Picture: Rickie Fowler reps U.S. squad with cool haircut

What better way to represent your team at the Ruder Cup then by getting a haircut that spells “U.S.A.”? Well, Rickie is never one who has shies away from doing something fun and silly. Showing off his American pride, he got a haircut on the side of his head that spelled out “USA” so he’s clearly ready to rep the red, white and blue at the Ryder Cup!

Here’s the pic and tweet:

The barbers are all like "This guy!"

The barbers are all like “This guy!”

Well, I guess the thing is, nobody will really notice out on the course since he’ll be rocking a hat. If he wears his trademark flat brimmed hat, then it may be more visible. Keep it real Slick Rick!

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Credit: PGA.com

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Video: U.S. Ryder Cup team accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This is just awesome. U.S. Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge to help raise money for ALS research and dedicated it to….the entire U.S. Ryder Cup team!

Without hesitation, the squad lined up, Rickie Fowler led the crew with a small speech and then the buckets fell. This was just awesome, absolutely awesome.

A couple of players were missing but the majority was there. Jim Furyk seemed like he was totally prepared and Bubba Watson wasn’t wearing a shirt. Here’s the video below.

The best part about all of this is that all of these challenges have raised a TON of money for ALS and that’s fantastic. Have to love it when the world comes together to do things for great causes like this. We need something for every disease!

Visit alsa.org if you want to get involved!

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WATCH: Jason Day Goes Into The Jungle and Hits a Remarkable Recovery Shot

In the third round of the PGA Championship, Jason Day, who’s currently in a dogfight with Rory Mcilroy, and Bernd Weisberger ended up in the REALLY thick stuff. So what did J-Day do? Roll up his pants, go over there, and hit the ball out. He was looking like the ultimate adventurer out there! The way his club got tossed to him and everything, looked like something out of an adventure show!

Here’s the clip:

And here’s some insight from the legendary golf writer, Dan Jenkins:

Can someone que the Indiana Jones music? Because I think Jason would be a perfect adventure guy!


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REVIEW: BirdieBall Allows you to Play Golf Practically Anywhere at any Given Time

These are BirdieBalls!

These are BirdieBalls!

Just in time for the PGA Championship at Valhalla is a review of the BirdieBall, a beautiful practice ball that you can play anywhere. Yes, you heard me right, ANYWHERE! Park, downtown, beach, rain forest, outer space, ancient ruins, ANYWHERE!

These things are fantastic, I took them up to the park and hit a few and they feel and hit just like a real golf ball. They only average 40 yards with irons and up to 65 with a driver (The record is 78 yards by long drive champion Mike Dobbyn) but get this, the ball flight is so satisfying that it feels like you hit it further.

Also, this short yardage is so beneficial because you’ll almost never lose a ball and can retrieve them with no effort practically. The ball also makes a really cool turbine sound when you hit really well and it’s a beautiful sound.

You can almost feel the sound of it when you hit it. I hit some shots in some deep grass and it really felt like I was playing out of the rough. I never though I’d be so happy to hit a ball out of the deep grass!

The ball spins, draws, and fades as well, no joke! I try hitting my ball and boom it curves to the right! It’s amazing. I also was able to try out the “Teleclub” and you’ll see it in the video below but it’s unbelievable.

It’s a golf club you can take you anywhere with no hassle. You can choose between a 7-iron or a pitching wedge (I have the 7-iron) and it can easily go in your suitcase with no problem at all.

You can also put it in a backpack as well although depending on the size of the backpack, it may stick out of the bag a little bit but it’s not a big issue because it still goes in! I took it to the park along with the BirdieBalls and it hits so beautifully, you wouldn’t think it’s portable.

Even when I took some hard shots and made divots, it still had no signs whatsoever of breaking. It was fantastic. You can also get a very beautiful StrikePad where you can hit iron shots without worrying about damaging certain grass such as the turf of a high school football field or damaging your club by hitting at a parking lot.

The StrikePad protects you from all of that and really adds to the experience. When you hit on the pad, it feels like you’re taking a divot although you aren’t. That’s realistic.

BirdieBalls with the StrikePad

BirdieBalls with the StrikePad

Now, you may be wondering, “How in the world can you put that thing that looks like a napkin ring on tee?”. Well, you can with the Velocity tee. It’s the shape of a wedge or little ramp and you put the ball on the top of it.

Teeing the BirdieBall up on that tee just give you the itch to just smash a shot with your driver since both the tee and ball are bigger targets! I know a lot of people including myself, always dreamt of golf being more portable.

Don't you just want to hit it really really hard?

Don’t you just want to hit it really really hard? I mean, look at it!

I use to shoot hoops up at the local basketball court behind the elementary school and think “How come golf can’t be this portable?”. Well, with the combination of the BirdieBall and Teleclub, there’s no question that golf is a portable sport now.

Don’t have time or money to play the course? No problem, grab some of these wonderful golf balls and play wherever you want and you’ll still get the same beautiful scenery as on a golf course.

I say this because when you’re out there hitting golf balls, the whole world around you changes, you see things differently. The world’s your golf course and these balls are by far, the greatest practice balls of all-time.

Here’s a short video of me showing the ball and the Teleclub. Enjoy! Big thanks John Breaker, the creator of the Birdieball for letting me try them out and get a chance to show them to you! Also, leave your thoughts and comments below on this amazing invention and be sure to follow John @BirdieBallUSA and you can follow me as well @ChiGolfRadio!

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WATCH: Padraig Harrington Performs Happy Gilmore Swing in Long Drive Contest

I don’t think Paddy made the swing look quite as powerful but he did pull it off. At the PGA Championship long-drive contest, Padraig Harrington did just that and hit the famous Happy Gilmore swing where he starts from a certain distance from the tee, runs towards the ball practically and smashes the ball. It looked like he just might have hit a little too much tee on that one so I assume it was high and deep. Check, check, check it ouuut!

How about that? I’m sure you’d do the same thing! Leave your thoughts and comments below and let your voice be heard!

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John Daly Says He Wants to Help Dustin Johnson With Drug Issues

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round One

Dustin Johnson has been going through a lot of drug issues lately and what better man to help you with your problems than John Daly? According to TMZ Sports, the two-time major champion (With the loud colorful pants might I add) has said that he wants to help DJ get through this tough time. John has had some well documented issues himself in the past whether it was his drinking addiction or his gambling issues, John knows that feel bro.

“I texted Dustin a few days ago and told him how much I love him. He’s talented … he’s the future of golf.” JD told TMZ Sports.

Dustin is indeed part of the “futures of the game” along with several others such as Rickie Fowler, Jimmy Walker, and the monster name of Rory Mcilroy. Dustin does the one thing that still makes people think golf is cool, and that is hit long drives. He and Bubba Watson have been kind of back and forth as to who is the king of the long drive on tour. A few years back, you had several guys who hit major tee shots such as J.B. Holmes and Luke List. Nicolas Colsaerts is another long driver today but plays mostly on the European Tour.

With John Daly trying to help, I think it’s a good thing because he’s been through the same thing. Not saying you have to go through addictions to help someone with addictions but they may relate more to the situation. One thing about John Daly, he’s had issues in the past but he never seemed like a bad “person”. He seems like he’s always cool with everyone, he just had his own problems. If you aren’t a total d-bag, chances are that that will be better help for you. Dustin Johnson #TheReturn

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Rory Mcilroy Wins The Open Championship at Royal Liverpool, Why He’s Back, Why it’s Great for Golf


Hee’s Baaack! Rory Mcilroy wins his third major title at The Open Championship and is now just a Masters title away from completing the career grand slam. Check out the footage below.

And check out this selfie! Biggest. Selfie. EVER!

Courtesy of PGA.com

Courtesy of PGA.com

Rory also ejected this stupid heckler that kept coughing on his backswings to distract him:

This win couldn’t have come to a more classy guy than Rory Mcilroy. He never gets into trouble off the course, he never gets angered on the course, he just goes out there and tries his best. The end result for his positive behavior? True focus and what happens when you’re focused? You win majors. I also strongly believe that breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki was one of his smartest moves, not that Caroline is a bad person but that there was wedding talk and all kinds of other stuff and it interfered with Rory mentally considering how young he is. That’s tough, especially when your girl is a superstar athlete herself and you have to attend her matches all the time. This gave Rory a chance to stay focused. Yes, he’s dating Nadia Forde, a model, but if anything, he JUST started dating her so I doubt it’s affecting him now and hopefully it doesn’t and that his confidence is right where it needs to be.

Some of y’all probably think I’m crazy, but the man was laying eggs more than a barn full of chickens when he was with Caroline. Now that he got all of that stuff off of his back, he can go back to being Rory. With Rory, winning another major, with him being the Rory of a couple of years ago, golf is in an excellent position now. Rory, Bubba Watson, Adam Scott, Jason Dufner, Patrick Reed, Jimmy Walker, etc all are terrific talents and are bringing the game back on the rise and Rory is the centerpiece of it all. When Rory’s on his game, he’s the face of the PGA Tour.

Before Tiger fans start telling me he’s still the true face of golf, please start actually watching golf when he’s not in the field instead of walking away and coming back when he is. I love you guys but I’m just being real. Heck, Tiger himself may say Rory is the new face of the PGA Tour. Him or possibly Bubba. It’s fair to say because other than Tiger and Phil, Rory and Bubba are arguably the two most popular players on Tour (Even though Ian Poulter has almost as many Twitter followers as Rory believe it or not). Bubba won two Masters in three years and Rory just won his third major so there’s no question about this.

All in all, a terrific win for Rory and his father is now nearly a quarter of million dollars richer. Rory is young, his a great role model, and he’s an all-around player. He’s what golf needs right now. He’s already one of the game’s greats and he’s just getting started. He gets a Green Jacket, and the man’s a legend, and I have no doubts that he’ll get it before 30. He could have easily had a Masters title but as we know, he famously collapsed in the final round a few years ago. We could have been talking about Rory completing the career grand slam right now but that one obstacle is still in the way and that’s not letting his Masters collapse haunt him.

Bubba Watson may even be an obstacle as he’s owned Augusta National the last couple of years and it’s built perfectly for his long driving abilities plus Bubba is a better recovery player than Rory which has helped Bubba well. Despite these things, there’s no doubt that Rory will complete the career slam and what better way to do that than to win a Masters championship? Congrats Rors!

One thing however, that Ian Poulter can do that Rory, Tiger, Phil and Bubba can’t do is hit tee shots over battleships!

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What Standard is the Golf Fanbase in Today?

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been the face of golf for the last 15 years.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been the faces of golf for the last 15 years.

Golf is one of the world’s oldest sports. It’s been a symbol of greatness, royalty and full of rich history. We’ve seen some of the best players in the world play this great sport on all levels from high school to amateur to the PGA Tour. Although this sport is ancient and has survived for many many years, do we need to start questioning the golf fanbase? Although there are many dedicated hardcore golf fans out there, there are still quite a few who seem to only watch golf when a Tiger Woods or a Phil Mickelson plays and are both playing well.

That’s quite a lot to ask for considering those are two golfers out of many golfers that play in tournaments and they both will not always be towards the top. Rory Mcilroy is another one but, on the PGA Tour has been relatively quiet lately despite his European Tour win this year. If those three guys are towards the top of the leaderboard, everyone watches. But how many times out of 10 will we see Tiger, Phil and Rory at the top at the same time? Not often. Some people believe that if Tiger is winning every tournament and dominating the field, it’s very entertaining but when another player comes into a tournament and dominates then people think it’s boring and everyone rolls their eyes.

Why has it come to this? Why do we need that one big player to catch our attention? Because we have to realize that Tiger and Phil won’t always be towards the top every time. Is it because of some of the shots they hit? We’ve seen many players hit some impressive shots over the years though. Bubba Watson always seems to hit some amazing shots, Rory was hitting some great shots when he was on top, and Martin Kaymer at the U.S. Open hit some impressive shots and putts. How can we forget Bubba’s outstanding recovery shot at the 2012 Masters? Or Martin Kaymer’s unbelievable putt at this year’s Players Championship on the world-renowned 17th hole? During the 2010 Masters, the one that Phil won, Anthony’s Kim’s performance gave me chills and could have pulled it off.

Although I was happy for Phil, I thought Anthony’s performance was outstanding and being as young as he was at the time made it more impressive. Similar thing with Jordan Spieth at this year’s Masters. He played terrific golf but Bubba knew Augusta too well and pulled off the victory for his second Masters victory. That was some amazing drama until Bubba finally started to pull away a bit. When Martin Kaymer pulled away from the field at the U.S. Open, he put on one of the most dominant performances in U.S. Open history, but nobody cared. They wished that Martin’s clothes were changed to Tiger’s signature Sunday red shirt and Phil’s trademark KPMG hat.

They didn’t want to see the same dude with the white shirt and the Sap hat. On the women’s tour, last year, Inbee Park had one of the most dominant seasons in golf history. It was one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in my sports life. Nobody really cared though. They all wanted to see Tiger and Phil on the men’s tour. Even if Inbee’s performance did catch major attention, it took an unbelievable performance like that to do so. If Tiger or Phil win a regular tournament, everyone goes nuts.

Peter Kostis said it best in this tweet:

As much as we should appreciate what Tiger and Phil have brought to the sport, we need to look and pay attention to what the other great players are doing. Because if we feel that Tiger and Phil are above the sport then what’s the point of the hundreds of other players on tour? Just get rid of all of the players and let Tiger, Phil and Rory duke it out at every single tournament and change it to the TPR Tour (Tiger, Phil, Rory Tour). We always seem to want the next big thing, not just in golf or other sports, but in life. However, some don’t want to see the next big thing in golf. They just want it to be the Tiger and Phil show. Now that Tiger and Phil are slowly coming down the home stretch of their careers, we wonder who will follow in their footsteps. Rory was supposed to be that guy and still very well could be. However, we can’t think like this.

It’s great when there’s a player on tour that’s playing very well and dominating but when another player comes out to win a tournament, I feel they deserve respect, no matter who they are. No matter if they aren’t the big names that we want them to be. It should be exciting to see different players win because you never know if those players will come out and start dominating themselves and it adds to the conversation. I mean, wouldn’t it be boring if we just talked about Tiger and Phil all day? Look at Brendan Todd for example. He won the HP Byron Nelson tournament and he played well after that as it seemed he was always towards the top of the leaderboard.

He also played well at his first U.S. Open and there’s no doubt he could be in contention again in coming tournaments. So why is it like this? Why do we need that one big star to show up and play to keep our interests in the sport? I personally think it’s a shame. There are too many great players that we’re passing up on because we’re looking at the same guys. It’s the same song over and over again. We’ve seen some historic golf performances this year and last year but nobody really paid attention and missed out on some spectacular golf.

It’s awesome to appreciate greatness but the field of players we see today are some of the best we’ve seen in years yet we always come back to the same song and put it on repeat. The Tiger and Phil song. You want the next big thing? Well, they’re all right in front of us, we just have to take advantage of what we’re witnessing.

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Is Martin Kaymer Already One of Golf’s Greats?


Martin Kaymer won the U.S. Open on Sunday and he proved to the world that he’s one of golf’s best. He shot a 36 hole record at the U.S. Open and nearly got the all-time U.S. Open record but was just four shots short. The question now is, with 21 worldwide victories, 11 European Tour wins and three PGA Tour wins, is Martin Kaymer one of golf’s greats? I’m not saying top 10 all-time or even top 50, but is one of the best players in the history of this sport and we’re not noticing? The story could have easily been different if he didn’t win The Players and U.S. Open this year but now I believe you can make a case and he’s still very young at 29. He’s already arguably the best golfer to come out of Germany and now, he’s starting to make a mark in the States.

The reason why I believe he is one of the greats or is very close to it is that he has his 11 wins on the European Tour which has a ton of talent and on the PGA Tour, 11 wins a major will likely get you into the hall of fame. Although he only has three PGA Tour victories, we have to realize how significant those wins were. His first three PGA Tour titles were all practically majors, how many players win majors with their first three PGA Tour victories? That’s pretty impressive. The Players isn’t a major championship but it should be one because other than the four majors, it’s by far the biggest tournament of the year plus it has arguably the most famous hole in golf (The par 3 17th). So all in all, three majors on the PGA Tour and 11 wins on the European Tour is a very solid career.

It’s very hard to win at the professional level, just ask one of my favorite media guys Gary McCord (Zero PGA Tour wins but award winning pipes). Think about it, although the European tour isn’t as popular as the PGA Tour but it’s an extremely deep tour full of guys who also play well on the PGA Tour. So when you combine his 11 Euro Tour wins and his two majors and Players Championship on the PGA Tour which all three of those feel like two wins instead of one, you got a very good resume because it shows your dominance, no matter what tour you’re on. He’s also one of the better all around players in golf as he’s top 100 in every major category and no.1 in total driving. Again, I’m not saying he’s a top 10, top 50, or even top 100 all-time player at this point but he has a resume most players could only dream of.

There’s a scary similarity between Martin and Rory Mcilroy’s stats, throwing them both in the same conversation but it’s too early to tell how they both will be when it’s all said and done, that being said, both of these golfers have numbers that legends would have. Probably Martin’s biggest weakness is The Masters as he never seems to fare well there at all. You’ll see him on the leaderboard, but usually towards the bottom. If he could work on his game at Augusta and win a green jacket down the road here then he will definitely be in discussion as one of golf’s all-time greats (AGAIN, not top 10, or 50, or even 100). A Players Championship and three majors will raise many eyebrows PLUS he would be a British Open win away from the rare career grand slam but, one tournament at a time. He’s also an easy candidate for Player of the Year.

So what defines greatness? Is it the player’s ability to be clutch in key situations? Is it his or her ability to blow away the rest of the field by multiple strokes? Or is it just the accolades and victories? In my mind, it’s all of those things and Martin Kaymer has done them all. A few accolades, huge victories and clutch moments and when he’s on his game, he’s one of the most dangerous players in the world.

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WATCH: Kenny Perry Hits Arguably The Best Shot of The U.S. Open

Kenny Perry who is one of golf’s beloved stars hit one of, if not the best shot of the U.S. Open so far at Pinehurst. He was in the rough and hit a beautiful shot that landed on those insane Pinehurst greens and rolled into the cup. Please enjoy the video and viewer discretion is advised.

Welcome to weekend golf at the U.S. Open friends! As always, leave comments, I’m listening!

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