the actual tweet but I knew it WAS there and now it’s not.

As we all know, Tiger Woods is no longer the cover boy for the EA Sports’ golfing franchise and left many of us asking the question, what’s next? Well, I did some digging around and it looks like Ian Poulter is a possible candidate as the new poster child of the legendary golf video game. There was a tweet all the way back from August that Poulter sent that went as follows: “Doing a little work for @EAsportsgolf this morning.” Although the tweet is old, I haven’t seen any other articles written about it and it could possibly hint that Ian could be the next cover boy for the game unless it’s just regular work. But if it was just regular work then why are they working so closely with him two years prior to the new game? That could be a sign because I’d think they’d be working with the cover athletes the most since they’re the stars of the game.

If this is true then I think Ian’s a solid choice since he’s a great competitor and he’s fantastic with the Ryder Cup which is arguably the biggest golf tournament in the world. Yes, not everyone likes Poulter but his competitiveness is fitting with the game and may possibly mean an inclusion of the European Tour as well as Poulter has those connections. So, is Ian Poulter going take the throne from the almighty Tiger Woods? What features would the new game have? I think it would be pretty cool seeing the home courses of some of the top players featured in the game or seeing Pine Valley and Cypress Point in there for the first time. Or neither, just have a course creator and that’ll be the icing on the cake alone! So, what do you think of the possibility of Ian Poulter being the new cover boy for the popular golf video game? As always, let me know in the comments section!

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No Tiger Woods 15, HB Studios to Work on Golf Game

Could these guys be the Golf Video Game Saviors for 2014?

Could these guys be the Golf Video Game Saviors for 2014?

Well, it’s pretty much confirmed that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 is not going to happen in the March of 2014 and current game (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14) seems like it won’t get a patch anytime soon to cure some of the glitches within the game. So does this mean that this will be the end for the beloved golf video game franchise? Read on to find out more friends. The game has been very popular amongst golf fans pretty much since 1998 and has seen many unique features such as The Masters and the Ryder Cup. However, the sales of the game have ranged up and down with Tiger Woods 2004 being arguably the best of the series and one of the higher rated sports games of all time. One thing I hear from many people is that the game has been getting worse and worse year after year and like I’ve probably mentioned before, the game used to be more “fun-filled with game modes, features, mini games and a great soundtrack while also featuring very unique and beautiful fantasy courses along with the terrific real life courses. I still enjoy the game without a doubt and Tiger 14 is a very fun game, probably the best since Tiger 10. The lack of the “fun” factor though has really weakened the game from what it was. Some people can’t stand the fantasy courses which is absolutely silly to me because it’s ruining the extra fun in the game. Some people act as if the fantasy courses mess up the experience or that maybe it will screw up the chances of getting their favorite real course in the game and this is my assumption. I don’t think having fantasy courses would affect the list of real courses so I don’t understand the hate.

Don't Worry Tiger Woods PGA Tour Fans, the Franchise Will be Back for the 2015 Season (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16).

Don’t Worry Tiger Woods PGA Tour Fans, the Franchise Will be Back for the 2015 Season (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16).

Anyway, I think Tiger Woods 14 did a great job with the features they have and taking advantage of the “Battle of the Eras” and featuring great legends like Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino and they also did a spectacular job with re-creating the 1934 version of Augusta National but there’s just too many bugs in the game. So, for those of you wondering what’s going to happen with the legendary sports video game, you have nothing to fear because Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 WILL in fact happen unless otherwise. EA Sports is simply taking a year off so they can adjust to the technology of the PS4 and Xbox One and that’s a very smart move for them as now they have time to make a terrific golfing game. Plus, imagine how beautiful it will look on the PS4 and Xbox One? The detail in each swing, the movement of the blades of the grass, the realism, the realistic look of the golfer after he hits a bad shot (Picture it in slow motion)? Sounds awesome to me. And I’m sure the environments on the course and the weather conditions will be breathtaking. So Tiger Woods 15 is going to happen but you guys are probably wondering, who the freaking frack is HB Studios? HB Studios is the same company that has worked with EA Sports on several games including NBA Live and FIFA, but they’re working on a golf game for 2014 and if there’s no EA Sports golf game for 2014 then…who’s HB Studios going to be working with? And this is why this is exciting news because we may see a golf game with a totally different angle and that’s something great to talk about. Because if they work with a company like 2K Sports and if they use the same engine as the legendary NBA 2K franchise then my goodness it would be a very good golf game and the one thing I absolutely love about 2K is that they really know how to catch detail so the graphics in the game would be phenomenal.

Is HB Studios for Real Luigi?

Is HB Studios for Real Luigi?

From I heard, the game will be a PS4 and Xbox One title so it will definitely look pretty and the technology and style of the game could be ridiculous because golf is the perfect sport to feature in a video game with unbelievable detail and mechanics. The one feature that really caught my eye and will really make it one of the best sports games ever is the course creator that is said to be featured and that’s a feature that golf gaming fans everywhere have been drooling for a long time especially since the Links series. Imagine that, all of the deep customization that can be done to create stunning golf courses in next-gen gaming style and I am someone who loves golf course architecture so this is a great feature for fans of great course architecture and even aspiring ones. So who is HB Studios planning to run with this golf game? Will it be 2K? Are they possibly going to release it themselves? 2K is the only real candidate I can think of so it’s very possible. The rumors are that the game may be on store shelves in 9 o 10 months so mark your calendars with your pencils just in case you have to erase it but let’s hope not! So what’s this mystery golf game going to be like? What’s the name going to be? Who or what will be on the cover? Will it be PGA Tour licensed or no? Only time will tell but I love the suspense. This is a journalist’s dream. Get excited my fellow virtual golfers! Here’s HB Studios’ website: HB-Studios.com

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