LISTEN: Liz Dickson AGREED to do the ‘Tee in Butt’ Stunt

I know this story is getting old but thanks to TMZ, there’s always something piling on. Apparently, Dickson agreed to do the ‘tee in butt’ stunt which she’s suing Playboy for after the stunt bruised her butt. So basically, she’s full of crap since she agreed to do it. Below is the audio that was taking place while everything was going on at the Playboy golf tournament and it was actually kind of funny. Enjoy! Go ahead, laugh at the humiliation!

Playboy Golf Lawsuit — Babe AGREED to Butt Stunt … Here’s the Proof!
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Again, shout out to TMZ for the audio!

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WATCH: The Trick Shot That Ruined Model, Liz Dickson’s Butt

As we all know by now, model Liz Dickson sued Playboy and radio host Kevin Klein for hitting her in the butt with a golf club after a trick shot goes wrong. The model was flat on her stomach with a tee in between her butt cheeks. Well, Klein took the swing and missed and ended up nailing one of her cheeks causing a massive bruise. The video is below courtesy of TMZ.

Playboy Babe Liz Dickson — Ass Cheek Golf Swing VIDEO … You Gotta See This Bruise
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On the video it didn’t look too bad but take a look at this nasty picture of this absolutely massive bruise.

Courtesy of TMZ

Courtesy of TMZ

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Model Sues Playboy Over a Golf Stunt That Involved a Tee in Her Butt


First of all, What?! Why?! How?! I don’t know but according to Deadspin and TMZ, model Liz Dickson is suing Playboy and a radio host for a stunt that involved a golf ball, a tee and her booty. It’s pretty obvious that the radio host was apparently trying to hit a golf shot off her booty and must of nailed her cheeks instead of the ball. Dickson has filed a complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court against Playboy Enterprises and Kevin Klein who is the co-host of the Playboy Morning Show. Liz is looking for $500,000, that’s right, half a mill.

She could definitely shout C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) if she gets that much dough. She’s also seeking “punitive damages” for battery and negligence. It all started long long ago in a land far far away….well at the Playboy Golf Finals in 2012 on March 30th where Ms. Dickson was invited to help host according to the complaint from CBS Los Angeles:

“Dickson agreed to have a photo taken of her lying on her stomach “with her buttocks partially exposed” so that Kevin Klein, co-host of the show, could hit a golf ball put atop a tee that was inserted between her butt cheeks, the suit alleges.

However, Klein missed the tee and “struck plaintiff on the buttocks, causing her injuries and damages,” the suit states.

Dickson suffered pain, suffering, worrying and anxiety as a result of her injuries, the suit states.

Below is a copy of Ms. Dickson’s lawsuit and it says that she sustained severe bodily injuries, a portion that are permanent.”


OK, first of all, how come she didn’t complain about this earlier? This happened back in 2012. It’s 2014. Secondly, why did she agree to do the trick in the first place? Did they force her or something? Did they offer her a ton of money? Because, if you’re trying to hold a tee between your booty cheeks, I’d assume it would be hard to keep the tee steady enough for the guy to take the swing. Also, she would have to squeeze her butt cheeks together pretty tight which I’m sure would be quite uncomfortable. Now, I also got to put at least 50% of the blame on the dude taking the shot. If you’re going to do a stunt like that then KNOW WHAT THE HECK YOU’RE DOING!

Because whipping a golf club around will easily reach over 100 mph so can you imagine the impact….on her butt? A butt injury is one of, if not the most cringing injury I mean…it’s your butt! So, let’s hope that Dickson is continuing to make a recovery and hope nothing but the best for her going forward. Also, let this be a tip to all of you out there. If you’re not a great golfer, don’t hit a golf shot off a woman’s booty. Not your wife’s your girlfriend’s, your female best friend’s, your Mistress’s NOBODY’S! Because injuries like this occur and you live with guilt.

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