Elkington Makes Gay Joke About Sam on Twitter, PGA Tour Deletes Tweet, Makes Statement

Photo courtesy of TMZ.

Photo courtesy of TMZ.

Jeez, this dude just doesn’t stop does he? Guess who sent another inappropriate tweet again? Non other than the insane in the membrane loon himself, Steve Elkington who on Tuesday sent a tweet making a joke about ESPN’s coverage of University of Missouri defensive end and soon to be NFL draft pick Michael Sam who openly came out gay a couple of weeks ago. Elkington, of course deleted the tweet. You can read the tweet below.


Yahoo Sports’ Shane Bacon of the Devil Ball Golf blog spoke to Elkington about why he deleted the tweet. It was none other than the PGA Tour itself.

Elkington sent a tweet back to Shane Bacon saying how he’s rooting for Sam.

However, he sent another tweet that rubbed some of his followers the wrong way.

Bacon spoke to the PGA Tour about the situation and he tweeted out their official statement. Here’s the full statement from the PGA Tour on Elkington’s tweet – “Under our regulations, conduct unbecoming a professional includes public commentary that is clearly inappropriate or offensive. With respect to this matter, and consistent with our longstanding policy, we do not comment on player disciplinary matters.”

So now, Elkington’s taking heat from fans and now the PGA Tour on the situation. I’m personally very happy for Michael Sam and I hopes he gets drafted and enjoys a successful career in the NFL. In Elkington’s case, he’s just another dude in the line of big mouth golfers such as Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter and Rory Sabattini with Elkington probably being the biggest tool of all because only he isn’t afraid to say something very controversial, no matter how much heat he takes. Get your head out of your butt homie! You do realize that you have over 60,000 Twitter followers that read your stuff right?

Credit: Yahoo Sports, CBS Sports

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WATCH: From Bama to Maui: Jason and Amanda Dufner go on an Adventure in Maui

From Alabama to Maui, the now very popular couple of Jason and Amanda Dufner (Thanks in big part to a very solid 2012 and a 2013 that included a PGA Championship title) decided to get away from the cold and the hustle and bustle of Tour life to focus on a relaxing hike which featured beautiful sites and species of animals. Of course, the almighty Duf was rocking a Cleveland Indians hat (Go WHITE SOX!) along with a t-shirt and shorts while Amanda o course was going to wear something to make herself look extra good for all men to fantasize about. Below is the video of their journey. Thanks to GolfChannel.com for the vid! I’m out!

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PHOTO: Dustin Johnson’s Girl, Paulina Looks Like She’s Not Wearing a Bra in This Pic

As we all know, Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky are going to be getting married sometime soon and as usual she was in support of her man as she attended the Tournament of Champions at the gorgeous Kapalua Plantation Course. However, it looks like she’s not rocking a bra under all of the tight clothing and it’s surely an attraction for men despite the fact that she has a man in DJ already but hey, us dudes are quite the creatures aren’t we? She even says that she doesn’t think about what she posts on social media and of course not because the pictures she’s posted pretty much boosted her modeling career.

“I don’t take the time to think, ‘OK, should I post the photo that has my boobs in it or the one where I’m in a turtleneck?’” Paulina said according to the Kansas City Star.

So, on that note, here’s the picture ladies and gentlemen. I’m out!

What do you think?

What do you think?

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Ian Poulter and Steve Elkington Have a War of Words on Twitter

You want more nasty arguments? Well you got them! Ian Poulter and Steve Elkington had a bit of words towards each other on Twitter and it makes you wonder since both of these guys are quite expressive, who started it? Well, none other than Steve Elkington and it shouldn’t be a surprise. Sure, Poulter has his moments but Elkington is more of a tool in my personal opinion and has been known to say some crazy crap on Twitter and some tweets could just be either about football or he’s chatting with fellow PGA Tour pro Pat Perez. A fan had asked Elkington about Ian Poulter and Elkington responded of course and of course Poulter shot back which also isn’t surprise because as we know, Poulter isn’t afraid to give his opinion HOWEVER, he doesn’t seem quite like a tool like Elkington is. As I’ve written a bit earlier, Elkington went on Twitter and made fun of a helicopter crash that occurred in Scotland about a month ago and now he’s already back for more. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The tweets. Enjoy!

Even a fan stepped in and supported Poulter in the feud.

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Credit: Kyle Porter, CBS Sports

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PHOTO: Luke Donald rocks an ugly sweater and let’s just say it stands out from the rest

So, any comments on the England and Chicago native’s ugly Christmas sweater? I’ll definitely say it stands out from the crowd because it’s the first one you notice in the picture. I must say that I DO like the choice of colors for the sweater. To me, black and red is one of the best color combos when it comes to fashion. It’s one of the best combinations of swag ever! So although it’s an ugly sweater, you can’t help but dig the sweet colors!

Golf superstar Luke Donald (Far left) rocks an ugly yet slick sweater to get into the Christmas spirit. Via Golf Digest.

Golf superstar Luke Donald (Far left) rocks an ugly yet slick sweater to get into the Christmas spirit. Via Golf Digest.

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WATCH: Did Jason Dufner hit the worst putt ever?

Well then….this is awkward. During a round at the Franklin Templeton Shootout, the guy who’s received a lot of attention this year, Jason Dufner is back in the spotlight again only this time it’s more embarrassing.As he was setting up for a putt, supposedly he accidentally hit it but wasn’t trying to or so it seems. If that was a full stroke then that would give you the red cheeks of embarrassment but since the almighty Duff’s the badass that he is, he just pretty much ignores it LIKE A BOSS! video courtesy of PGATour.com.

Weird right? You don’t see anything like that too often especially on the greens which is practically a rock solid surface while being in the in the fairway or rough, you may see more movement. So, is this the worst putt ever? You decide!

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PHOTO: Jim Furyk “Dufners” with Jaguars mascot

So, the Dufnering craze continues as now, the master of the accurate tee shot and golf course microwave (He can heat up anytime on the course which is why he’s dangerous) Jim Furyk was seen with the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville. The Jags played the Bills Sunday and Jimmy Furyk, who’s a Florida residence decided to take in a game to the two young NFL teams tangle in a battle by the beach. We can definitely say he had a nice view of the game there’s no doubt about it. Is that a golf club in the right corner of the screen? What do you plan on doing with that Mr. Furyk sir? Perhaps a little chipping and putting in the stadium? Or maybe you want to smash the ball like a boss? The choice is yours! I also love the fact that there’s a Web.com sign in the distance since, you know, we got some cool tour full of young talented players called the Web.com Tour? Yeah, that place! Jason Dufner, you sir, are a genius!

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Geoff Ogilvy calls out Tiger and Brandel, the truth has been spoken my friends

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Remember that feud between Tiger Woods and golf writer Brandel Chamblee? Well, one guy who I sometimes take time to enjoy reading his column is current PGA Tour star and major champion Geoff Ogilvy who is also a great writer and he stood up and wrote about his thoughts on the situation.

“The idea that someone in the media should somehow not be able to call it the way he or she sees it … doesn’t sit well with me,” said Ogilvy according to Emily Kay of SB Nation who I also enjoy reading.

“Because we are pampered in so many areas of our lives, we perhaps have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the media,” he said.

He also mentioned that Tiger should give good answers to questions and that broadcast and print journalists need to stop acting like “cheerleaders” for players and pretty much be realistic about their thoughts. What Geoff said was freaking awesome. I couldn’t agree more with him. Because that’s why some of these players like Tiger are so spoiled because he’s so used to getting the royal treatment when he knows full well that life isn’t always Disney World. See, now Tiger wants to complain about everything a writer says that doesn’t sound right to him. The same goes in other sports as well. I mean when Tiger’s agent were threatening lawsuits and everything, that’s going way too far. I was always taught growing up to not listen to what others tell me and that’s what he needs to learn and he’s like 16, 17 years older than me.

Instead of crying like a baby and sucking on a bottle of milk, ignore what people are saying and do what you do because as journalists, it’s our JOB to give our honest opinions whether the player likes it or not and Tiger would have learned that a very long time ago if all the journalists didn’t spoil him all of those years. Yes, he’s had an unbelievable career but even when he sucked for a while writers and broadcasters were still riding the Tiger express. And now that leaves us with this. A spoiled Tiger Woods that’ll whine about every little negative thing a writer says. Well, guess what? Writers do this for a LIVING. They get PAID for this stuff and people read the stuff that may be controversial.It’s how they get food on the table. Sure, Tiger heads may dislike anything negative said about him, but they read it right? It catches their attention right?

So obviously it works! So, basically Geoff slapped both media members and Tiger in the face a bit and I love it because he is spot on with what he’s saying and I so glad he wrote the piece for Golf Digest. I’m definitely not a cheerleader or at least I try not to be. I try to be as honest as I can on things! Because I know you guys are real people so I want to have real conversations, not make something sound like it’s not me. So, to summarize: Media members need to stop spoiling Tiger and Tiger needs to stop crying is one way to put it how Geoff said it. Way to go homie! Nice way to shut that situation DOWN! I can imagine a Marv Albert call on it….”OH! Geoff Ogilvy! With the throw down on both Chamblee and Woods! Someone call a DOCTOR!”. Throw Gus Johnson and Michael Collins in there and you’ll have an amazing broadcast! It should be very interesting to see what Tiger or Brandel say if they run into Geoff anytime soon.

So, as always let me know what you guys think! Do you disagree with him or are you all for what he said? You can read more of what he said here.

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WATCH: Jason Dufner gets interviewed at airport about Tiger Woods Tweet

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Hey, ya’ll remember that tweet Jason Dufner sent to Tiger Woods about not participating in the World Challenge because he wanted to watch the Auburn vs Missouri SEC Championship game? Well, the good folks over at TMZ Sports caught up with the almighty Duff to have a little chat about the tweet and his Auburn Tigers. Jason, who looked like he was in a bit of a rush was nice enough to walk and talk with one of TMZ’s crew.

PGA Champ Jason Dufner — Tiger Woods Won’t Let Me Watch Auburn Game!!!
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What do you think of his reaction? You know he wants to watch his Tigers so it’s obvious he’s probably feeling a little bummed but then again it’s hard to tell because Jason doesn’t really show expressions but he’s the almighty Duff! He doesn’t have to show expressions! One does not simply tell Jason Dufner to show expression! You’d only be foolish to such a thing. One would have to throw you into the puppy’s den full of angry puppies if you were to try such a move. I hope Jason understands these two things. ROLL TIDE and GO NORTHERN ILLINOIS! As always let me know what you think in the comments!

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