REVIEW: Sci-Core Golf Balls may be best practice balls out there

Sci-Core practice balls are soft but have true golf ball feel. Image courtesy of their website.

Golf is the most versatile sport in the world as there are numerous ways we can play and enjoy it. The Sci-Core practice golf balls by Swing Coach help open the door to a world of possibilities where you don’t have to limit yourself to just the driving range.

Immediately, what I liked about the Sci-Core balls is the beautiful orange color which makes it easy to identify your ball when practicing around. Plus, it is the color of my alma mater, the Illinois Media School (you knew that was coming if you follow me on Twitter).

After hitting some chips and pitches, I will say that it may be the best practice ball that I’ve used. The rubbery outside of the ball is smooth, and bounces off the club face beautifully.

It’s also a solid enough ball to where you can get some actual ball flight without having the fear of breaking something such as windows. You still want to be careful, but the soft rubber skin of the ball takes some of the worries out of your practice session, wherever you are.

One of things that I’ve written about in the past is Urban Golf or Street Golf which is the playing of the sport in the streets. The Sci-Core balls are excellent for this fun variation of the sport as well, and due to its unique orange colors, make it visible in any weather condiditon.

Not only are the balls great for irons and woods, but it is also fun on the greens as well. The balls roll nicely after striking with a putter, and it feels light off the face.

The lightness is helpful because it may help you improve your touch with the sniper stick (putter). You’ll know not to hit the ball as hard on putts, so when you go back to using your regular ball, then you’ll be able to judge the power of your putts better.

Overall, the Sci-Core golf balls are fantastic, and if you’re someone like me who enjoys practicing golf wherever possible, then these golf balls are among the best in the sport today.

You can visit for more info on the Sc-Core golf balls.

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