WATCH: This drone footage of Pine Valley will blow you away

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Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey has long been regarded as the greatest golf course in the world. Designed by George Crump in the early 1900’s, it would be his only course design as he died in 1918.

Being a hotelier, he sold his business in order to have money for the project. This is how passionate Crump was about Pine Valley. Sadly, not having a business, and putting a ton of money into the course left him practically broke practically made him broke, and because of this, legend has it that he took his own life.

Although the course is Crump’s design, many legendary architects helped with the design, including Hugh Wilson, the always interesting Perry Maxwell, and A.W. Tillinghast, perhaps the most decorated golf course designer of all-time.

As we approach the end of 2017, Golf Digest dished out a rare holiday treat for golf fans everywhere. This tasty treat is some amazing, in-depth drone footage of Pine Valley, hole-by-hole.

If you ever wondered what famous holes like the 5th, 10 or 14th look like, then this is your chance to check it out with crisp, clear visuals. Very rarely, does Pine Valley allow anyone to get an in-depth look at like this.

The best shot you have of getting close and personal is by either getting invited by a member to play or if you attend the Crump Cup were PV opens their doors to the public once a year. And what I mean by “once a year”, is a one day per year. Although the Crump Cup goes on for four days like most tournaments, it is only open to the public on the final day of the tournament on Sunday.

Other than that, this amazing video by Golf Digest is a great way to get a nice look at it, no matter where you are in the world. Now, Golf Digest newly named Royal County Down as their new number one ranked course in the world, and I personally can’t disagree with that at all, as RCD is simply a spectacular course both architecturally and aesthetically and one of my favorites.

For many years though, and into today, Pine Valley is still widely regarded as the best course on the planet. Essentially, it’s the Michael Jordan of golf courses.

Golf Magazine still ranks it as its top course in the world, where it has been for over 25 years now. Sure, it may not “seem” to have the majestic beauty of courses like Augusta National, Pebble Beach or Northwood, but it’s still a breathtaking course.

It’s naturalistic charm, being in the heart of the forest, may make anyone step back and take a deep breath. The aforementioned 14th hole alone is one of the top ten most beautiful holes in the world undoubtedly.

In short, with its incredible design, natural beauty, and wondrous mystique, Pine Valley continues to prove why it just may be the holy grail of golf courses. Golf Digest just opened the pearly gates into golf heaven with this video.

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Picture: This is probably the closest you’ll get to Pine Valley

So, I decided to do a little snooping around on Google Earth’s street view and decided to pull up the tiny town of Clementon, New Jersey. Why do I look that up you ask? Because Clementon is home to the number ranked golf course in the world.

That course being non other than Pine Valley.

Thanks to the power of Google Earth’s Street View feature, I was able to explore the small, somewhat mysterious town. Things I was on my virtual journey was a couple of stores, some houses, the famed amusement Park that stands out in the middle of the town.

And then, there’s that long stretch of road that leads you to a dirt parking lot. There’s some train tracks (Too Too Twain!) right by the lot.

Across the tracks? The world famous entrance of the world’s number one course. There’s a guardhouse that sits within the entrance, ensuring that intruders don’t pass by.

That’s as far as I got and for good reason. Here’s the picture I took.

One thing I notice about the Pine Valley parking lot and entrance is that it looks like it’s just at the end of the country or something. Like as if you traveled all the way across the country and at the end, here’s your reward.

Like an exclusive dead end.

I also hear that what makes Pine Valley so beautiful is that it’s so secluded (Lovers who also golf, rejoice!….only if you know a member of the course or are a member yourself). It’s definitely a course full of wilderness and probably see plenty of wildlife.

Probably even more rare than the main course is its short 9-hole course which was designed by Tom Fazio back in 1991. I’m a big sucker for a great short course so this would be a dream to play!

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Review: Nomo Poster Creates Artsy Pine Valley Layout


Armchair Course Architects, rejoice!

Armchair Golf Course Architects, Rejoice!


Nomo Design is a company that creates different styles of art, whether it’s graphics on a shirt or poster prints. Well, they came out with golf course poster prints and they are beautiful.


The golf course prints started out as just a Kickstarter campaign and proved successful as they surpassed their goal in funds to release these beauties. Right now, there are eight course posters to choose from.


Those being, Augusta National, Pine Valley, Merion, TPC Sawgrass, Interlachen, Oak Hill, Muirfield and Pebble Beach. I decided to go with Pine Valley because who doesn’t want the layout of the world’s number one golf course?


My first impression when I saw the print is that I felt like I was stepping into the brilliant mind of George Crump. George was the course’s designer who put practically his whole life into Pine Valley.


Laying the poster out and looking down at it, I felt like I was about to redesign the world’s number one course. That’s how terrific the poster is.


We all love golf courses. It’s the heart and soul of the game we love so dearly. These posters show you each hole, all laid out for you to study its strategic design.


The poster is fairly large at 24 X 24 and is the perfect size for hanging up on your wall at home. All you need to do is get it framed or laminated and you’re all set.


It has a rich, blueprint kind of look to it to bring you that much closer to the courses you love. They give you a great perspective of what the designers thought would make golfers make interesting decisions on the course.


The way the routing of the holes look on the poster look sick and the color of it makes it very unique. What makes the color so unique is that you can see that the fairways are in a whitish color while the rest of the land is in a darker, shady color.


This is one of the most unique course layout pictures I’ve seen based on the style and color. It also just pops out at you as well so it’ll definitely stand out in your living room, bedroom or sports den.


It has the look of something you would see in an art gallery. It reminds us that some of the finest art in the world are golf courses and the artists are the course designers.


Overall, I just love this poster. The style, the color, the excellent layout is what makes these posters from Nomo Design so special. It’s also a great chance to own a piece of a historic course as well because it’s pretty rare to get a hold of a great Pine Valley or Augusta item and these posters are perfect for any golf fan.


So, if you’re a fan of golf course architecture and design, then I highly recommend these posters. Maybe you want to use the poster as inspiration to draw out your own course designs?


Well, you probably already been there and done that I’m sure, haven’t we all? That’s why we’re “armchair architects” and yes, you should probably see if they have anymore posters before there’s “Nomo”.


Check out Nomo’s other beautiful golf course layout posters at 


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One of Sports’ Most Infamous Rivalries: Augusta National vs Pine Valley

No.1 ranked Pine Valley on the left and no.2 ranked Augusta National on the right. You decide!

No.1 ranked Pine Valley on the left and no.2 ranked Augusta National on the right. You decide! Thanks to for the pic.

Like the Chicago Bears vs the Green Bay Packers, like Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson, like Michael Jordan vs Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird vs Isaiah Thomas. Sure, Augusta National and Pine Valley aren’t exactly rivals, but they’ve always been ranked the number one and number two courses in the world with Pine Valley usually being ranked no.1 and Augusta no.2 with Augusta beating out Valley a couple of times. It’s hard for a lot of people to decide which course is the best because Augusta is much more exposed than Pine Valley. Hundreds of thousands of people attend The Masters every year and get a chance to see the tournament live in person and get to see Augusta right in front of their eyes. While Pine Valley is so exclusive that there’s never been a PGA Tour event there and they haven’t televised an event before making it hard for people to judge. I have not been to either yet.

Pine Valley: The reason why there hasn’t been a PGA Tour event there before is either because of the following according to different sources:

1. There’s not enough room to have a ton of spectators to attend a tournament.

2. Pine Valley’s creator George Crump was focused on amateur tournaments as amateur golf was more popular than pro golf way back in the day and the peeps who run Valley today, wanted to keep that amateur tradition going.

Either way, the only major tournament that’s been hosted there is the Walker Cup twice but both were a long time ago in 1936 and 1985. The only tournament at Pine Valley that the public can attend one day each year is the annual Crump Cup, arguably the most prestigious amateur tournament in America. Fans can only attend on the Sunday round and usually the crowd gets to 5,000 in attendance usually for the most part to explore the course. You don’t hear too much about Pine Valley’s beauty like you do about the design but obviously there are A LOT of pine trees and it’s very woodsy and secluded. In an article written by Michael Fensom of, New York Daily News golf writer Hank Gola, who played Pine Valley once said the following:

“I’ve played over 750 courses in my life,” Gola said. “It was one of the greatest days of my life.”

Some strong words from a legendary and well-respected golf journalist. Some say that the course is golf heaven while some say that it’s a little over-rated and that it shouldn’t be so strict. A lot of times, those are the people who haven’t stepped foot on the hollowed grounds while there are some who did play the course and weren’t very impressed. For most, it’s a golf experience unlike any other from the moment you enter the gates to the moment when you sink the putt on the 18th green, to some, Pine Valley located in the tiny town of Clementon, NJ is the greatest golf course on the planet.

Augusta National: There are almost no words that can describe Augusta National Golf Club. It puts your dreams and imagination to the test in ways you couldn’t possibly have thought. The one thing that always stands out with Augusta is that it’s so unique that there’s no course that really comes close to looking like it. With its beautiful flowers and signature tall trees, it makes for a breathtaking scene. There are some people who dislike golf that complain that the course looks the same every year so why make a big deal about it (Haters gonna hate.)?

I tell you why. Because it’s the most unique sporting venue in the world and there’s nothing that can touch its looks plus the results at The Masters are never the same and anybody could come out wearing the green jacket. Speaking of the green jacket, the tradition at The Masters separates itself from not only other tournaments but other major sporting events in general. I know I’m a golf writer but I’m a sports junkie period and I will tell you that I would rather attend The Masters more than any other sporting event including the Super Bowl, NCAA Men’s basketball Final Four, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, FIFA World Cup or Kentucky Derby. Although all of the mentioned events are fantastic, The Masters just stands out the most to me and Augusta National is obviously a massive reason for that. A lot of people don’t even really come for the tournament itself but to see the course and to visit the legendary and jaw dropping Amen Corner.

Not only is Augusta a gorgeous sight but it is a very well designed course with hilly fairways and fast greens as well as beautifully sculpted bunkers. Even the food at Augusta is supposed to be top-notch. There’s just something magical about the place and as I’ve said before, when I talked to Golf Channel’s Jay Coffin, he said “It’s like going to Disney World” and I think that speaks volumes. I don’t think there’s any other course in the world that has touched and amazed golf fans the way Augusta National Golf Club has.

The Decision: So, I’ve made my decision using only my imagination (Impressive huh?). Hopefully, one day I’ll get a chance to maybe cover The Masters and Crump Cup and give a more realistic opinion but at this point, the winner and it’s not really close is…..Augusta National Golf Club! *Balloons come down as music plays*. Congratulations Augusta! You’ve won yourself a BRAND NEW CAR! All kidding aside, I just think Augusta is too unique and too much for Pine Valley. Pine Valley, although I have a ton of respect for, has the look of a lot of other courses in terms of its surroundings. With Augusta, have you ever seen that many flowers at a golf course? Ever seen so many towering trees? No, and combine that with a well designed course and you have yourself a golf masterpiece.

Pine Valley may have a slight edge in its design but Augusta’s is great to go along with fantastic scenery. To be honest, I’d put Cypress Point (Usually ranked 2nd or 3rd on the top 100 list.) ahead of Pine Valley. Cypress Point is an Allister McKenzie masterpiece and is both challenging and freaking gorgeous. Although Pine Valley may be the most exclusive golf club in the world and has a great history and tradition but in Colin’s world, Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA remains king.

Leave your comments on which course you think is the best!

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