WATCH: Rory Mcilroy Saves Wanamaker Trophy Like a Champ

On Sunday, Rory Mcilroy won his second PGA Championship and second straight major. Well, when PGA of America president Ted Bishop was about to give the Wanamaker trophy to Rory, Rory attempted to go in for a handshake when Ted accidentally tipped the trophy over and almost dropped until Rory with his amazing golf like reflexes (Golf like reflexes?) saves the trophy.

As we know, the Wanamaker might be the prettiest trophy in golf, but it’s also the heaviest. So, it’s no surprise that Ted nearly dropped it. Here’s Rory’s great save!

He’ll be playing for a much lighter trophy in a couple of months when he’ll be playing with team Europe in the Ryder Cup. Let’s just say this time that Rory made…a nice par save!

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Rory Mcilroy Wins PGA Championship for His Fourth Major Title, Second of the Year


Rory Mcilroy won the PGA Championship Sunday for his fourth major title and the second of the year. He becomes the third youngest player to win his fourth major. The other two youngest are names you may be familiar with.

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Rory finished at -16 with three of golf’s all-stars, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Henrik Stenson right behind. Henrik had one last shot on 18 and had the biggest pressure at the time as he had it was his only hope to tie for second at -15 and the chance to win depending on Rickie, Phil and Rory’s outcome.

Instead, Henrik finished at -14. Phil hit an unbelievable chip shot on 18 which would have tied him for the lead while Rory was in the fairway bunker.

Phil finished with the runner-up finish yet again in a major tying him third all-time for major runner ups behind Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Rickie had a chance to make a long eagle on 18 but hit just a bit too hard.

He had a chance for a birdie to finish -15 but missed that putt as well. He ended up finishing at -14. Rickie was playing out of his mind on the front 9, hitting a chip in hole and beautiful putt as well.

In the end, it was Rory who prevailed yet again for his third straight win and second straight major. He made a clutch putt on 16 which pretty much gave him a the title. Rickie and Phil also pulled off a classy move and finished out the 18th quickly before night fell giving Rory his chance.

It was his to lose and he made sure that didn’t happen. The PGA Championship was by far the best major of the year.

Most people consider the PGA the worst major of the year but this year, it was the king. A true battle between four golf superstars and an unbelievable player pulls it out. Rory Mcilroy, your 2014 PGA Championship winner.

Below is the video of Phil’s amazing chip on 18:

Here’s the putt that gave Rory the ultimate momentum:

And here’s the winning putt from Rory to claim his second PGA title:

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WATCH: Jason Day Goes Into The Jungle and Hits a Remarkable Recovery Shot

In the third round of the PGA Championship, Jason Day, who’s currently in a dogfight with Rory Mcilroy, and Bernd Weisberger ended up in the REALLY thick stuff. So what did J-Day do? Roll up his pants, go over there, and hit the ball out. He was looking like the ultimate adventurer out there! The way his club got tossed to him and everything, looked like something out of an adventure show!

Here’s the clip:

And here’s some insight from the legendary golf writer, Dan Jenkins:

Can someone que the Indiana Jones music? Because I think Jason would be a perfect adventure guy!


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Jason Dufner Served “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon” at PGA Champions Dinner

Remember this?

Remember this?

………. *Bursts out laughing*. Jason Dufner, you are the coolest freaking guy in golf I swear! Remember when he tapped his now super popular wife Amanda in the “bootay” after his victory at the PGA Championship? Well, at the traditional PGA Championship champions’ dinner, Duf created the menu, one of those items? A nice and freshly made “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon”. Yes, you heard me right. A “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon”. Now that’s a good sense of humor by the coolest guy in golf (Sorry Miguel Angel). Although he almost never smiles, he knows how to poke fun at himself and has a great sense of humor. Here’s your delicious and nutritious dinner menu!


Now that’s some good southern cookin’!

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WATCH: Padraig Harrington Performs Happy Gilmore Swing in Long Drive Contest

I don’t think Paddy made the swing look quite as powerful but he did pull it off. At the PGA Championship long-drive contest, Padraig Harrington did just that and hit the famous Happy Gilmore swing where he starts from a certain distance from the tee, runs towards the ball practically and smashes the ball. It looked like he just might have hit a little too much tee on that one so I assume it was high and deep. Check, check, check it ouuut!

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