Dustin Johnson hit a tee shot off a fan’s head

OK, he didn’t tee the ball up on the fan’s head but after hitting his tee shot at Oakmont, the ball ricocheted off someone’s head. The ball then proceeded to bounce and makes its way into one of the concession stands.

He hit his shot out of the rough and landed into another patch of rough near the green. He then almost managed to hit an incredible birdie recovery shot with this crazy chip.

Welcome to the U.S. Open kids!

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Source: Swing By Swing

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WATCH: Jordan Spieth was very angry about a tough break

Defending U.S. Open champion Jordan Spieth had one of the most unlucky breaks you can get. During the U.S. Open on the par-4 17th, Spieth hit his tee shot and went for the green.

As it landed, it had backspin on it and the ball kept rolling…and rolling and rolling. This left Spieth in a horrible position causing him to shout different things as he walked away angry.

So, Oakmont has proved once again that it truly is one of the toughest tests in golf. Have fun kids!

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Source: Swing By Swing “The Clubhouse”

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Oakmont just broke a guy’s ankle at the U.S. Open

Oakmont is one golf’s most famous courses and is known for being a tough test of golf. The only course people may still say is tougher is Kiawah Island, a course designed by Pete Dye.

But Oakmont stepped its toughness level up by literally breaking a caddy’s ankle. The caddy of Chris Crawford went into a bunker, tripped and busted the ankle.

When golf courses attack. We can safely say that Oakmont looked like NBA legend Allen Iverson who was famous for breaking his opponents ankles (Not literally) with his incredible ball handling skills.

A.I. doesn’t have anything on Oakmont though.

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Source: Swing By Swing

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Bubba Watson rocks high top shoes at Oakmont


Golf has certainly come a long way from the “boring” and “not cool” days and it shows with all of the unique personalities on the PGA Tour, as well as a strong following on social media.

The same goes for style too, as we’ve seen golfers wear snapbacks and high top shoes. Well, the high tops are back once again.

After Keegan Bradley and Rickie Fowler rocked their swagtastic kicks (Bradley even wore kicks with Michael Jordan’s second number, 45 on it) , two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson decided to do the same. His G/Fore Crusaders are custom and Watson even put a little touch on the design of the golf sneaker.

Well, if Oakmont ends up killing Watson this week, he can at least say brought a little swagger for the occasion.

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Source: Golf Digest 

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This how ridiculous Oakmont’s greens are

Rickie Fowler’s latest snapchat story shows just how fast the greens at Oakmont are. 😳 (Rickie is RickieFowler15 on 👻!)

A video posted by Golf Digest (@golfdigest) on

Oakmont is one of hardest and most famous golf courses in the world. To use a video game reference, it may the Dark Souls (a game known for its high level of difficulty) of golf courses.

This was proven as Rickie Fowler was recorded hitting a putt that simply kept rolling…..and rolling…and rolling. It shows how dangerous the greens are at Oakmont.

It’s hard enough as is without the U.S. Open conditions. So, with golf second major approaching, you and I can only visulaize how difficult the course will be.

It’s a dream course to experience for most golfers. But those dreams can possibly turn into a nightmare…..even on Twitter!

Even on social media you can’t escape the Church Pews. Beware.

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