WATCH: This Phil Mickelson and Bones Mackay tribute is awesome

The golfer and caddie relationship is one of the best in sports. The caddie serves as the golfer’s only true teammate, as he visualizes green slopes with ninja vision.

Phil Mickelson and Jim “Bones” Mackay’s time together as as a dynamic duo has come to an end. Together, these two would go on to capture five major championships, and will go down as one of the all-time great partnerships in golf.

The always entertaining and enjoyable Skratch TV, put together a beautiful tribute of the pair. In almost all of the clips, you can hear the chatter between the two guys that always had fun together.

We obviously know how great Mickelson is as a player, but Bones was such a great caddie for him, that everyone knew how significant his skills around the course helped Mickelson in his wins. A Hall of Fame golfer with an HOF worthy caddie is always a fun duo to watch.

We just witnessed the break up of a legendary tag team. Bones alone is truly one of the guys who I feel helped keep the profession of caddying on the map, which is why he’s a straight legend in his own right.

I bet, if there’s one person aspiring PGA Tour caddies look up, it’s Jim “Bones” Mackay, a yardage seeking, green reading samurai. It was fun dudes.

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Phil Mickelson criticizes former captains, then apologizes



Phil Mickelson had already made some pot stirring comments during the last Ryder Cup at Glenneagles which turned out to be a mess for the U.S. team anyway. Now, Mickelson criticized former captain, Hal Sutton, talking about how he set the pairing of Mickelson and Tiger Woods to “fail” and also criticized 2014 captain Tom Watson…again.


Here’s the comment about Watson:

“I think that when you look back on what the difference is, when players are put in a position to succeed, oftentimes, more often than not, they tend to succeed and when they are put in positions to fail, most of the time they tend to fail,” Mickelson said according to Golf Digest

“This is a year where we feel as though Captain Love has been putting us in a position to succeed. He’s taken input from all parties. He’s making decisions that have allowed us to prepare our best and play our best, and I believe that we will play our best.”

Now here’s the comments on Hal Sutton about the pairing between Mickelson and Woods:

“We were told two days before that we were playing together,” . Mickelson said “And that gave us no time to work together and prepare.”

Mickelson mostly criticized what the alternate shot pairing because they had to share a ball that he wasn’t comfortable with. It caused him to take a lot of practice time out in order to learn the new ball. Ultimately, the team of Woods and Mickelson failed.

“And in the history of my career, I have never ball-tested two days prior to a major. I’ve never done it. It doesn’t allow me to play my best.” Mickelson said. “That’s an example of starting with the captain, that put us in a position to fail, and we failed monumentally, absolutely,”.

But he apologized for his remarks on Wednesday night:


“I was totally in the wrong,” Mickelson said according to Golf Digest. “I never should have brought that up. I used an extreme example the way decisions can affect play, and I never should have done that because it affected Hal.”


Sutton responded to the controversial comment:


“I mean, my God, somebody’s got to be the fall guy,” Sutton said.

Despite Mickelson’s apology to Sutton, there wasn’t one given to Watson, who he also criticized for the second time. However, as mentioned, that whole situation in 2014 was a disaster anyway.

The Sutton comments were fairly surprising. However, hopefully for the U.S., this is the last bit of controversy we’ll see.

We don’t want a repeat of 2014. I suppose, if team USA comes out victorious, then it probably won’t even matter.

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Why this Open Championship will go down as one of the all-time greats



Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson put on a duel for the ages in the shadow of historic Royal Troon where Stenson eventually came out victorious.
Like a title fight in boxing, two golf heavyweights went toe to toe, drilling putt after putt. Mickelson, a hall-of-famer wasn’t able to handle to deadeye ball striking of Stenson, who is one of the game’s most dangerous iron players.
Eventually, Stenson would hit the biggest putt of his life on the 15th hole. A massive, 51-foot putt that shook the golf world and did all but win him the Claret Jug.

To top that off, he hit another beautiful putt to finish the tournament and give him his first major championship. It was also Sweden’s first male major victory.
So, where does this Open Championship rank as one of the all-time greats? When you have two very popular players playing the best golf of their life on arguably the game’s biggest stage, it’s certainly a valid debate.
Mickelson is one of the greatest short game players that golf has ever seen. Meanwhile, as mentioned, Stenson is a streaky ball striker who will nail greens at will.

Ultimately, that’s what Stenson did, and his putter lid up at the most critical time. Stenson’s play is a huge reason why we love sports.
We love to see athletes do the most incredible things before our eyes. Stenson’s incredible play with his irons and his putter certainly dropped some jaws.

Even if Mickelson and Stenson weren’t the top two guys running away with it and if it were two less popular golfers, it would have still been an incredible performance. I say this as a simple reminder that you don’t need the juggernaut names to enjoy a historic performance.
Stenson for years has been in the group of “best golfer never to win a major” and amazingly, he and Dustin Johnson both broke that shackle this year. Johnson won the U.S. Open at Oakmont last month, despite a controversial call by the USGA.

Danny Willett, although not as popular with Americans, was 12th ranked in the world when he won the Masters back in April. This helped prove to many that he deserved to be a top 15 player in the world.

After those two performances by Willett and Johnson in golf’s first two majors, Stenson laid the hammer down at The Open. This tournament also has show us once again why The Open very well may be golf’s best major, even better than the Masters.
Zach Johnson had hit some huge shots to go into the playoff at St. Andrews last year, where he’d eventually win it in unfavorable weather conditions. Now, this year, we see one of the greatest ball striking and putting shows we may ever see in major golf.
With Mickelson’s and Stenson’s play, The Open continues to win more hearts with fans everywhere. It’s already a great tournament If you love history and links style golf courses.
And to witness the play of Stenson and Mickelson has made golf’s oldest major that much more enjoyable. The most impressive thing about the tourney this year was that these guys were so dominant, that J.B. Holmes who was in third place, finished 11 shots behind Mickelson, 14 behind Stenson.
This type of dominance is one those moments that you will look back on many years down the road. It will be played during highlight reels of many Open Championships in later years.
Another thing that made the Open great is the presence of Harold Varner III, the first African American golfer to get his PGA Tour card through the Tour. Varner III ended up finishing in a tie for 66th place but despite this, the PGA Tour rookie made the cut in tough Royal Troon conditions.
According to the Daily Telegraph, Varner III has stated that he’s “not a role model” but one can’t help but appreciate the young golfer’s play this year. As a rookie, he has four top 10 finishes and now has made a cut in his second major appearance, first as a Tour pro.
If Varner III can continue to play well, even if quietly, he can have a lasting impact on the game. It’s not to put pressure on him as his attitude is phenomenal but leading by example could help bring a new interest in the game.
Varner III slowly keeps showing that he truly belongs on the PGA Tour. He’s currently one of the longest drivers on Tour.
Andrew “Beef” Johnston also continues to grow in popularity. After hitting his second shot on 18, and after approaching the green, he received a reception as if he won the tournament, even though he was 17 shots back of Stenson.
Johnston became an instant fan favorite for his quote after winning the Open de Espana on the European Tour for his first professional victory. Johnston said he was going to get “hammered” and stood by his words as he indeed partied hard.
He’s also popular for his fun and friendly nature as well as his large beard. So his solid play at The Open has made him catch even more hearts of golf fans everywhere.
But, with a historic performance, one we may not see for quite some time, was the star moment of this particular Open. Stenson is already a beloved figure in golf for his humorous nature and dashing ball striking abilities and his first major win has truly proven that he’s one of the best golfers on the planet.
NBC’s first Open Championship coverage was also highly anticipated. Little did the broadcasters know that they’d be covering one of the best duels in golf history.
No doubt that NBC will look forward to covering their second Open which will be held at Royal Birkdale in 2017 in hopes at more historic moments. They look to build off the success they with the U.S. Open coverage that they had for many years and so far, it’s been a great start.
Stenson has 17 combined PGA and European Tour victories including a major.
Overall, the 2016 Open Championship was incredible, and Royal Troon proved to be a tough test of golf as expected.

Stenson took the stage, put on a show, and took his bow in the most dramatic way possible.
Bring on the PGA Championship.

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7 golfers make top 100 list, you’ll be shocked who didn’t make it

ESPN released an interesting list called the “World Fame 100”. The list focuses on how popular each player is based on a combination of Google searches, Twitter followers, Facebook Likes, etc.

There were seven golfers that made the list. Three of them made the top 20.

The top golfers list goes as follows:

7. Tiger Woods

13. Phil Mickelson

20. Rory McIlroy

50. Jordan Spieth

51. Justin Rose

81. Lydia Ko

83. Billy Horschel

That’s a pretty strong group of golfers on that list. However, one might wonder, where are guys like Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler who are both huge on social media and have earned quite a lot of money so far in their careers?

Jason Day is another one missing. He has more followers than Horschel and has won more tournaments so it really makes this an interesting list in terms of some of the eye openers.

In general though, it’s terrific to seven golfers on this list. That’s a lot, not to mention that three of them are in the top 20.

Good to see Ko on the list representing the women’s game too. She doesn’t have a huge social media following yet, but she’s still one of the most consistent and dangerous golfers on the planet right now.

Five of the golfers beat every Major League Baseball player on the list. Ko and Horschel who were 81 and 83 respectively, also beat out all MLB players except for Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals.

That’s pretty impressive by itself. That list of MLB players included Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera among other juggernaut names and all the golfers beat them out.

To nobody’s surprise, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was ranked no.1 on the list with his ridiculous following on social media (Over 40 million followers on Twitter and over 100 million Likes on Facebook). Two others that aren’t a surprise are NBA star LeBron James and another soccer star in Lionel Messi who both are no.2 and no.3 respectively.

As for the rest of the top 10, here it is:

1. Cristiano Ranaldo

2. LeBron James

3. Lionel Messi

4. Neymar

5. Roger Federer

6. Kevin Durant

7. Tiger Woods

8. Virat Kohli

9. James Rodriguez

10. Rafael Nadal

So, there you have it. Another thing of note is that five of the golfers (Woods, Mickelson, McIlroy, Spieth and Rose) are ranked higher than some of the biggest stars in the NFL, including Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and J.J. Watt.

Three of them (Woods, Mickelson and McIlroy) are higher than guys such as O’dell Beckham Jr and Cam Newton of the NFL as well as Russel Westbrook, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose of the NBA.

You can check the full list by visiting the World Fame 100 page.

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WATCH: Phil Mickelson hits crazy shot from unusual place

Phil Mickelson is at it again, but this time, he busted out of jail. Well, not literally but he hit a shot from under a fence at Torrey Pines.

Although Mickelson ended up with a double bogey, it’s still one of the more bizarre shots you’ll see all year. And that’s why it’s article worthy.

Plus, it’s Phil Mickelson. Dude’s a crazy person who hits crazy shots all the time.

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Phil Mickelson gets hustled by a 17-year old for $5,000


Ryan Ruffels, a 17-year old Australian golfer who will make his PGA Tour debut at the Farmers Insurance Open, had one of the experiences of a lifetime by making a golf bet with Phil Mickelson.

Mickelson made a deal with Ruffels that, if he beat him, he’d pay him $5,000. But if Mickelson won, Ruffels would have to pay him $2,500 once he turned pro.

Ruffels ended up beating Mickelson in the end and got the $5,000 right out of the five-time major champion’s hand.

“I was a few down through nine but then I birdied six of my last seven to win by one shot and took his money, so that was pretty cool,” Ruffels said according to

Certainly can’t blame him when you’ve hustled one of the all-time greats and took some of his cash. No doubt that the experience will give him a little boost heading into the Farmers Insurance Open for his PGA Tour debut.


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Caddies of Phil Mickelson, Matt Kuchar to do broadcasting

Phil Mickelson and his longtime caddie, jim “Bones” Mackay

Popular caddies Jim “Bones” Mackay and John Wood are going to replace their bibs for microphones during the RSM Classic this week at Sea Island Resort. They’ll be broadcasting during the Golf Channel telecast.

This has been something that has been in the works for some time and Mackay was real excited about it.

“We have gotten to know course reporters very well over the years, and we’re fascinated with everything that goes into producing and covering a professional golf tournament,” Mackay said according to the Back 9 Network. “We are looking forward to being a part of the Golf Channel team next week.”

Should be fun. Caddies are about as knowledgeable as they come.

Former caddie Michael Collins was a radio play-by-play guy and now is a great writer for ESPN.

Caddies know the courses like the back of their hand so they can give some brilliant design insights. Plus, Mackay and Wood are top of the line pros so I think you can expecta treat from these two guys.

A caddie is easily the most influential job in golf. Many great players started off as caddies before they went on to Hall of Fame careers.

To have two of the best rocking a microphone for the RSM is just awesome. Respect the bib!

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Source: Back 9 Network

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U.S. President’s Cup team has very odd lucky charm

OK, so I got a real good chuckle out of this. Apparently, the American President’s Cup team has a special good luck charm.


What is that good luck charm? How about rubbing the belly of one Phil Mickelson?


Look at the clip below, you’ll likely laugh:

Seems like Phil was cool with it. But I wonder who’s idea it was?

When you’ve won as many majors as Phil has, everyone wants to rub the belly I’m sure! Just another reason to love the President’s Cup, not to mention the Jack Nicklaus Club is freaking gorgeous.

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WATCH: Phil Mickelson hits remarkable hole out from bunker

OK so there’s nuts, and then there’s crazy nuts. Not too many players in golf have hit some of the most jaw dropping shots you’ll ever see, quite like Phil can.

This is why he is known as “Phil the Thrill”. And he put on another thrill on the 12th hole at the Jack Nicklaus Club during the President’s Cup.

Check it out!

Unbelievable. We’ve seen some great hole outs from the 100+ yards out but in the freakin’ fairway bunker? Is you for reals?!

That handshake for Zach Johnson was hilarious. I went from “Oh my God, he did whaa?!” to laughing my tail off from the handshake!

Amazing shot. Tell me some of YOUR best recovery shots by leaving a comment below or shoot me a Tweet @ChiGolfRadio! I really have nothing else better to do so please, share your experiences with thee (Did I say that correctly?)!

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ICYMI: Phil hits backwards shot at the Barclays

We now know that Jason Day won (AGAIN) at the Barclays and he’s simply been playing out of his mind.


But, I couldn’t help but share this video of an amazing backwards shot effort by Phil Mickelson. As you can tell, it was THIS CLOSE to reaching the green.



We would then go on to make a great recovery shot in the end. Phil the Thrill ladies and gentlemen!


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