Guess Where Dustin Johnson Was on Sunday?

DJ and Paulina at the AMA's, thanks to CBS Sports for the pic!

DJ and Paulina at the AMA’s, thanks to CBS Sports for the pic!

On the golf course! No, for real though, he and his fiance that all the guys drool over (Paulina Gretzky) were at the AMA’s last night as Paulina presented the award for Favorite Male R&B/Soul artist which went to Justin Timberlake who spotted Dustin Johnson in the crowd and performed a pretend golf swing on stage according to Now, I didn’t see the AMA’s because honestly I don’t really care. I was watching football as my Chicago Bears played the Rams (Sadly ending in a loss) and then I listened to the Patriots vs Broncos game on the radio and I was also on here writing because I love doing it and I love the fact that you guys read the work and share your thoughts! Anyway, it was good to see that DJ and his girl had a good time because sometimes, Tour life can be a grind but then again seeing someone like Miley Cyrus on stage could be a stressful sight to the human eye (hope she gets her act together) so maybe it’s still a grind but other than that it’s a nice night out and a chance to spend time with the lady. Could his relationship with Paulina effect his play on the course? Because I’m sure she’s one of those spoiled rich daughters that runs with a rich athlete.

I mean, she’s the daughter of arguably the greatest hockey player of all-time so you know she has to be spoiled, you can’t say that she isn’t a little. I mean, I’m sure she’s nice and all but you know she’s walking with her nose in the air a little bit. I mean, the pictures she takes, the random popularity she’s gotten, that tan she has (Why do white people get tan anyway? No offense, I love you guys!), etc and sometimes a spoiled girl can effect one’s job but only time will tell. I’m not trying to be rude but sometimes that’s the case you know? So, what do you think? Did you see DJ and Paulina at the AMA’s on Sunday Funday? Was it a shock to see her present an award or did you already know she was going to do so? On a golf note, do you think there relationship could effect DJ on the course or do you think it’s no big deal? Let me know in the comments as always!

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PGA Tour 2013: And the Winner of the BMW Championship is…..

Nick Watney Hitting a Shot From the Fairway During Sunday's Round at the BMW Championship.

Nick Watney Hitting a Shot From the Fairway During Sunday’s Round at the BMW Championship.

Zach Johnson Holding the Trophy After a Fantastic Display of Golf on Sunday at the BMW Championship.

Zach Johnson Holding the Trophy After a Fantastic Display of Golf on Sunday at the BMW Championship.

Accurate golfers have been the hot players at this year’s BMW Championship as we’ve seen Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker and Zach Johnson dominate the field but only one can come out on top. Many, including myself thought Jim Furyk had a legitimate chance to pull it out but it was former Masters champion Zach Johnson who came out victorious. Zach showcased his amazing accuracy off the tee and in the fairway as he is known for and finished strong with a 16 under par win. Behind him, almost coming out of nowhere was Nick Watney who finished with an amazing 7 under score for the day. Nick, who’s one of the more powerful hitters off the tee showed a great display golf which could have easily been his victory. Watney is also one of the best on Tour when it comes to hitting the greens from the fairway as he is 13th on Tour in that category and he was certainly taking advantage. I think Zach just handled the pressure better which he can do at times and being a player as accurate as he is definitely helps a lot. Zach was on fire all day and finished with a terrific 65 on the day while Watney shot a phenomenal 64.

Johnson looks to have the edge going into the Tour Championship after his stellar performance and to knock off a streaking Jim Furyk. Watney will also hae some moment as he had the best round of the day despite coming up short of the victory and Watney may have slightly more tools in the bag as he too is fairly accuarte and he has a little more pop in his driver however one main advantage that Johnson has over Watney is his putting. Watney is not very good on the greens but his accuracy with his ions and wedges help him get close enough to the cup for an easy putt but if he has a long putt then it could be trouble for him. Johnson has a much better chance to make putts from 20 or more feet out and that’s a huge advantage to go along with his incredible accuracy. Jim Furyk ended up collapsing, finishing with round of 71 falling three shots back of Johnson. So, the Tour Championship should be fun as there should be a ton of blood (Or Coca Cola) thirsty players looking to reedeem themselves after having a shot at the BMW. You can view the full BMW Championship leaderboard by clicking here, courtesy of Fox Sports.

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A GP Golf Report Quickie: BMW Championship Winner

Steve Stricker Looks Ready to Take the BMW Championship Title Home and to Show the World he's Still the Real Deal.

Steve Stricker Looks Ready to Take the BMW Championship Title Home and to Show the World he’s Still the Real Deal.

Henrik Stenson Holding the Trophy After Winning the Deutsche Bank Championship.

Henrik Stenson Holding the Trophy After Winning the Deutsche Bank Championship.

Ahhh yes, the BMW Championship, that last major step to reaching the Tour Championship (The Tour Championship makes me thirsty for Coca Cola) is upon us now and the field as usual will be great for the 3rd oldest PGA Tour tournament (Formerly it was the Western Open). This is the time where I make my pick for who will take the crown this week. The guy I chose is somebody who has had quite an impressive season and is currently ranked second in the World Golf Rankings. His name is Mr. Adam Scott and here’s why I think he will win. Ever since he won the Masters, he’s been towards the top of plenty of leaderboards and the way he’s played in these playoffs have been very solid. He’s an all around type of player who can hit for power, accuracy and is a solid putter and that’s a perfect combination to take down Conway Farms. He’s the second best player for a reason and I think he’ll come out the gates flying and making plenty of early birdies and no don’t say anything about his long putter because if it was cheating he’d probably win every tournament which he hasn’t.

It’s your PUTTING STROKE not the putter. Anyway I think his chances are high at this tournament and there’s no doubt he’ll at least be threat if he doesn’t pull out the W. So, be sure to keep up with world no.2 Adam Scott as he tries to put his name on a list of legends that have played this legendary golf tournament.Other great golfers to look out for are Phil Mickelson, Deutsche Bank Championship winner Henrik Stenson and Steve Stricker and we know “Strick” is going to be hungry since he’s been fairly quiet this season but now I’d like to take this time to say thank you to all of the firefighters, police offers & everyone in the medical field male and female who served and tried to help as many people as they can during the 9/11 attacks and to the media for covering it all and being professional as they can. I’d also like to say that I wish nothing but the best for the families of the lost ones and that there’s always a way to make it through as long as God is on your side. Finally, I’d like to tell the entire world, that we should never, ever forget what happened on September 11, 2001.


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The Most Over Rated Player in Golf?

Who's the over rated golfer? Read on to Find Out More..,Unless you Skipped This Caption then Whatever.

Who’s the Over Rated Golfer? Read on to Find Out More….Unless you Skipped this Caption then Whatever Bro.

What has Spongebob Learned so Far from this Post?

What has Spongebob Learned so Far from this Post?

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, cats and dogs, Bears and Packers (Hey, the NFL season starts tomorrow so I just had to troll like that!). I present to you, the most over rated player in all of golf! His name? His name features that of an animal. Alright, you should already know by now who I’m talking about. Congratulations to none other than Tiger Woods for being the most over rated golfer in the world. Yes I understand he’s done a lot in the game and has won many tournaments and majors but the way the media talks about him is ridiculous in my opinion. He’s a favorite in every tournament and it’s just eye rolling. He’s had a great season but a favorite in every single tournament? Come on now son, that’s poor picking. The guy’s not going to win every tournament he plays in, the dude hasn’t even won a major in 7 years now (It will be 7 once 2013 is over) and people act like he’s back. Well he’s not folks. If he wants to be his original self like in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, then he has to win a major or two because that’s what he did, so that’s what he has to do. I’m just tired of people saying “He’s back” and I’m normally not a big ranting type of guy but it’s ridiculous. One of the other things that really bothers me is the fact that when someone wins a PGA Tour tournament, the first thing someone writes or mentions is “Tiger shot a 75 in the final round” or something like that. Ummm…excuse me, I would like to know who actually won the tournament here, not how Tiger Woods did.

They say you should always throw Tiger’s name in there first even if he wasn’t the winner of the tournament because “That’s what people want”. Alright, fair enough, but not everybody is a Tiger Woods fan and there’s some who can’t stand him. Honestly, if you seriously believe he’s the first name you got to put up there in every article or every story you mention on radio or on TV, then that’s bad journalism in my opinion and mine only. Give the player who won, a chance. If Tiger won the tournament then great, let’s talk about it but don’t ram it down people’s throats. If Matt Kuchar wins the event, you talk about Matt Kuchar first then the other players. If Henrik Stenson makes a phenomenal charge to win a tournament, then you should talk about him first then the other golfers. Because to me the key thing that every true golf fan wants to know is “Who won the golf tournament” not “How did Tiger do?”, not right off the bat anyway. Like I said, if he won, then that’s awesome let’s talk about his victory and talk about how the rest of the leaderboard fared.

Look, I love and appreciate everyone involved in golf media and have had the chance to interview some great golf media personalities but the obsessive Tiger talk and picking him for every tournament is getting tiresome. There are so many great golfers on Tour that a lot of people will miss the chance of seeing how good they really were because they were overshadowed by the endless hailstorm that is Tiger Woods. I also understand that some people talk about him a lot because he’s a revenue builder for the networks and such but I think talking about the players who are in the lead at the tournament matter the most at the time unless it’s Tiger in the lead. Obviously, a lot of the big network radio hosts who talk about all sports talk about him because they aren’t big in golf but need to talk about golf if it’s a major. They’re getting paid for it after all. Now sometimes, I hear things from people saying that some of the media talk bad about Tiger. I don’t think I never heard anything bad said about Tiger in the media. Whatever bad someone said about him, it must have been very harmless because if the media’s talking crap about him then how come he’s picked to win in almost every tournament? It’s silly and they say ratings go up when he’s playing. Really? Well I believe when Rory Mcilroy was playing out of his mind last year, the ratings were very good over at Golf Channel, one of the highest ratings they ever received if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, I hope the golfing world knows that there’s more to golf than Tiger Woods, so let’s cherish this beautiful game and what it has to offer on all levels and not just cover it up by talking about one person 24/7 365 days a year. Because last time I checked, the winners of the tournament matter.

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Why the FedEx Cup Playoffs Rule

Matt Kuchar Putts on the 13th Hole at Liberty National Golf Club with the Statue of Liberty in the Distance.

Matt Kuchar Putts on the 13th Hole at Liberty National Golf Club with the Statue of Liberty in the Distance.

As we know, the PGA Tour playoffs is off to a start and many names are all over the leaderboard at the Barclays at Liberty National Golf Club in New Joisey (Jersey), and looks to be another great finish at the beautiful new course. I hear people complaining about Liberty National’s design but honestly I think it’s fine and the scenery really helps that. The Barclays is always a great tournament to watch and for good reason because the first tournament of the playoffs can always be a challenge especially for those new to it. There’s also a lot of people who complain about the playoffs and the FedEx Cup as a whole and it really drives me nuts because there’s too much complaining and not enough golf and it’s really sad, I mean there’s complaining in every sport but in golf, the complaints are about the most silliest things and it’s really eye rolling. Just enjoy the game, there’s going to be changes over time, it’s called, the past, the present and the future, yeah you probably heard of them, they’re great friends, they always hang out and hit the golf course, past hits 250 off the tee, present hits 300+ off the tee and future hits…??? off the tee. I just say, deal with it, I understand these golfers are passionate which is good especially with a lot of athletes nowadays just playing for the riches, glamour and glory.

 A Beautiful View of Conway Farms Golf Club's 8th Hole in Lake Forest,IL Where the 2013 BMW Championship will be Held

A Beautiful View of Conway Farms Golf Club’s 8th Hole in Lake Forest,IL Where the 2013 BMW Championship will be Held

The problem however is the fact they they can be really annoying, it’s like “just play golf please!”, because the FedEx Cup playoffs extends the season and gives the golf season an actual ending, rather than, play the majors and then end the season with a bunch of other random tournaments, don’t get me wrong, every tournament to me is fun BUT it feels more dramatic when you have the FedEx Cup playoffs, without question. Am I saying the FedEx Cup is bigger than the majors? Absolutely not, but none of the majors are the very last tournament of the PGA Tour season though making it where the season doesn’t have a proper ending. There’s always complaints when every little new thing comes to golf, do you want us to stick with spoons and jaggers (wedges and irons back in the day)? Thought so, now, if we did still use them then I’m cool with it because I just love golf as you do too. But the complaints need to stop, I think the playoffs is great for the game and you have a great course in East Lake that hosts the championship each year and that’s wonderful when you get a chance to play on Bobby Jones’ home course in Atlanta.

A Great Look at One of the Top Par 3's in All of Golf and the Signature Hole at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club Located in Lemont,IL Where Many BMW Championships have been Played.

A Great Look at One of the Top Par 3’s in All of Golf and the Signature Hole at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club Located in Lemont,IL Where Many BMW Championships have been Played.

I also love the playoffs because of the BMW Championship (Originally the Western Open, the third oldest golf tournaments in PGA Tour history and was once considered a major) which usually takes place in Chicago which is special for me being a Chicago kid but it’s unfortunate that it’s not called the Western Open anymore but nonetheless, it’s the same tournament but with a different name. As we know, the BMW Championship is always one of the great tournaments of the year and always unleashes the true talent out of some players. Make a long story short, the FedEx Cup playoffs is fine, stop complaining and enjoy this beautiful game of golf. Golf is golf, no matter what changes and FedEx Cup playoffs is just another way for us to enjoy, cherish and celebrate this great sport. From Chicago with love, stay golf minded everyone!

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The Players Championship 2013: Another Year, Another Classic Tournament

ThePlayerLogoHole 17 Sawgrass

Well, The Players Championship has finished and Tiger Woods ends up coming out with the victory for his fourth win of the season. He and Sergio Garcia both led the tournament while having a not-so-friendly exchange of words making it a heated and entertaining battle coming down the stretch.

At the beginning of this tournament it was Roberto Castro who led the way with a record tying performance making it arguably the most dominant opening round in Players Championship history. However, he quickly fell down the leaderboard and ended up finishing tied for 19th with a slew of players including Luke Donald, Zach Johnson and Jason Day, so in the end he still had a strong finish overall and his game should be appreciated and that just shows that there is so much talent on the PGA Tour and Castro is a perfect example of that, even on a course that is a Pete Dye design which is always a challenge, he still managed to play at a high level until Garcia and Woods both charged up the leaderboard and TPC Sawgrass eventually got the best of Castro.

Surely the hall of fame architect Dye appreciates the great competition that has been seen over the years at TPC Sawgrass and have a hole that is arguably considered the most famous in all of golf at the 17th at which Garcia failed to execute when it mattered. Woods has won four tournaments this year with his victory at the “Fifth Major” but still needs to win a major to be the tiger of old. If he didn’t win so many majors back then, then Tiger is in fact back, but the reputation for him grew largely because of his wins at the majors so he will never be back unless he can win a major almost every year like he did back then, he’s just a very good golfer now, but he’s not back to original Woods form like back in the early 2000’s, not even close, especially when Rory Mcilroy won five tournaments just last year including a major.

So it’s still going to take a lot before he’s “back” so appreciate how he’s playing now, don’t worry about him being “back” as those days are gone. Look ahead with the Woods that’s out there now and see how things turn out. He will win tournaments but it’s definitely uncertain when he will win another major, the closest he’s ever gotten was at The Masters and the competition is extremely more fierce than ever before as more and more players rise to occasion to finish strong in majors so Woods has a lot against him and there a lot of very talented players hungry for their first major championship like Kevin Streelman for example who has been playing out of his mind for someone who only has one victory this year.

In almost every tournament Streelman is always towards the top of the leaderboard and he finished second at The Players. If there’s one guy that has a very high chance to win a major this year then it’s definitely Streelman. The Chicago native has proven that he’s the real deal on tour and can compete with the best of the best including Woods and Garcia. Streelman could have had at two or three wins this year and that’s how good he’s played and it kind of came out of now where although, he already proved he was a solid player last year but this year he has come into his own and it’s amazing to see. With the U.S. Open coming around the corner, this is a perfect opportunity for him to finish victorious and get that first major.

Guys he needs to look out for are Jason Day who seems to always be in contention at majors and is very hungry for his first title and Lee Westwood who finished strong at TPC Sawgrass and is also hungry for a major himself. Others that finished in the top 10 at The Players are former Players champion Henrik Stenson, long hitter Ryan Palmer, long putt master and “Golf Boy” Ben Crane, former world number one Mcilroy, the ever talented Martin Laird and Brandt Snedeker who still remains a trooper out there.

This was another exciting year of The Players Championship and next year looks to be just as fun and full of memories and maybe even more trash talk if Woods and Garcia are in the top ten again next year.

(Credit of this article goes to a piece I wrote on

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Matty Matt Wins WGC Match Play & Down Goes Poulter! Down Goes Poulter!


Everyone’s favorite kind of Matt wins the Accenture WGC Match Play….like a BOSS!

He defeated defending champ Hunter Mahan today with a 2 and 1 victory in Arizona.

I love Hunter Mahan, but I really enjoy the way Matt Kuchar plays.

He goes out there with confidence and it shows with every hole he plays.

He isn’t an all around player but is good in many fields like his approach game. If there weren’t so many talented players on Tour right now, Matt Kuchar would be a furry & ferocious beast with sharp fangs and foam mouth.

There was a time however where Matt was the hottest American player on Tour. But now that role is being filled by Brandt Snedeker but you can easily putt Kuchar back in the picture again after a solid performance today.

Also, how about Mr. Poulter? You know, that guy that wears all of those funky clothes?

Yeah well, that dude is normally the best “funking” Match player in the game of Golf, maybe even one of the best in the history of the game.

The only reason why he probably wouldn’t rank super high is because he is still young and hasn’t been on Tour long enough. I like Ian Poulter.

His attitude is “Ok” but he can be a heck of a player at times, esspecially with these Match Play tournements.

At one point in time he was 6th in the world rankings and got very close to no.1 until gentlemen by the names of Kaymer and Donald came flying in with their capes, one with a picture of Frankfurt Germany on his back and the other with both a picture of London and Chicago on his back.

Eventually, Poulter said “DERP!” and took off and made way for the two other golfers and then well, we knew what happened when a certain “Mcilroy” came along.

Anyways, Matt Kuchar is already on his way to becoming one of American golf’s elite as he has the talent and is hungry for more wins as he only has a few wins on his resume with no Major titles.

It will be very interesting to see how he does down the road this season. With Matt, Snedeker, Tiger and Phil, American golf may just bring sexy back ya’ll! Til next time, PEACE, ADIOS, SIANARAA!

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