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Look how brutally close Jim Furyk came to a hole-in-one

Jim Furyk has always been a player to wow us, whether it’s through his great play, or for his really close calls at winning tournaments or hitting amazing shots. Well, he added this gorgeous shot to his long resume of “close, but not close enough” moments.

The shot on the par-3 looked great, and even the broadcasters thought it was going to probably go in. But, the beautiful shot fell just short of an ace for the man who shot both a 59 and a 57 in his career.

But you see, one of the things that makes golf great, is that we can relate in a lot of ways with the pros. I’m sure most of us have had our share of close calls, whether it’s a near ace, or a 40 foot putt falling short, we can all have the same moments, good or bad.

We can’t all hit home runs in baseball, or dunk a basketball or have the physical ability to play football, but we all are capable of hitting the same shots as the pros. Sure, we aren’t as unbelievable as they are, but we all have a much more realistic chance of getting a hole-in-one, or hitting a long putt, just like the pros.

Sadly, none of us are going to be Miguel Angel Jimenez anytime soon (arguably the master of the hole-in-one) and Furyk found that out the hard way. Still can’t go wrong with over 20 worldwide wins, a major championship, both, a 59 and a 58(!) to his credit.

Not too shabby sir. Not too shabby at all.

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Video: Bubba Watson Sinks Amazing Mini Golf Putt

Bubba Watson isn’t afraid to attempt interesting things when he’s not hitting an incredible recovery shot out of the rough (Or yelling at his caddie). The fourth ranked golfer in the world and 2-time Masters champion went to the putt putt course again to hit another amazing ace.


Check out this sweet putt from the “Master of Escape” as Jim Nantz calls him:



And this isn’t the first time he’s hit a crazy shot on a putt putt course, below is the first video he put out where he hit a shot backwards and nailed it!




The backwards one was still better for the most part but the latest one was pretty freakin’ impressive too! Hate the man or love the man, he definitely makes golf fun!

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Video: Phil Mickelson Hits One of the Coolest, Strangest Shots Ever

During the second round of the Barclays, Phil Mickelson hit a wild tee shot that ended up in the hospitality area of the course. Wondering if the ball might have landed behind the green, Phil was looking around and had officials help. Eventually, the ball was found on the patio of the hospitality area where a ton of fans were gathered.

Fortunately, nobody was hit but Phil had to make an interesting decision. Either to hit the ball off of the patio or not. Fans were urging him to do it and finally he decided to do it. The crowd went nuts. Here’s the video below courtesy of PGATour.com:

Leave it to “Phil the Thrill”!

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Video: U.S. Ryder Cup team accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This is just awesome. U.S. Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge to help raise money for ALS research and dedicated it to….the entire U.S. Ryder Cup team!

Without hesitation, the squad lined up, Rickie Fowler led the crew with a small speech and then the buckets fell. This was just awesome, absolutely awesome.

A couple of players were missing but the majority was there. Jim Furyk seemed like he was totally prepared and Bubba Watson wasn’t wearing a shirt. Here’s the video below.

The best part about all of this is that all of these challenges have raised a TON of money for ALS and that’s fantastic. Have to love it when the world comes together to do things for great causes like this. We need something for every disease!

Visit alsa.org if you want to get involved!

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WATCH: Zach Johnson Gets a Rare U.S. Open Hole-in-One

How often do you see this at the U.S. Open? Zach Johnson hit one on the ninth hole at Pinehurst. Although he has no chance of winning this year, he hit one of the best shots of the year. Zach is known as one of the game’s best accuracy players possibly only behind Henrik Stenson. What’s better than an ace? Not a lot. Zach nailed it. Watch with open eyes.

This is what accuracy kings do despite their scores. Be sure to leave your thoughts! I’m ALWAYS listening!

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WATCH: Ken Duke Has One of Weirdest Pars Ever at Pinehurst

While Martin Kaymer is being a troublemaker and destroying Pinehurst at the U.S. Open, Ken Duke decided to get himself into some trouble but you never know what the “Duke” can pull. So he hit his second shot into some tall grass and with no way out decided to tap the ball out of the grass and into the bunker. Then he hit a marvelous recovery bunker shot even a bunker master like Matt Kuchar would be “wowed” at. The greens at Pinehurst have been absolutely ridiculous (In a fun way) moving balls wherever they please but Duke hit a shot that the green couldn’t do anything about. Here it is courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

That’s an impressive par save. A save like that is like a birdie in this sport. Have you ever had a par save like that? Let me know! I’d love to hear it!

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WATCH: Phil Mickelson Hits Terrific Flop Shot, Makes it Look Easy

It seems that nothing will distract Phil Mickelson as he hit a shot at the FedEx St. Jude Classic that was signature Phil. He hit his tee shot on the green which had an unbelievable unlucky bounce that went into the rough. No problem for Phil though as he hit one of the most beautiful flop shots you’ll see. Please view with awe.

Yup, I think Phil might be U.S. Open ready.

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WATCH: Chick Walks Away With Luke Donald’s Ball, Gets Caught

Well, I guess this girl didn’t get the memo that it’s golf and not baseball where a fan keeps a home run. If a player hits a shot and if it goes near the fans then the fans must make room for the player to hit their next shot. Instead, this fan decides to take the ball and walk away but then returns once an official spots her in the act. At least she was a good sport about it. Who knows, maybe she thought it was a stray ball since a lot of courses normally have one of those (As we all know) but I’d think the folks on the PGA Tour would make sure there weren’t any type of stray balls around. So, let this be a reminder to all of the new fans out there. When you go to your first tournament and if you see a golf ball, don’t pick it up because you never know who’s ball it can be. Luke, being the class act he is, didn’t seem upset about the situation of course. Below is the video courtesy of the PGA Tour!

Well hey, at least the chick was hot right? There’s your birdie!

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WATCH: Tiger Woods Sinks a Massive 91 Foot Putt at the WGC Championship


It’s been pretty crazy the last couple of weeks with golf shots hasn’t it?! First Victor Dubuisson hit two amazing pitch shots, then Paula Creamer nailed a 75 foot putt to win the HSBC Women’s Champions and now Tiger Woods makes an impressive 91 foot birdie putt at the WGC Cadillac Championship, the longest putt in five years on the PGA Tour. Although Tiger has played kind of crappy, this putt was very pretty and eye opening. If you were taking a nap, then this video will wake you the heck up! Thanks to SB Nation and the PGA Tour’s YouTube channel for the video!

Crazy wasn’t it? It’s amazing how skilled these guys are and a perfect example of how no other sport takes the skill that golf takes to master. Man, what a putt!

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WATCH: Victor Dubuisson Nails Two Very Impressive Chip Shots

In case you missed it, Jason Day defeated Victor Dubuisson at the extremely popular Accenture Match Play and it was Victor who practically stole the show despite losing to the very talented Jason. Victor hit two sick shots that gave him two great par saves. Here’s the video, courtesy of GolfDigest.com.

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