WATCH: Greatest press conference ever takes place at President’s Cup

The U.S. team defeated the International team in dominating fashion at the President’s Cup at Liberty National Golf Club. In the end, they celebrated one of the most lopsided victories in sports history.

This included Charley Hoffman smoking a cigar like a boss, Dustin Johnson dancing, and an epic press conference. This press conference may be the greatest in the history of golf.

This isn’t just a golf writer overreacting, this presser was genuinely hilarious. You can watch the full conference above, but here are some of the awesome highlights.

Players were singing some of their favorite songs chanted by fans. Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson had fun with a “track” that was created for Si Woo Kim.

Si Woo didn’t “shake that thang” but he did do the “Patrick Reed Shush” on Sunday. Despite being down by a lot, I still thought he did it better. Kim I felt did it with a little mor swagger than Reed, but hey, that’s jsut me.

Back to the “press conference”, Dustin Johnson is recorded doing the “Si Woo dance”.

And let’s finish things off with probably my favorite; Matt Kuchar teasing Phil Mickelson.

So there you have it! A dominating performance by the American team ends with one of the best press conferences you’ll ever see.

As we sunset the President’s Cup, let’s look forward to the Ryder Cup at Le National Golf Club in 2018. There’s nothing like team golf, and we already know the Ryder Cup will be super dope.

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LOOK: Justin Thomas to wear super dope shoes for President’s Cup

Justin Thomas is having the best year of his life playing golf, winning five times, shooting a 59 and winning his first major title at the PGA Championship. He may also grab the Player of the Year award, but he can also grab the Swaggiest Golfer of the Year award too (yes, I made that up), thanks to his cool new shoes that he will rock at the President’s Cup.

Michelle Wie, one of golf’s biggest characters, gave the red hot kicks to Thomas as a gift. This is fitting since Thomas is slowly, but surely becoming more known for his style of dress, similarly to Rickie Fowler is golf’s go-to guy in the fashion department.

In particular, Thomas wore a cardigan at The Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, which was a cool way to give a nod to the golfers of yesteryear. There’s no other major that contributes to the history of the game like The Open as we know, which will soon be the final major of the year, starting in 2019.

Bravo to Michelle Wie. If there’s a girl who has a little swagger in golf, it’s Wie, and she delivered (literally) some dope kicks to Thomas. Get ready to witness all the country colors at the President’s Cup, under the watchful eye of the Statue Liberty.

With both team USA and International team rosters loaded with talent, this one should be a straight up doozy. Prepare for battle.

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U.S. President’s Cup team has very odd lucky charm

OK, so I got a real good chuckle out of this. Apparently, the American President’s Cup team has a special good luck charm.


What is that good luck charm? How about rubbing the belly of one Phil Mickelson?


Look at the clip below, you’ll likely laugh:

Seems like Phil was cool with it. But I wonder who’s idea it was?

When you’ve won as many majors as Phil has, everyone wants to rub the belly I’m sure! Just another reason to love the President’s Cup, not to mention the Jack Nicklaus Club is freaking gorgeous.

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WATCH: Phil Mickelson hits remarkable hole out from bunker

OK so there’s nuts, and then there’s crazy nuts. Not too many players in golf have hit some of the most jaw dropping shots you’ll ever see, quite like Phil can.

This is why he is known as “Phil the Thrill”. And he put on another thrill on the 12th hole at the Jack Nicklaus Club during the President’s Cup.

Check it out!

Unbelievable. We’ve seen some great hole outs from the 100+ yards out but in the freakin’ fairway bunker? Is you for reals?!

That handshake for Zach Johnson was hilarious. I went from “Oh my God, he did whaa?!” to laughing my tail off from the handshake!

Amazing shot. Tell me some of YOUR best recovery shots by leaving a comment below or shoot me a Tweet @ChiGolfRadio! I really have nothing else better to do so please, share your experiences with thee (Did I say that correctly?)!

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The Female President’s Cup Streaker is Back and Her New Pictures Will Catch Your Eye

Remember the streaker babe from the President’s Cup, Kimberly Webster? Yeah, well she’s at it again, this time she’s showing off a couple of pictures for all to enjoy. The pictures show her covering up her naked body with the ever so bright and colorful American flag. Of course this will catch the eye of all us dudes and if you have a wife or girlfriend then she might just smack you in the face if you decide to save it as a wallpaper. Just tell her it’s a tribute to our United States golf team! Here’s the pictures below and thanks to for them!


Oh and the craziest thing is that she’s selling these pictures on her own website for $25 each. A steal for sure! I think there just cool pics because it’s a unique way to represent the US of A and is a reminder of what was a pretty solid President’s Cup earlier this year. You can check out her website here and for those of you who missed the footage, then here it is.

Let me know what you think!

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President’s Cup: U.S. Squad Wraps Up Victory with Strong Finish

U.S. captain Freddy Couples wins another President's Cup making it an impressive 5th time in a row.

U.S. captain Freddy Couples wins another President’s Cup making it an impressive 5th time in a row.

The U.S. team grabs its eighth President’s Cup title in 10 tournaments thanks to the clutch putting on the American side during the singles matches. Due to the great play of Steve Stricker all week and Zach Johnson today with an impressive win over Brandon Grace while PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner had a solid win himself knocking off Brandon De Jonge who is always a dangerous player on the course. Tiger Woods clinched the tournament winning match defeating Richard Sterne by winning 1 UP. It seems like the International team was trying to make a slight charge after they were making their share of clutch putts on the tough greens of Muirfield Village. Overall the day was won by the International team but they had to be nearly perfect today if they wanted to comeback and complete the upset. Jason Day was spectacular as he was able to beat Brandt Snedeker 6 & 4 and “Sned” put up a heck of a fight.

If Louis Oosthuizen had knocked off Webb Simpson and if Richard Sterne had beat Tiger Woods then it would’ve been 18 to 17 rather than 18 to 15 as both matches were very tight. This President’s Cup was much closer than many expected but thanks to great play of the U.S. team on Saturday’s foursome and four-ball matches which helped them stretch the lead out leaving the International team having to nearly have a perfect round of golf on Sunday. This was another great President’s Cup and it’s like the fun more laid back version of the Ryder Cup while still having some prestige to it as the U.S. team once again raises the President’s Cup in triumph.

Jason Dufner was a key factor in team USA's President's Cup victory.

Jason Dufner was a key factor in team USA’s President’s Cup victory.

There was some great golf this week and now we look ahead to the next season and what it will offer. Yes, there are still golf tournaments but the primary events are pretty much in the books so next season we’ll have a lot of cool things to look forward to like the rise of Jordan Speith, the comeback of Henrik Stenson, Jason Dufner looks to be up to par with his potential as a lot of people (Including of myself) thought he was going to have a stellar season but was quiet until he eventually won the PGA Championship. So now that the President’s Cup is in the books, what will we expect now? Let me know in the comments section below! Again, this was a great President’s Cup, especially after my beloved Northwestern Wildcats (Note: I did not attend Northwestern, just a big fan) lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes in a stunning football game on Saturday. Here’s the final scores of the President’s Cup: On that note, keep it real all and please subscribe to the site if you enjoy it and please follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! By the way, my President’s Cup MVP is Steve Stricker. He was phenomenal all week.

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President’s Cup: Rain Stops Play Yet Again

Jason Day and Graham DeLaet who have been playing some solid golf look to try to bring the International team back to give them the lead.

Jason Day and Graham DeLaet who have been playing some solid golf look to try to bring the International team back to give them the lead.

Well ladies and gentleman, it looks like golf’s biggest fan, Mother Nature is at it again. For the second straight day, rain stops play at the President’s Cup. Maybe the Phil patting Keegan on the butt thing stopped play? Maybe it was because of Amanda Dufner or Amanda Balionis’s good looks that made it rain? All kidding aside, rain delays, although they suck, could lead to potential momentum swings or make the team that’s leading even stronger or lead to both teams falling apart. I say this because some players may start losing confidence in their swings especially if they were off to a hot start. It’s tough to maintain a hot streak after a delay. However, team USA did in fact maintain their lead after the two-hour and 30 minute delay but play was stopped for the day due to darkness and the rain delay obviously had a major effect on that. Can team USA keep it going on Saturday leading into the final round Sunday? Or will the International squad make a comeback?

As I mentioned before, although the International team has some President’s Cup rookies, they are still a very solid team with Adam Scott, Jason Day, Ernie Els and Angel Cabrera on their side along with some fresh talent.I still think the US squad will pull it out though because they still have too much fire power. If Keegan Bradley, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar can keep up their play then there’s no doubt the President’s Cup will be over in a hurry. Steve Stricker and Jordan Spieth also have been playing some great golf and a lot of fans were wondering if Jordan could come out and have a great round or two. Of course you got the typical Tiger heads that probably could care less for the kid and want to call everyone else “Tiger haters”. Well, let’s get this straight, people are going to dislike Tiger for certain reasons, especially because he gets talked about when he shouldn’t but in this case he’s playing solid golf. People that call others “Tiger haters” are likely people who only follow Tiger and watch no other golf.

Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson look to help the US squad keep their lead.

Keegan Bradely and Phil Mickelson look to help the US squad keep their lead.

That’s we call in the sports world, a “casual” fan. I’m not a big fan of him because I don’t think he remembers where he came from and the one thing that I learned that is extremely important in life is NEVER forget where you came from and I’ll leave it at that, I would’ve been a big fan otherwise but he’s definitely playing some great golf out there with “Kuch” no doubt. Anyways, Tiger, Phil, Keegan, Kuch and the rest of the US squad look to continue their winning ways as they go into Saturday with the lead, 4 1/2 – 3 1/2. Let’s see how Saturday’s round turns out! Here’s the latest look at the scores:–golf.html. On that note, hope you all enjoy round three of the President’s Cup and keep it real, from Chicago with love. Also, be sure to subscribe on the left side of your screen and please follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio and please share the site with friends if you enjoy it! It’s greatly appreciated.

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