Bubba Watson rocks high top shoes at Oakmont


Golf has certainly come a long way from the “boring” and “not cool” days and it shows with all of the unique personalities on the PGA Tour, as well as a strong following on social media.

The same goes for style too, as we’ve seen golfers wear snapbacks and high top shoes. Well, the high tops are back once again.

After Keegan Bradley and Rickie Fowler rocked their swagtastic kicks (Bradley even wore kicks with Michael Jordan’s second number, 45 on it) , two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson decided to do the same. His G/Fore Crusaders are custom and Watson even put a little touch on the design of the golf sneaker.

Well, if Oakmont ends up killing Watson this week, he can at least say brought a little swagger for the occasion.

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Source: Golf Digest 

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Fan gets bloodied by errant tee shot at Colonial

This is Tony Finau. Yesterday at the Colonial golf tournament, his golf ball bounced off my head and went back into play 🤕. Luckily I am ok and all I needed was a few stitches. In a very stand up gesture, he showed up at my door step with flowers, chocolates, a get well soon card, and he stayed and talked with us for a bit. @tonyfinaugolf I wish you the best of luck in the tour going forward! -Signed, your new favorite fan, Elisa #iforgiveyou #prettyawesomestory #FOOOOREE #ouch #classact

A photo posted by Elisa (@enbuster) on

Tony Finau is one of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour so an errant tee shot by him could be trouble for fans. Unfortunately, one fan was hit by his shot at Colonial and caused some bleeding.

The good news is that the fan is OK, and Finau made a wonderful gesture by bringing the fan some flowers, chocolates, etc. She shared the pics and told the story on her Instagram page.

Golf can certainly be a dangerous game for a spectator. Many fans have been hit with golf balls but, by the time the balls usually hits him/her, the ball speed has dropped in velocity.

Good to see that she is OK and Finau, who was already a likeable guy, has just earned some extra “You cool homie” points.

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WATCH: First ace on 17th at TPC Sawgrass in 14 years

The 17th at TPC Sawgrass is one of, if not, the most famous hole in golf and for good reason. It’s beautiful, an island green, designed by Pete and Alice Dye and more notably, it’s hard.

Maybe not quite Dark Souls (Video game) hard, but difficult enough and it has a huge reputation for it. Will Wilcox, one of the young PGA Tour pros who has quietly gotten more familiar with fans, did what most people dream of.

Hitting an ace on this tricky one-shotter. It was a historic shot and Wilcox’ celebration was equally as memeorable as he realized what he just did.

The timing couldn’t of been any better as Wilcox, who was struggling to make the cut, needed a couple of birdies to make it. Well, the ace did him well as he did indeed make the cut.

It was the first ace at the famed 17th hole since Miguel Angel Jimenez did it back in 2002. Jimenez is one of the most prolific hole-out artists in golf history and is one of the all-time leaders in aces.

Willcox certainly won’t win the Players Championship, but he can say that he got an ace on one of golf’s most iconic holes. And there’s footage and his golf ball that will last in Sawgrass lore.

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WATCH: Jason Kokrak crazy golf shot from stands

We have seen a couple of shots that were hit from the stands before, but not like this. Jason Kokrak was high above on the second deck of the bleachers at the Well Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow when he hit a rediculous recovery shot that had his ball land on the green.

Here’s another view that give you a great idea of how crazy this shot was.

It’s amazing how anybody could even hit a shot into the stands let alone hit out of it, from that angle. I think you and I could hit into these random locations with our eyes closed, but we may have many issues getting out.

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WATCH: Justin Rose tries to hit driver from fairway

Ahh, it’s one of golf’s most interesting “stunts”. Drivers are made for hitting off the tee to start a hole but sometimes, when in the fairway, you may be too far away from the flag to go for it.

So, what do you do? Use your driver on the fairway of course. And that’s what Justin Rose attempted to do at the Zurich Classic.

Let’s just say it didn’t go very well. Rose duffed it.

We can certainly say he won’t be the master at it like Laura Davies is. So, if you really need to kids, remove the “S” on your chest and lay up if you have to. Don’t be shy.

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Tiger Woods will return soon, takes fulls swings at clinic

Tiger Woods may be returning to golf sooner than you think as he was seen at a junior golf clinic hitting golf balls.

Woods has been behind the ropes since the Fall of 2015 and was said to be out of golf for a long time. But, with footage of Woods taking full swings on a course, the story may change and he even reportedly drove the ball 300 yards with his driver.

Here’s the clip:

Here’s another clip that will give you an even better view:

Even the Golf Channel Tiger Tracker is happy that their job isn’t in jeopardy after all:

Tim Rosaforte reported that Woods could possibly make a return at the Wells Fargo Championship or the Players Championship, both being marquee tournaments on the PGA Tour.

There has been quite a bit of the 14 time major champion the last few days. First, Jason Sobel of ESPN teased that “Golf Twitter is going to break tomorrow” and it turns out that the tease was a longform article (Short story?) about Woods personal life and upbringing written by Wright Thompson.

The piece has since garnered a ton of attention. Some of the main things in the article include how wired he was with the military as he was always with his father (Earl Woods) and his friends who were all veterans. Woods didn’t have many friends until he met former player and Golf Channel analyst Notah Begay III at a young age.

The also talks about how Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan taught him how to talk to women (Basically) which ultimately could’ve led to his infamous scandal back in 2009, knowing the power he had. But the main point of the article is that, ever since his father died, it has been the biggest reason that he has had his downfall from greatness and how Woods developed in obsession with the Navy Seals because of his father.

However, ironically, the clips above surfaced across social media, not long after Thompson posted his piece. So, although Thompson’s piece was talking about the reasons of his downfall, the videos show that he’s swinging good again.

The clips aren’t a guarantee that he’ll be great again, but it was just interesting with the timing of them. Woods is no stranger to leaving and coming back to golf however as this may be the third time has done so in his career due to injury problems.

NBA legend and friend Michael Jordan said via the Thompson piece that he thinks Woods is “tired” and “wants to retire”. Jordan also said he’s worried about him.

Woods played fairly well at last year’s Masters but missed the cut at the U.S. Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship. When Woods returns, he and Phil Mickelson who are longtime rivals, will be sailing in the sea of young talent trying to see which ship reaches land first.

Should be interesting.

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You can also read Wright Thomspon’s amazing Tiger Woods article here: http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/15278522/how-tiger-woods-life-unraveled-years-father-earl-woods-death?ex_cid=espntw

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Jason Dufner rips Johnny Miller, NBC broadcast team

Jason Dufner sent some angry tweets, showing some disgust against the NBC golf broadcasters, Johnny Miller in particular about how they handled the coverage of Shell Houston Open winner Jim Herman.

Dufner was mad because Miller treated Herman as if he was still in Q-School. Herman may not be known to most, but he recorded eight top 25s last season.

In the last couple of years, Miller was voted by fans as the most popular golf broadcaster in Golf Digest’s annual media evaluation. Nick Faldo of CBS surpassed him in 2015 however.

Miller, a two-time major champion in his playing days, has famously been known for his controversial broadcasts as well as his emotional passion for the U.S. Open (He won with the 1973 U.S. Open at Oakmont in remarkable fashion). It seems as if it is a love-hate relationship between fans and Miller as he gets ripped by fans but is always one of the top ranked broadcasters.

As for Herman, he hit a beautiful chip-in on the 16th hole to practically seal the deal for his first PGA Tour victory. The win would also punch his ticket to Augusta National for the Masters.

Can’t script it any better for Mr. Herman.

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Tiger Woods is not going to the Hall of Fame this year

Tiger Woods, 40, was supposed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year but it looks like that will be delayed, as the World Golf Hall of Fame changed its age requirement to 50.

So Woods, who has 79 career PGA Tour wins and 14 major championships has to wait another 10 years to get enshrined within the pearly gates of the WGHOF. The WGHOF is no stranger to criteria changes as they made a change two years ago that changed the win requirement to 15 wins and two majors (Or Players Championship) as opposed to the original rule where the player needed 10 wins.

Some of the big names Woods played with in his prime are already in the Hall of Fame, including Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh. Although Woods needs to wait until 2026, it certainly will be worth the wait, although he’s been Hall of Fame eligible for so long now, and with slow downfall, this year could have been the perfect time to place his plaque in St.Augustine, FL.

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WATCH: Jason Day hits ridiculous tee shot that landed on the green

During the WGC-Match Play at Austin Country Club, Jason Day hit a mammoth tee shot that was almost 400 yards and drove the green in one.

It’s not something we see all the time, but it’s only fitting that Day accomplished it this time around. Ranking in the top 10 in driving distance the last couple of years will certainly explain a lot.

He got the birdie to make the drive that much sweeter. Day won the Arnold Palmer Invitational last week at Bay Hill, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep it going.

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WATCH: This Jordan Spieth commercial is hilarious

Jordan Spieth is known as one of the nice guys in golf but he;s certainly hasn’t shied away from humor.

Spieth has become famous for his strong team effort with his caddie, Michael Greller and this commercial nails that friendship perfectly. Spieth is seen having a hard time choosing which utensil to use to eat a bowl of macaroni and cheese, but Greller is by his side, switching tools as if they were golf clubs.

At the end of the commercial, ESPN anchor Stan Varret is shown switching utensil like Spieth did before heading to his seat. Spieth is no stranger to funny commercials as he also did one with the PGA Tour a while which shows a man hanging out with him as if he were there (but he wasn’t).

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Source: Golf Digest

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