WATCH: Rod Pampling hits most hilarious shot in major golf history

At the PGA Championship, Rod Pampling may have hit the worst tee shot in major history. However, he did it on purpose simply to beat the horn as it rained at Quail Hollow to delay the tournament.

Knowing he wasn’t going to hang around for the weekend, Pampling hilariously rushed his tee shot, as he knew it would be his last taste of major championship golf until next year. Considering how fast he went, I’m impressed he was able to get the ball airborne.

He may not have made the cut, but Pampling gave us the funniest moment of the tournament. When it comes to silly, the majors always deliver.

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PGA Championship: Brooks Koepka makes marshal bleed with errant tee shot

Geez, who said golf isn’t dangerous? Well, it’s not.

But there are moments where a golf ball flying towards your head can be one of the scariest moments of your life. Brooks Koepka is one of the most powerful players in golf, and it showed, as he bloodied a marshal with an errant tee shot at the PGA Championship.

To everyone’s relief, the man was OK and was in good spirits overall. Koepka, being the good dude that he is, signed a glove for the man.

He even exchanged contact information with as well. Koepka wanted to check up on him later after the round was over.

So, a dangerous moment in golf ended happily. Let’s hope the only dangerous thing that occurs this weekend is golf balls falling into the watery grave of Quail Hollow’s “Green Mile”. Well, obviously, that would suck for the players, but it could be worse, I mean, I could be out there teeing it up.

If that were the case, I’d be the first person ever to dye the Green Mile’s water white with golf balls. It’s an award I wouldn’t take lightly you know.

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WATCH: Rory McIlroy makes mockery of Quail Hollow driving range

Quail Hollow is one of the most dangerous courses in golf and will make for an exciting PGA Championship host. However, it’s not as vicious on the driving range, as two-time PGA Championship winner Rory McIlroy hit some ridiculous drives on it.

In the Golf Channel video, you see McIlroy clearing the entire range….with a 3-wood. The combination of McIlroy’s strength and the technology of his Taylormade 3-wood make for a deadly team of brute force.

However, the Quail Hollow range is 10 yards downhill, which will give any ball extra elevation. Regardless, driving over the entire range is absolute insanity and the work of a mad man with a golf club.

Rory has had a ton of success at Quail Hollow. Guess you can add domination of its driving range to his list.

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Jimmy Walker has officially proven that he’s one of golf’s best


Jimmy Walker turned professional in golf in 2001. For years, he was a name nobody knew on the PGA Tour, and has been constantly confused with the legendary actor of the same name.

And then, in 2014, it was quite a turn of events for Walker, who had a terrific season. He racked up three wins right away and he wasn’t done yet.

He also had three top 10 finishes at the majors in 2014 at the Masters, U.S. Open and PGA Championship. His 26th place finish at The Open was also nothing to sleep on.

In 2015, Walker added two more wins to his resume. He also had two runner-up finishes as well, meaning he was close to an impressive seven wins in two seasons.

Despite the success, people were still unsure who he was. Certainly he slowly started to build a fanbase after playing so well but, some believed his wins occurred too early in the season.

But now, with a good performance at the Ryder Cup in 2014, and a PGA Championship win to his credit, he has officially joined the PGA Tour’s elite. Even if it was ever so quietly, like a ninja in the night.

But, the man who wears all black isn’t throwing stars and slinging nun chucks. He uses a sword, and that sword is his deadly putter.

Despite ranking 55th in in the world in putting, Walker was 12th in 2014 and second in 2015. No doubt his putting slump may have had some people on edge during the tournament but, on the last couple of holes, Walker hit the putts he needed to.

However, he hit the shot of his life on the 10th at Baltusrol, where he holed out of a bunker for his birdie. No putter needed.

On 18, he decided to go for it in two and pulled out his 3-wood. He missed the green and ended up in the greenside rough.

Cool as ice, Walker hit a gorgeous flop shot that made the green with tiny bit of spin on it. All he needed was a par for the win.

He had a very long putt for his birdie chance, and this was the moment when his putter caught fire again just like in 2014 and 2015. He hit his lag putt close enough to where it left him with an easy par chance.

The long putt nearly dropped, but nonetheless, Walker knew that he was a sweet par away from his first major and to hold off defending champion Jason Day. The putt dropped, and Walker joined Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as the only golfers in the last 20 years, to go wire-to-wire for a PGA Championship win.

He also became the fourth first time major winner this season. He joined Danny Willett (Masters), Dustin Johnson (U.S. Open) and Henrik Stenson (The Open), all of those players being in the top 15 in the World Golf Rankings.

And after 15 years of being a pro, Jimmy Walker was a major champion. A great way to cap off one of the hottest stretches of golf in a two-year span.

The man went from 13 years without a title, to instantly getting six wins, including a major. You can bet we’ll see Walker representing team USA in the Ryder Cup this Fall.

If he can help the U.S. squad win its first Ryder Cup in eight years, he will prove yet again why he’s one of the best golfers on the planet.

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WATCH: This may be the most adorable moment at Baltusrol

The PGA Championship is arguably the most unpredictable major for a number of reasons. One of those cases happened on Friday when Jason Day hit his recovery shot at Baltusrol.

After hititng the shot, a kid raced in front of him to get a high-five. Day looked a little puzzled but then proceeded to give the kid his five.

One of those cute moments that you’ll only see during a PGA Tour tournament. There’s no doubt that the young man won’t forget that moment anytime soon.

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WATCH: Putt takes a million years to drop at PGA

Putting is what make or breaks your round no matter what people may tell you. It also leaves for some fascinating moments as well.

During the PGA Championship at Baltursol, John Senden hit a beautiful putt that looked like it was going straight for the cup. The ball then stopped at the edge of the hole for the longest.

As Senden kept walking around and waiting to see if the ball would go in, it didn’t. He then decided it was time to tap it in, but the ball magically drops in, just as he was getting ready to finish the hole out.

It had to be one of the longest times waiting for a ball to drop in. Bubba Watson also had the same situation, only his ball dropped significantly faster than Senden’s.

Oh, putting. How you never cease to amaze us.

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Another beautiful “Day” at the PGA and the bright future of golf


Well, all four majors are in the books and all were spectacular. The PGA Championship for the second straight year proved why it’s more than just the “fourth major”.


Also, for the second time, Whistling Straits shined as the host course. What once was an abandoned military base, has now hosted three PGA Championships and will host the Ryder Cup (Yes, the RYDER CUP) in 2024.


It just shows you the imagination of one Pete Dye as he and his wife once again put together a legendary course. Crazy thing is, it’s in some ways, still relatively new, being built back in 2000 but it is already one of the great courses in the world.


And just a couple of hours away from me here in Chicago, it’s easy to make the trip up there. Views of Lake Michigan on every hole ain’t so bad either!


But this year’s PGA Championship was LOADED with story lines.

“Will Jordan Spieth win it for his third major this year?”


“Will Dustin Johnson come back to Straits and play well or will the bunker incident forever haunt him?”


“Will DJ also ever come through and win a major?”


“What about Tiger Woods? Is he ever going to play well in the majors again?”


“Rory McIlroy just came back from injury? How will he play?”


“Jason Day has also fell short in majors. Will he come through here?”


And sooo many other questions as well. Justin Rose had said earlier in the week that he was going to make some noise at the PGA and scarily enough, he was right!


He didn’t win, but finished in the top five.


The leaderboard even featured the likes of Brooks Koepka and Tony Finau who are arguably the hottest rookies in the sport today. That’s what makes the PGA Championship so much fun to watch and why it’s so exciting.


You never know who’s going to be hanging around on top of that leaderboard. It could be a rookie or a former champion from some 15 to 20 years ago.


OR it could be a Joe Schmo (Well, everybody knows that Joe Schmo is the greatest golfer of all-time. One does NOT simply question the great Joe Schmo’s talent!). Either way, it adds to the unpredictability that really makes the PGA Championship, the grand finale of the majors.


Jason Day who has really had a terrific year, went on to win it for his first major title. He beat Jordan Spieth (Who else?) by a few strokes and also beat others like Branden Grace, who also has played some solid golf this year as well as the aforementioned Justin Rose, who is a potential hall of famer.


His win also broke the all-time record for lowest score in a major, shooting -20 to take the title. He beat Tiger Woods’ record of -18 which was set in 1997 at The Masters.


Let me say that I am really happy for Jason Day who I’ve been asking for at least four or five years, “When is he going to capture that first major? He’s so good!”.


Ever since he finished second at The Masters back in 2011 (Charl Schwartzel won it and really helped put South African golf back on the map), I thought it was only a matter of time and I know you thought the same.


And now, here we are, four, almost five years later, and Jaydee is a major champion. He was seeking huge putts all weekend which ultimately, led him to raising the Wanamaker Trophy in victory.


And Just to show how classy his partner, Jordan Spieth was, on one of the holes, late in the Sunday round, Jaydee hit a great lag putt that stop right near the hole. Jordan then gave a thumbs up as to say kinda “Nice putt, you’re going to win this thing”.


Jaydee has been through a lot in his life to get to where he is now. His dad died when he was 12, he became an alcoholic at the same age and was getting into trouble at school. His first golf club was found in a dumpster by his father and his mother had to sell their home to use the money for Jason’s golf program/clinic.


His caddie, Colin Swatton, is the one who really put his foot on the acceleration in Jason’s career. He was the one who kept him busy with golf so he didn’t continue to get in trouble.


You see, the ol’ stereotype for golf is that every golfer is rich and spoiled and that’s nothing but a bunch of crap. I’m tired of hearing that, especially when people don’t know the players’ backgrounds.


In relation, and I think I mentioned this before but I got my first club from a flea market for $2 or $3 and I would just go to the school playground and hit shots. You don’t need to be rich nor do your parents need a doctorate degree to love golf.


Jason is a wonderful example of that and I think he can relate to a lot of people out there. I think golf gets picked on and ripped a lot because of the “Rich, Strict and Snobby” stereotype but I think non-fans can really appreciate the sport a lot more with a guy like Jason winning.


I’m not saying that anyone has to go through the crap Jason went through to be appreciated. Absolutely not, nobody deserves what happened with him.


But I think the fact that he did deal with these things and the fact that he came out such a great person out of it all, really makes you want to root for him and teaches powerful lessons about life. And like Jordan Spieth, it’s so easy to pull for a classy player who’s humble with his/her words, especially in a sport like golf, which unfortunately is an “All me” sport or a “Meh, I’m a cool person but it’s still all bout me”.


To hear little things like “Dustin should be holding this trophy right now” (Jordan said this after his win at the U.S. Open) and “To beat a great player like Jordan….” (Jason  after his PGA win) is jaw-dropping because you just don’t see guys giving credit too often out there. Unless I’m missing something and I need to get my ears checked but I rarely hear these things out there.


Not only is Jason a great person and an awesome guy with the fans, he’s simply one of the most dangerous players in the world. The fact that he’s starting to close out tournaments and slam the door shut, just makes him that more deadly.


Now that he has the first major won, I think we’ll definitely see more which will only make The Masters next year that much juicier. Barring injuries, the field will be absolutely insane!


Jason also gave us this unforgettable fist pump. As if nothing was going to stop him:



Back to Jordan Spieth for a minute. He reached number one in the world rankings surpassing Rory McIlroy and at the start of the year, he was ninth in the world (Yes, NINTH!).


So although he didn’t win, he got a heck of a consolation prize. There are many people out there say he’s a “boring” player and usually those fans are European fans that don’t want to see an American on top again.


And it’s cool! I understand! That’s why the Ryder Cup is such a great event, because of the heated rivalry between European and American fans and really shows the passion.


But to say Jordan is “boring” is just plain asinine. Can someone please define the term “boring” in golf?


Making long putts, hitting crazy recovery shots out of the bunker, the clutch shots, etc. Yeah, that’s totally boring, I’mma go to sleep.


Yeah, you’re nuts.


And to be fair about it, when Martin Kaymer played dominated the U.S. Open last year, many fans were saying that was boring as well. More than likely, those saying that were American fans.


So, the fact that Jordan is the new number one, and European fans are eager for Rory to retake that spot, makes the “Battle of the continents” that much more exciting in golf.


Back to Jason Day though; I think his win officially painted the picture of what the future holds for golf. The new generation is here and it’s very exciting and it’s just going to continue to grow.


I think the “THE GAME NEEDS TIGER!” stuff has finally started to die down a little as people slowly start to realize what’s going on here. The game will be great with, or without Tiger and Phil Mickelson.


I think many of us act like childish lunatics when guys like Tiger or Phil aren’t at their best and this looks like it’s finally making progress to come to a stop. If anything, having Tiger and Phil along with the new generation of talent would make things twice as interesting but it’s not going to ruin the game if they aren’t in it to win it.


The talent now is way too good and the fact that Jordan, Rory and Jaydee are top three players in the world highly represents this new class of talent. And the fact that these three players are all from three of these player rep three separate countries, makes things that more exciting for those of you who are full of “country pride”.


The game is full of colorful characters that are skillful with a golf club. If anything, THAT is what golf needs.


New generational talent that has a swagger on and off the course.


If you’re a Tiger, Phil or Ernie Els fan, I think it’s time for you to loosen the shackles and appreciate what we have going today.


So what’s next for Jaydee after his PGA Championship win? I see him winning more majors.


How many? It’s anybody’s guess.


The fact that he had the lowest score in major championship history on a Pete Dye course is mind boggling and impressive. He has the skills that can lead him to many more titles to come.


One thing’s for sure. Jason is now a leader of the new generation of golf along with guys like Rory and Jordan.


We can’t dwell on the past with guys like Tiger, Phil and Ernie. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight.


You can’t appreciate today’s young talent if you don’t let them become great. Stop relying on the past and rely on the future.


The new generation is here, it’s fun, and the future shined bright over Lake Michigan on Sunday afternoon.


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WATCH: Phil sleds his way downhill at Whsitling Straits

Just had to share this. Phil looks like he’s having some fun at Whistling Straits at the PGA Championship.

That’s seriously one of the greatest, non-sledding sled slides I’ve ever seen (Whatever that means)!

Do I dare play “Sleigh Ride” while that clip rolls?

Should be an exciting weekend at golf’s final major!

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Rory Mcilroy Wins PGA Championship for His Fourth Major Title, Second of the Year


Rory Mcilroy won the PGA Championship Sunday for his fourth major title and the second of the year. He becomes the third youngest player to win his fourth major. The other two youngest are names you may be familiar with.

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Rory finished at -16 with three of golf’s all-stars, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Henrik Stenson right behind. Henrik had one last shot on 18 and had the biggest pressure at the time as he had it was his only hope to tie for second at -15 and the chance to win depending on Rickie, Phil and Rory’s outcome.

Instead, Henrik finished at -14. Phil hit an unbelievable chip shot on 18 which would have tied him for the lead while Rory was in the fairway bunker.

Phil finished with the runner-up finish yet again in a major tying him third all-time for major runner ups behind Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Rickie had a chance to make a long eagle on 18 but hit just a bit too hard.

He had a chance for a birdie to finish -15 but missed that putt as well. He ended up finishing at -14. Rickie was playing out of his mind on the front 9, hitting a chip in hole and beautiful putt as well.

In the end, it was Rory who prevailed yet again for his third straight win and second straight major. He made a clutch putt on 16 which pretty much gave him a the title. Rickie and Phil also pulled off a classy move and finished out the 18th quickly before night fell giving Rory his chance.

It was his to lose and he made sure that didn’t happen. The PGA Championship was by far the best major of the year.

Most people consider the PGA the worst major of the year but this year, it was the king. A true battle between four golf superstars and an unbelievable player pulls it out. Rory Mcilroy, your 2014 PGA Championship winner.

Below is the video of Phil’s amazing chip on 18:

Here’s the putt that gave Rory the ultimate momentum:

And here’s the winning putt from Rory to claim his second PGA title:

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WATCH: Jason Day Goes Into The Jungle and Hits a Remarkable Recovery Shot

In the third round of the PGA Championship, Jason Day, who’s currently in a dogfight with Rory Mcilroy, and Bernd Weisberger ended up in the REALLY thick stuff. So what did J-Day do? Roll up his pants, go over there, and hit the ball out. He was looking like the ultimate adventurer out there! The way his club got tossed to him and everything, looked like something out of an adventure show!

Here’s the clip:

And here’s some insight from the legendary golf writer, Dan Jenkins:

Can someone que the Indiana Jones music? Because I think Jason would be a perfect adventure guy!


Leave your comments on this impressive recovery shot and big thanks to USA Today’s For The Win blog for sharing! You can find me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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