Jason Dufner wears one of the coolest golf hats of all-time

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Jason Dufner has enjoyed some solid success on the PGA Tour, winning five times including a major. Only five more wins, and we’re talking about a potential Hall of Fame career.

We can also safely say that his swag game is on point as well. Well, he rocked what may be one the greatest golf hat of all-time, with a mini portrait of Hip-Hop legend, the Notorious B.I.G. (also known simply as Biggie Smalls, known for big hits like “Juicy” among others) featured on it.


If you can’t really see the image, here’s another version of it:


As mentioned on Golf Digest’s “The Loop“, it’s too bad that he wore it in January, when people are still drunk on football. It’s not a knock one of my favorite golf tournaments of the year at one of my favorite courses in the world by the way.

Once golf season starts to heat up, perhaps Duf will rock the hat once again. It’s only right for the 2013 PGA Champion, as there aren’t many guys as cool as this man. Plus, golf needs swagger like this anyway.

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