Video: U.S. Ryder Cup team accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This is just awesome. U.S. Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge to help raise money for ALS research and dedicated it to….the entire U.S. Ryder Cup team!

Without hesitation, the squad lined up, Rickie Fowler led the crew with a small speech and then the buckets fell. This was just awesome, absolutely awesome.

A couple of players were missing but the majority was there. Jim Furyk seemed like he was totally prepared and Bubba Watson wasn’t wearing a shirt. Here’s the video below.

The best part about all of this is that all of these challenges have raised a TON of money for ALS and that’s fantastic. Have to love it when the world comes together to do things for great causes like this. We need something for every disease!

Visit if you want to get involved!

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Rory Mcilroy Wins PGA Championship for His Fourth Major Title, Second of the Year


Rory Mcilroy won the PGA Championship Sunday for his fourth major title and the second of the year. He becomes the third youngest player to win his fourth major. The other two youngest are names you may be familiar with.

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Rory finished at -16 with three of golf’s all-stars, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Henrik Stenson right behind. Henrik had one last shot on 18 and had the biggest pressure at the time as he had it was his only hope to tie for second at -15 and the chance to win depending on Rickie, Phil and Rory’s outcome.

Instead, Henrik finished at -14. Phil hit an unbelievable chip shot on 18 which would have tied him for the lead while Rory was in the fairway bunker.

Phil finished with the runner-up finish yet again in a major tying him third all-time for major runner ups behind Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Rickie had a chance to make a long eagle on 18 but hit just a bit too hard.

He had a chance for a birdie to finish -15 but missed that putt as well. He ended up finishing at -14. Rickie was playing out of his mind on the front 9, hitting a chip in hole and beautiful putt as well.

In the end, it was Rory who prevailed yet again for his third straight win and second straight major. He made a clutch putt on 16 which pretty much gave him a the title. Rickie and Phil also pulled off a classy move and finished out the 18th quickly before night fell giving Rory his chance.

It was his to lose and he made sure that didn’t happen. The PGA Championship was by far the best major of the year.

Most people consider the PGA the worst major of the year but this year, it was the king. A true battle between four golf superstars and an unbelievable player pulls it out. Rory Mcilroy, your 2014 PGA Championship winner.

Below is the video of Phil’s amazing chip on 18:

Here’s the putt that gave Rory the ultimate momentum:

And here’s the winning putt from Rory to claim his second PGA title:

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Rory Mcilroy Says Breakup With Wozniacki a Big Part of His Success


In a previous article, I said that Rory breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki has helped him out. Sure enough, he came out and said it himself according to the Daily Mail in the UK.

‘I think what happened has been for the better in terms of my golf, Rory said.

‘I’ve put a bit more time into it and it has refocused me. I mean, what else do I have to do now?

See there. A relationship CAN get in the way of your career. Especially if your lover is almost as busy as you are. It’s a lot of thinking and then they were talking about marriage?

Heck yeah that was a distraction! Nothing wrong with love, but it just all depends on what kind of relationship you’re in *In Dr.Phil voice*.

If you’re in one at that young of an age and you guys are both very busy people then it kills you mentally because he/she is always on your mind. Talking about getting married certainly didn’t help either. Some may deny it because they may be in good working relationships.

However, it’s mighty funny how Rory was playing like Bubba Watson when he still had a clothing line at Steve & Barry’s (Oh, how I miss you!) and play like a golf great after.

Rory did say previously though that the relationship had nothing to do with his struggles.

You can see that video below.

It’s pretty obvious why he said that. He didn’t want to get in hot water with Caroline so it’s very understandable. You could say “Heck yeah, that girl got me going crazy! Hitting my balls all sideways and crap!”

but then the relationship would have been over right there and then. Then Caroline would call him and be like Hawk Harrelson: “Rory, this relationship is OVAAAA!”.

This lesson Rory learned just turned him back into the Rory we were hoping he would be and it’s great to see. Maybe Rory should have relationships with women and break up with them more often because he is on firrree! RORYSHAKALAKA!

Leave your comments golf friend! I’d LOVE to hear them! Before Rory said it himself, did you think the relationship effected his game? You can also follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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WATCH: Padraig Harrington Performs Happy Gilmore Swing in Long Drive Contest

I don’t think Paddy made the swing look quite as powerful but he did pull it off. At the PGA Championship long-drive contest, Padraig Harrington did just that and hit the famous Happy Gilmore swing where he starts from a certain distance from the tee, runs towards the ball practically and smashes the ball. It looked like he just might have hit a little too much tee on that one so I assume it was high and deep. Check, check, check it ouuut!

How about that? I’m sure you’d do the same thing! Leave your thoughts and comments below and let your voice be heard!

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John Daly Says He Wants to Help Dustin Johnson With Drug Issues

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round One

Dustin Johnson has been going through a lot of drug issues lately and what better man to help you with your problems than John Daly? According to TMZ Sports, the two-time major champion (With the loud colorful pants might I add) has said that he wants to help DJ get through this tough time. John has had some well documented issues himself in the past whether it was his drinking addiction or his gambling issues, John knows that feel bro.

“I texted Dustin a few days ago and told him how much I love him. He’s talented … he’s the future of golf.” JD told TMZ Sports.

Dustin is indeed part of the “futures of the game” along with several others such as Rickie Fowler, Jimmy Walker, and the monster name of Rory Mcilroy. Dustin does the one thing that still makes people think golf is cool, and that is hit long drives. He and Bubba Watson have been kind of back and forth as to who is the king of the long drive on tour. A few years back, you had several guys who hit major tee shots such as J.B. Holmes and Luke List. Nicolas Colsaerts is another long driver today but plays mostly on the European Tour.

With John Daly trying to help, I think it’s a good thing because he’s been through the same thing. Not saying you have to go through addictions to help someone with addictions but they may relate more to the situation. One thing about John Daly, he’s had issues in the past but he never seemed like a bad “person”. He seems like he’s always cool with everyone, he just had his own problems. If you aren’t a total d-bag, chances are that that will be better help for you. Dustin Johnson #TheReturn

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Dustin Johnson Suspended for Doing Cocaine, Had Sexual Affairs With PGA Wives

Hyundai Tournament of Champions - Final Round

Uh Ohhh! This is quite a series of events in a very short amount of time. First Dustin Johnson announced that he was taking a leave of absence from the PGA Tour to deal with “personal issues” and now it came out according to that he was leaving to seek help for a problem he had with cocaine. The PGA Tour ended up suspending him for six months for doing such substance. DJ has been in trouble before with drug use as he was suspended for marijuana use in 2009, cocaine in 2012, and once again in 2014.

In 2012 and 2014, the years he did the cocaine, he had his strongest major finishes as a pro, finishing tied for 9th at the Open Championship in 2012 and finishing tied for 4th at the U.S. Open this year in 2014 (Which was his best U.S. Open finish). Maybe Dustin needs to play “White Lines” by the Sugar Hill Gang which talks about cocaine and the troubles of it. Here’s his statement courtesy of

“I will use this time to seek professional help for personal challenges I have faced,” he said in a statement issued by his management company. “By committing the time and resources necessary to improve my mental health, physical well-being and emotional foundation, I am confident that I will be better equipped to fulfill my potential and become a consistent champion.”

Dustin’s agent David Winkle, when asked if Dustin would be suspended, texted a Sports Illustrated reporter saying “Don’t believe everything you hear”. Well, Mr. Winkle, I appreciate your efforts of defending your client and all but…he did just get suspended sooo what do you think about that? Dustin will miss the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup this year which are clearly the biggest events left on the schedule.

The PGA Tour made a short statement on the situation, courtesy of Golf Channel:

“We have nothing to add to Dustin’s statement. But wish him well and look forward to his return to the PGA Tour in the future.”

Thought that was enough? Well wait! There’s more! According to DeadSpin, Dj has been having sexual relationships with a couple of PGA Tour wives. Or “At least one”. Sounds like two or three to me! Here’s a small paragraph mentioning this in’s piece:

Johnson’s conduct has long been a topic of conversation among close observers of the Tour. He is often seen in bars near his home in Jupiter, Fla., and is also known to have had a sexual indiscretion with at least one wife of a PGA Tour player.

And Robert Lusetich verified that it was indeed two wives he was messing around with:

Kinda makes you wonder who the women were. Who were their husbands? Popular players? Not so popular? Caddy(HUH?!)? It’s anybody’s guess but this is quite an interesting series of events.

Robert Lusetich had some more to say via his Twitter:

Shane Bacon of Yahoo Sports threw some humor into the situation and I so happen to agree with him:

He also had some warm thoughts as well:

And so do I. I hope nothing but the best for DJ and I think he made a very smart move of leaving golf to deal with these problems because most would just continue doing it instead of getting help. It makes you wonder though, he’s a wealthy PGA Tour golfer (Net Worth of $20 million), he’s one of the longest hitters on Tour, a very popular player, he’s with a woman that most men would love to date and he gets free travel to tournaments. He’s living the dream. He’s living a life that most people could only dream of and he’s using substances that most people use when they’re stressed or depressed to get away from reality.

There’s absolutely no reason why Dustin should be doing this stuff. If he was in certain situations like unfortunately some are, his body would be full of cocaine due to depression. He’s doing this with a wonderful life. I’m glad he made the right decision to seek out help because who knows how far this problem could have went if he just played it off. Get it together DJ! Drugs and having affairs with married women is NOT what life is all about. Take as much time off as you want because this is much bigger than golf.

UPDATE: New statement from the PGA Tour says Dustin Johnson is NOT suspended:

“With regard to media reports that Dustin Johnson has been been suspended by the PGA TOUR, this is to clarify that Mr. Johnson has taken a voluntary leave of absence and is not under a suspension from the PGA TOUR,”

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Rory Mcilroy Wins The Open Championship at Royal Liverpool, Why He’s Back, Why it’s Great for Golf


Hee’s Baaack! Rory Mcilroy wins his third major title at The Open Championship and is now just a Masters title away from completing the career grand slam. Check out the footage below.

And check out this selfie! Biggest. Selfie. EVER!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Rory also ejected this stupid heckler that kept coughing on his backswings to distract him:

This win couldn’t have come to a more classy guy than Rory Mcilroy. He never gets into trouble off the course, he never gets angered on the course, he just goes out there and tries his best. The end result for his positive behavior? True focus and what happens when you’re focused? You win majors. I also strongly believe that breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki was one of his smartest moves, not that Caroline is a bad person but that there was wedding talk and all kinds of other stuff and it interfered with Rory mentally considering how young he is. That’s tough, especially when your girl is a superstar athlete herself and you have to attend her matches all the time. This gave Rory a chance to stay focused. Yes, he’s dating Nadia Forde, a model, but if anything, he JUST started dating her so I doubt it’s affecting him now and hopefully it doesn’t and that his confidence is right where it needs to be.

Some of y’all probably think I’m crazy, but the man was laying eggs more than a barn full of chickens when he was with Caroline. Now that he got all of that stuff off of his back, he can go back to being Rory. With Rory, winning another major, with him being the Rory of a couple of years ago, golf is in an excellent position now. Rory, Bubba Watson, Adam Scott, Jason Dufner, Patrick Reed, Jimmy Walker, etc all are terrific talents and are bringing the game back on the rise and Rory is the centerpiece of it all. When Rory’s on his game, he’s the face of the PGA Tour.

Before Tiger fans start telling me he’s still the true face of golf, please start actually watching golf when he’s not in the field instead of walking away and coming back when he is. I love you guys but I’m just being real. Heck, Tiger himself may say Rory is the new face of the PGA Tour. Him or possibly Bubba. It’s fair to say because other than Tiger and Phil, Rory and Bubba are arguably the two most popular players on Tour (Even though Ian Poulter has almost as many Twitter followers as Rory believe it or not). Bubba won two Masters in three years and Rory just won his third major so there’s no question about this.

All in all, a terrific win for Rory and his father is now nearly a quarter of million dollars richer. Rory is young, his a great role model, and he’s an all-around player. He’s what golf needs right now. He’s already one of the game’s greats and he’s just getting started. He gets a Green Jacket, and the man’s a legend, and I have no doubts that he’ll get it before 30. He could have easily had a Masters title but as we know, he famously collapsed in the final round a few years ago. We could have been talking about Rory completing the career grand slam right now but that one obstacle is still in the way and that’s not letting his Masters collapse haunt him.

Bubba Watson may even be an obstacle as he’s owned Augusta National the last couple of years and it’s built perfectly for his long driving abilities plus Bubba is a better recovery player than Rory which has helped Bubba well. Despite these things, there’s no doubt that Rory will complete the career slam and what better way to do that than to win a Masters championship? Congrats Rors!

One thing however, that Ian Poulter can do that Rory, Tiger, Phil and Bubba can’t do is hit tee shots over battleships!

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Rory Mcilroy’s Dad Made Bet 10 Years Ago That Son Would Win Open Championship, Rory is Currently Destroying Field

Well I’ll be darned! Rory Mcilroy is destroying Royal Liverpool at the Open Championship and his father ironically made a bet 10 years ago that his son would win an Open Championship by the age of 26 and Rory is getting ever closer to accomplishing that. If he pulls it off, he’ll be only a Masters title away from completing the rare career grand slam, winning all four majors at least once in his career. He could have won The Masters a few years ago as he was going wire-to-wire but famously collapsed in the final round and to this day may still haunt him.

Here’s how the bet happened according to Michael Collins of

HOYLAKE, England — According to the BBC’s Andrew Cotter, 10 years ago Rory McIlroy’s father Gerry and three friends made a legal bet of 400 British pounds (100 each, equivalent to $170.87 currently) that the then-15-year-old would win the Open Championship by the age of 26.

That’s a looott of money! must be nice to just grab buddies and accumulate nearly $200,000 for a bet. At the same time, does it sound kinda wrong to bet on your own kid? Whatever the case is, Rory’s making 30X more money than that bet will ever be and I think we all can agree on that! Let’s see how Rory does on Championship Sunday. If he wins, then this will be a terrific story and maybe the break up with Caroline Wozniacki has something to do with it? See man, love isn’t all you need!

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WATCH: Tiger Woods Hits a Course Marshal in the Face With Bad Tee Shot at Open Championship

Woah! Easy there Tiger! Tiger Woods made his first major championship appearance in sometime and what better way to make your big return than to hit a Royal Liverpool course marshal in the face from your tee shot? Well, that’s exactly what Tiger did (By accident of course) when he hit an errant tee shot that ended up hitting the marshal in the face. Fortunately, from what we can tell, the marshal is A okay. Take a look.

Welcome back Mr. Woods!

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PHOTO: Amanda Dufner Plays Golf in a Bikini Because She Can

So as we know, Jason Dufner and friends had a fun Fourth of July and there were many things good going on in the life of the major champion. He’s talented, rich, and has a hot wife that plays golf in a bikini. Here’s the picture. I see you drooling you nasties, you.

Daaaanngg Girl!

Daaaanngg Girl!

Here were some other pictures Mrs. Dufner posted on her Instagram of the festive weekend. Good to see the almighty Duf and his wife get some time off after all the Tour runs and the fast life. Although it IS a great fast life.

In the picture above, Duf isn’t smiling of course because he’s the most bada$$ golfer in the history of golf! What made me laugh was Amanda’s #boats&hoes reference on the picture! Then, there’s the dude with the long sleeve shirt. That’s Chicago mentality homie!

So, what do you think of Amanda’s festive weekend? Soaking in the sun, playing golf care free (And clothing free), hanging with friends on boats, come on, does it get any better than that?

Now go ahead and leave a comment while I sit and daydream of a trip to Santorini Greece. I’m always listening to comments!

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